This Week's Wishlist #1

As I've said many times before (and I'm sure I'll say it again soon), wishlists are always my favourite type of blog post to put together. I have really missed blogging recently and have lots of ideas that I would like to write about, but I am finding it hard to find the time when I am working full time and running the house too. Usually I tend to make a themed wishlist, but for a new series I thought I would mix things up a little bit and share with you what I have spotted that is new online or in store this week. I have no idea whether I'll keep this up every week - it might have to turn into a fortnightly series instead! 

To start my wishlist off this week, I found these cute pastel kitten tea towels from George at Asda. They are only £4 for the set and would look perfect in the kitchen of any crazy cat lady that you know. I've been looking for a lighter coat to get through the British summertime and I've got my eye on this lovely pink mac coat from Primark and it's a bargain at only £14. Moving on to stationery - how cute is this 'being a princess is exhausting' notebook? I spotted a new Ladybird stationery range over on ASOS and they have lots too choose from such as vintage mini journals and pencil cases. Fragrances L´Occitane have a lovely range of perfumes and home fragrances to choose from. Being obsessed with homewares and decor at the moment I would love to try this rose scented home perfume - and not just because it has such a beautiful bottle! Last but not least for this week's round up, I had to include these stunning glitter wellies. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything sparkly lately so I'd be more than happy to wear this glitter wellington boots to brighten up a rainy day.

What's on your wishlist this week? x
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How To Get An Endless Supply Of Perfume Samples

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At Your Favorite Store 
Almost all major stores will allow you to try on a perfume before you buy it. Take a look at a department store with a makeup counter and you will more than likely find many bottles on display to try. Some stores will actually have small vials of their most popular scents that will allow you to try the scent on at home. In addition, you do not have to visit the most expensive stores in town for this privilege. You can find sample bottles to try at your local drug store. However, the more expensive the perfume is, the less likely they are going to leave bottles on the counter. 

Magazine Inserts 
Another source for popular perfume samples is right in your favorite magazine.The majority of women's magazines will feature a full-page ad with a scent strip included allowing you to sample a fresh scent. 

Included As A Gift With Your Purchase 
Many times when you make a purchase in a department store you may receive a perfume sample as a free gift. This allows you to sample another scent by the same manufacturer or a similar scent that you will more than likely enjoy. You will typically find these promotions running around the holidays and other times when perfumes are in hot demand. 

Online Samples 
It is no secret that people love free samples, and the internet has become the go to guide to find them. There are many ways to find free perfume samples online. The site we like the most is WOW FreeStuff they offer lots of real freebies, as well as competitions.

Simply start by checking the website of some of your favorite perfumes and see if they are offering any samples or if they do when you sign up for their mailing list.  

Before you place your information in a contact form, ensure it is through a site that you trust. Many samples that you will request that come directly from the manufacturer can be trusted, however, third party sites may simply be trying to gather your email and other contact info. Be sure that you are watching out for sites that are asking you to sign up for credit cards and other deals to get a free sample. Many times they are just trying to get you on the site, and the hoops you have to jump through for a bottle of perfume are simply not worth it. 

Testing Sample Perfumes 
It is important that you actually try perfume samples on your body as opposed to just sniffing them. There are mild differences in all of our body chemistries that create a subtle change in each scent. In addition, the warmth of your body will also have an effect on the overall scent of the perfume. 

For the best results, it is best to try on a perfume sample for an extended period of time. This will help you get over your first impression of a smell and see if you enjoy it over the course of an evening. 

However, it is important that you do not overdo it when it comes to samples. If you stay in a store and cover yourself in various scents you will not be able to come to any conclusion, other than you are drowning in various scents. You may even buy a perfume you thought you enjoyed, but it was actually a combination of two or more. 

How To Use Extra Samples 
There are going to be times when you end up with more perfume samples than you can use. Here are a few tips on how you can use those. 
Use strips and cards in your dresser drawers for a fresh scent all the time. 
Full up a small basket with a nice assortment of samples for a pleasant gift. 
Place them in a guest bathroom for visitors to try. 
Simply pass them along to your friends and coworkers. 
Let younger girls have them to experiment with and play dress up. 
They can be donated to a shelter to use for personal care bags. 

As you can see, there is never really a need to spend money on perfume samples. These samples will help you find the right perfume without having to spend a penny.

Check out this infographic below which shows you exactly how to get free perfume samples.
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My Pick Of The Freebies

If you've followed my blog for some time (in which case I can only apologise for my very long break) then you may remember how much I love a good freebie and a bargain. I'm the type of girl who'll always be browsing the sales, checking for a voucher code before purchasing online and of course seeing what freebies I can pick up along the way. What's the point in paying more when we can get it for less?! So with that in mind, today I have teamed up with Gratisfaction  to show you my favourite pick of the free stuff. Also, if you're feeling a little sceptical that you can actually get something for nothing - just last week I had a full sized Decleor cleansing oil - all for signing up with my email address. I used to absolutely love making these posts, so I'm hoping to bring this back as a weekly feature, depending on how many new freebies come out each week.


Health & Beauty

Let me know if you get hold of any freebies and I promise I'll be back with more!
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The Perfect Sleep

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When life is so busy what with work, college, or university as well as trying to juggle your social life and whatever else you have going on, sometimes it can be hard to switch off properly. Since moving out I have found that I have a lot less time to myself due to my commute to work and then making dinner and doing housework when I get home which I think I am slowly getting into a routine for! With us all being so busy it’s really important that we get a good night’s sleep so that our bodies can repair overnight. So with that in mind, I’m going to share how I manage to drift off to sleep each night.

Listen to music.
Recently I have been listening to a hypnosis audiotape which is meant to aid relaxation and ease stress. This is something that has helped me massively and I want to talk about this is in a seperate post because I feel I can't give it the attention it deserves here. I also enjoy listening to podcasts and find these help me to take my mind off things and focus on something else. Have you tried listening to spa music? There's lots of different varieties free on Youtube and sometimes if I'm feeling on edge or anxious, I'll put this on quietly to listen in my headphones as I fall asleep. It's also lovely to listen to when you're in a hot bubble bath!

Make your bed as comfy as possible.

We all love to be in our beds right?! So it’s important to make sure your bedroom is a place you feel comfortable in and can relax in. Decorate it however you wish whether that be candles, a new duvet cover, fluffy cushions or even just making sure that you’ve got a good book on your bedside table. If you saw my recent blog post, you’ll have seen my gorgeous new mattress I was lucky enough to review – I can’t enough tell you how much this has improved my sleep and I just sink into it straight away! If you fancy treating yourself to a new mattress, you can have a browse at

You can find a whole host of other tips I have previously written in my previous post here.  *CP

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Harry Potter Primark Wishlist

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If you're wondering where on earth you can get some fabulous Harry Potter merchandise without spending an arm and a leg, I be that the first place you'd think of isn't Primark. Well, that's all about to change! I've always been a Harry Potter fan along with my sister since we were young and read the books and followed the films religiously. I've recently been trying to get back into reading more so I have been listening to the Order of The Pheonix audiobook as I find it hard to get some reading done when life seems to be so busy. I want to work my way back through to the end of Deathly Hallows and then move on to Fantastic Beasts which I haven't actually read yet.

Primark has got to be one of my favourite shops of all time. Not only can I get pretty dresses, tops, jeans for £7 and cute homeware bits - they now seem to be going crazy for Harry Potter! All of the products I have featured above are for sale at Primark with everything being under a tenner. They make for perfect gifts for your fellow Potterheads or of course just as a treat for yourself. I think the Polyjuice potion mason jar has to be my favourite of them all. Unfortunately we cannot buy Primark purchases online but I do love browsing their website to see what goodies they have in store so that I can plan my next trip. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to Primark! 
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