L'Oreal Visable Radiance Cleansing Milk and Gel Toner Review.

I picked up these matching 'Visable Radiance' cleanser and toner for the bargain price of £2 each in Asda! Seriously, Asda have so many beauty bargains! As you can see, I also picked up L'Oreal's Eye Make-up remover for £2 too, but I will review that in a seperate post!

Let's start with the cleanser. I'll make a beauty confession and tell you I haven't cleansed my face for so long (sorry!), so now I'm making the effort to really use all the usual products at night before bed! It's a 'Renewing Cleansing Milk' which includes Hydra-Novil and Vitamin C. It promises to cleanse and detoxify your skin, whilst boosting the radiance and improve your skin texture. It's also an anti-ageing cleanser - Ok I'm only 20 but it's not doing me any harm and prevention is better than cure! The milk is a thick, soft and creamy texture and has a light fragrance. After use, I'm always suprised at just how much makeup and dirt it picks up, even after I think I've removed all makeup with a facial wipe! I'm using this as part of my daily routine as it really works with my skin! My skin feels so much more refreshed than usual and leaves my skin feeling all new and fresh!

The toner is a 'Renewing Gel Toner', which also includes Hydra-Novil and Vitamin C. It promises to even skin tone, boost radiance and to diminish the appearance of pores. The gel has a lovely fresh ragrance and is more noticeable than the cleanser's scent. After use, it gives my skin that lovely clean feeling you get after using a a face mask! Also, if you're wondering what 'Hydra-Novil' is - I know I was - L'Oreal describe it as being known for its hydrating and gentle exfoliating properties. I enjoy using both the cleanser and toner  each night (I'm too lazy in the morning!). I would really recommend these, if like me you have normal or senstive skin and could do with a radiance boost!

Have you tried any of L'Oreal's skincare range? x
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  1. I haven't tried this but it sounds great! I'm always surprised how much makeup comes off your face with a good cleanser x


  2. I have the eye make up remover & love it! ♥