My Everyday Eye Makeup

Today I want to show you my peepers (ooh-er). This is my usual everyday look, although I usually use a kohl eyeliner on my waterline, but one of my eyes were sore when I took the picture! Eye makeup has always been important to me. Obviously there's more to life than eye makeup but when it comes to my makeup, I always enjoy doing my eyes! I try to keep it simple and don't tend to spend too much time applying mascara etc. I use Benefit's Brow Zings on my eyebrows as they are quite a naturally light colour. I never go overboard with this as I'm paranoid it may end up looking too over the top! Mr favourite liquid liner for both top and bottom is Rimmel's. It's easy to build up and lasts all day. I usually use Rimmel's Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner pencil in Jet Black too, which is a bargain at just £2.99! When it comes to mascara, I usually mix it up. I can't just stick to one mascara, I've about five different ones in my makeup bag! At the moment, I'm using Benefit's They're Real for lengthening and then adding Rimmel's Scandaleyes on top to add more volume and thickness to the lashes.

Products used:
Benefit Brow Zings - Medium
Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner - 100% Black
Benefit's They're Real Mascara - Black
Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara - Extreme Black
What's your everyday eye makeup look? x
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My pick of Debenhams' Blue Cross Sale Weekend

It's no secret that I'm a bargain hunter. I wanted to share my favourite picks of Debenhams' Blue Cross Sale Weekend as I have already treated myself! This is ending tomorrow - Sunday 28th April, so if you fancy anything - get there quick! The sale is for womens wear, menswear, home and furniture, lingerie and shoes and beauty! I've picked out my favourite beauty, home and lingerie bargains! Get an extra 10% off sale items using the code XP99, ends midnight Sunday! (Excl beauty). If you're buying non-sale beauty items, using the code PK39 will get you a 10% discount - I used this to buy my mum's birthday present!

Star by Julien McDonald, Pink Audrey Cat Cushion - Was £20.00, now £16.00
Gisela Graham Camel Applique 'Union Jack' Cushion - Was £25.00, now £20.00

Stila Matt eyeshadow - Was £10.78, now £5.39
Stila Natural finish oil free make up - Was £25.48, now £12.74
 DKNY Red Delicious eau de parfum 100ml - Was £60.00, now £30.00

Beach Collection Navy Polka Dot Printed Beach Bag, Was £22.00, now £17.60.
Lipsy Black Cut Work Grab Bag - Was £48.00, now £38.40
Lipsy Natural Snake Tote Bag - Was £48.00, now £38.40
Have you bought anything in the Blue Cross Sale? x
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A few little bargains

Hello! Thought I would write a little post today and show you the latest bargains I have picked up over the past month or so! First up, I want to show you a few little things I picked up from ASDA Living. Seriously, they have got some stunning items (I feel a wish list coming up!) and are bargain prices too! Lately, I've been tidying through my box bedroom (literally it's ridiculously small!). So I treated myself to these items as I may well be moving into a larger bedroom soon as my sister may be moving out! (I want my old room back but I'm going to miss her too!)

ASDA Home Letters - Pastels - £10.00
ASDA Cream Wire Shelf Tidy - £10.00
Asda Hanging Mosaic Heart -£3.00
 Two new knitwear items from New Look's online sale. As if I needed any more knitwear!
Blue Anchor Print Knitted Jumper - £8.00
Blue Heart Face Slub Knitted Jumper - £10.00
If you follow my blog, you may know by now that I enjoy a little trip to Poundland and PoundWorld. These buys are all from PoundWorld. How cute is this Minnie Mouse shower cap with a polka dot bow?! It's so sweet and for a pound there was no way I was leaving it there! Poundland are also selling the matching eye mask too if you fancy it! I love finding Rimmel nail varnishes at such a great price! I picked up these three colours in 'Hot Shot', 'Midnight Blue' and 'Aqua Cool'. I also wanted to try this Beverly Hills whitening toothpaste too. I will be using this and letting you know how I get on! A few days later, when I popped back into PoundWorld, I found Herbal Essences 'Beautiful Ends' split ends protection cream, which I was really pleased about!

Have you found any bargains lately? x
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How to: Find eBay bargains!

I love eBay. There are so many things you can find, buy or sell. Seriously the strangest of things have been sold on ebay (a young girl once put her grandmother up for auction!) - but I guess that's a different post entirely! in this post, I'm going to show you how to find top ebay bargains that will suit you best. Obviously we all have different styles and tastes so I will be bearing this in mind too. Ebay is brilliant for finding all sorts of things - discontinued items, clothes you couldn't afford at the time, magazine issues you may have missed and so much more. I usually stick to buying clothes on ebay when I find something I like. I tend to go through ebay phases - does anyone else ever do this?

Setting up an account.
If you haven't got an ebay account, it's easy enough to set 0ne up. You will just need to register, making a user name and password and you will need PayPal for the majority of most payments of purchases you make. I've been using ebay and paypal for years and can assure you that ebay always put the customers first, so you wont have to worry about your money.

Searching for an item.
Once you've set up, it's up to you to start buying or selling. I'm going to focus on buying in this post. What are you looking for? What are your interests? The first thing I always check when I visit ebay is the 'Daily Deals'. There are a really good choice of categories here such as Spring Fashion, Women's fashion, Health and Beauty and Home which are all available to buy it now. As with all things on ebay, I feel that you have you keep your eyes open and check back regularly. Brilliant bargains from well known brands will sell out quickly, so it's always a good idea to keep on top of the game! You can see an example of top brands who sell on ebay on my post here. In the Spring Fashion category this week, you can find items from Superdry, Motel, BooHoo, Lipsy and more all at discounted prices - am I catching your attention yet?!
Are you willing to buy second hand clothes from ebay? I know that some people wouldn't dream of doing this, but I personally don't see a problem with it. As long as the clothes you are buying are in good condition, you can give them a wash when you receive them and they can be as good as new! If you're not willing to wear pre-loved clothes, there are of course items which will be described as BNWT (that's brand new with tags to you and me). I usually do a simple search of my favourite store in my size e.g. 'New Look Size 10', 'River Island Size 10' and you can do this for what suits you too. I'll show you a little example of how you can find something you've been lusting after. I've heard great things about the Zara shopper bags, but perhaps a little pricey for me, so why not see if I can find them for a little cheaper on ebay?

As you can see here, I've picked out the two best prices I could find. You're not always going to find what you are looking for straight away. Sometimes, I can spend what feels like hours browsing through clothes and I just can't seem to find anything that I like. However, I will sometimes find a load of dresses or accessories I quite fancy and will end up with a rather large watch list.

Watching an item.
This may sound like an obvious thing to do if you are aware of how ebay works. If you're just starting out, whenever you find an item you like (Whether it's buy it now or auction) you will need to 'watch' it. This then stays in your watch list whilst the items are live, so you can keep an eye on the price and how long is left before the auction is over. Trust me when I say, it is so annoying when you miss an auction by minutes, even hours because you forgot all about it! Set an alarm on your phone if you're really desperate for something or you'll be kicking yourself if it sold for a cheap price! Your watch list can be found on 'my ebay'.

Auction or Buy It Now.
When you find something you like, you need to know if it's auction or buy it now. Buy it now is pretty self explanatory. There will be a set price, along with postage and if you're happy with it, you can purchase and pay straight away. The benefits here are that you won't be missing out on the item and it's definitely yours. With an auction, you need to realise what your maximum bid is. A lot of bargain items will start at 99p as that is free to list. However, if you can see that one person has bid and the price has now risen to £1.04 this doesn't necessarily mean that they've bid £1.04 - they could have bid up to £10.00. So you need to be prepared and know how much you are willing to pay. Some items will have an auction and a buy it now option. Here it is up to you which you want to do. The benefits of buying it now are written above but it can also be better to bid as you can end up saving money. an example of this is a dress is currently on auction for 99p, or you can buy it now for £9.99 - but there's a few days left. You can risk being outbid but there's a chance you can win it with an auction for £4.20 - I hope that makes sense to you!

Before you buy an item from a seller, don't forget to check their feedback. this is really important to you as you're giving your money to this seller. However, ebay and paypal will both work together to refund your money if something doesn't go right, such as you don't receive your item. Most sellers will have 100% positive feedback. When I see a seller has a negative feedback score such as 90% I will look at the feedback comments to see why they were given negative feedback. An example of this being taken out of proportion is when my mum received negative feedback which said 'this is woman's t-shirt' when it was in fact a mans t-shirt which had been sold to a man. Also, the amount you have sold or bought on ebay will affect how a negative feedback affects your score. An example here is that if you a seller has only sold five items and receives a negative comment, the score may go very low to something such as 85% - which would immediately put most people off buying from this seller. However, if a seller has sold around 300 items and receives a negative feedback, their score wont be lowered so drastically - perhaps around to a 96-99% score.
After buying and receiving your item, don't forget to leave the seller feedback. Positive or negative is up to you depending on the condition you receive the item in and whether you are happy with it. Ebay do advise that your inform the seller before you leave negative feedback, to see if you can make an agreement. Also, when you buy from a seller, in return they will leave you feedback, such as thanks for the fast payment. This reflects well on your account as it builds up your feedback score if you ever wish to sell.
I hope you found my post helpful! Do you ever shop on ebay? x

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Top T-shirts under £20


I'm all for saving money when it comes to buying myself something nice! T-shirts are such a simple item of clothing to have in your wardrobe and can really brighten up your casual day outfit! I find them so handy for me as I am allowed to wear casual clothes to work! I have picked out a few of my new favourites (all found online) and I hope you like them too! They are all at brilliant prices, keeping with my theme of saving money - I only chose t-shirts under £20. Please accept my apologies for the extra large photos, it was way too small otherwise!
White Floral Triangle Print T-Shirt: River Island, £15
Grey Minnie Mouse T-Shirt, George at ASDA - £6
Green Bird Print Oversized T-Shirt, River Island - £15

Misumi White Cat in Glasses Print T-Shirt - New Look, £12.99
Grey Polka Dot Rabbit Pocket T-Shirt - New Look - £7.99
Mango It Girl T-Shirt - ASOS, £8.99

 Would you wear any of these t-shirts? x

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My #worldwidewardrobe entry

I've always loved entering competitions, so when I saw that Money Supermarket are giving fashion bloggers a chance to win an amazing holiday - I got stuck in straight away. I don't technically class myself as a fashion blogger as I don't post OOTD's etc. but I do enjoy making wish lists of new releases and showing any new clothes I have bought. The challenge is to create an outfit to wear in five (or one if you wish) of the following destinations: Sightseeing in Paris, Shopping in London, Clubbing in Ibiza, Cocktails in New York and partying at a Full Moon in Thailand. The catch of the challenge is that each outfit can only add up to the total of £200. This will be including accessories and shoes as well as the actual chosen outfit. I chose to enter for London, Paris and New York as it would be a dream come true to go any of these destinations! By all means, I am not expecting to win, but I really enjoyed myself letting myself explore different fashions and creating outfits which I would not normally put together. I actually didn't find it hard to keep under the £200 limit as I Would never spend that much on an outfit for myself anyway!

First up, I started with sightseeing in Paris. When choosing the outfit, I decided to go for this gorgeous Chelsea Girl summer dress, which is so me! I will talk you through the accessories below. I feel the look would be perfect for a day of sightseeing - I can just see myself wearing this outfit whilst wandering around Paris in my own little bubble! I love to keep my outfits simple and I feel have shown this within my competition entry. I think the lace trilby hat also gives the outfit that little bit extra. The beaded sandals make it easy to be sightseeing (I wouldn't fancy sightseeing in high heels!) and they have an adorable attention to detail.

River Island  - 'Chelsea Girl' Yellow Button Through Cami Dress - £25.00
ASOS - Quilted Metal Corner Across Body Bag - £20.00
River Island - Silver Metallic Beaded Toe Post Sandals - £30.00
Oasis - Lace Trim Trilby Hat - £15.00
Mango - Graduated Lens Aviator Sunglasses - £17.00
Total Spend: £107.00
Secondly, it's Cocktails in New York. This one really got me dreaming! I've never been to New York but my sister has travelled there and I've heard some brilliant things! There are so many different places to see in the world aren't there?! Okay, so for this outfit, I've stepped it up a notch and I'm dressing up. I love wearing maxi skirts, even though I am rather short! This turquoise colour skirt is a stunning colour, so I added a black bralet and high heels. I've added a bold statement necklace to add even more glamour. I would definitely wear false eyelashes to have cocktails in New York and these Eylure lashes are so thick and dramatic!
River Island - Black Mesh Insert Bralet - £20.00
New Look - Turqoise Jersey Belted Maxi Skirt - £16.99
New Look - Kelly Brook Black Knotted Slingback Heels - £24.99
River Island - Blue Feather Tusk Short Necklace - £40.00
Eylure Naturalites Triple Lashes - £7.00
Barry M - Silver Glitter Nail Varnish - £3.00
Total Spend: £111.98
My last entry is for 'Shopping in London'. Being a Welsh girl, I haven't been shopping in London for so long and I really want to go! I can only imagine what damage I would do to my bank account (and my wardrobe!). I personally would keep comfy if I was off to London for the day, so I chose my favourite casual picks which are also eye-catching and fashionable.
New Look - Light Blue Acid Wash Skinny Jeans - £22.99
River Island - White 'Beautiful' Print Tank - £15.00
New Look - Black Stud Side Ankle Boots - £22.99
New Look - Coral Slough Winged Tote Bag - £17.99
River Island - Black Fringed Leather Look Biker Jacket - £65.00
Total Spend: £143.97
You can find more information on how to enter here.
What do you think of my entry? Let me know if you have a go too! x
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The Ultimate Fix Review*

I had never heard of Beauty Narcotix before until I spotted them over on Twitter asking for bloggers to review their product - The Ultimate Fix. I was lucky enough to be sent a sample and couldn't believe they had been generous enough to give a full sized sample! Ok, so what is the product? The Ultimate Fix is a non oily drying spray to use during painting your nails. IT protects and dries nail varnish in just minutes and contains 'supaset' technology - sounds good right? It offers long lasting and high shine to your nail colour or manicure.

"The Supaset Technology dries manicures in 5-10 minutes and pedicures in 15-20mins.  It may even be FASTER than that... it depends on the brand of polish, the thickness of polish, the temperature and all sorts of other things."

Using Ultimate Fix is so simple. I found it so easy to use as I often find painting my nails a fiddly job and end up with varnish all over my fingers! You shake the can before use and can apply as many times as necessary - starting with the base coat to the top coat. Between each coat you apply, you simply spray onto your polish and leave for a few minutes to dry. I had expected it to have a strong smell, but it is a pleasant small and reminds me of using a small amount of hairspray. You don't have to worry about chemicals, Ultimate Fix say it is "Supersafe. The spray has been extensively tested and has passed a stringent toxicity test.  It is actually good if you get it onto your skin as you will be spraying from the right distance and covering all the enamel." After use, I found that my nail polish was definitely looking more glossier than usual and I found it made painting my nails a more enjoyable experience. It felt more like I was pampering myself and not just doing a chore of 'doing my nails'. I would recommend this product if like me, you can end up making a mess with your nails. I had made no mess whatsoever for the first time ever! The Ultimate Fix retails at £17 for a 200ml bottle as shown in the images above. This does seem a high price to me, however Beauty Narcotix's website states the can should last you at least a  whole year. From 23rd April 2013, you will also be able to buy a 50ml version too. You can see more information here.

Have you heard of 'The Ultimate Fix'? Does it sound like something you'd like to try out? x
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Versatile Blogger Award

I was tagged by the lovely Lotti from Lotti Loves London. I found it really sweet that she had chosen mine as a 'hot to trot' blog and I am really grateful! It's also a great opportunity for us bloggers to get to know each other a bit better and also find new blogs to read and enjoy.
 Firstly there are a few rules:
Thank the person who nominated you. Include a link to their blog.
Select 15 new bloggers you follow regularly
Nominate these bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated.

Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
Here are my chosen fifteen bloggers, who I enjoy reading and keeping up to date with! I hope you can find some new reads from this post!
7 things about me!
I work with adults with mental health problems. I really enjoy my job it's very rewarding and different each day.
I love entering competitions. I seem to have entered less since blogging, but I am still entering occasionally. My favourite win was a £100 cheque from Take a Break magazine, also a year's subscription to Heat magazine!
I think cats are so cute. I have a black and white cat (Like Postman Pat) called Gizzy. When I'm older I think I will live with lots of gorgeous cats.
Also, I have a gorgeous hamster called Morris. He's so sweet and I could sit and watch him for hour when he climbs through his tubes - he has one heck of a home for a hamster. He's my first ever hamster which me and my boyfriend look after (a bit like a child - but a lot less responsibility!).
I love reading. Books, magazines, anything! Even when I'm standing in the shower I'll read the back of the bottles to pass the time. Like Lotti, I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines, I used to keep all the Sugar and Bliss magazines under my bed!
I drive a little silver KA called Bubbles. She's very trusty and doesn't mind when I don't quite put my foot on the clutch properly and the car makes a loud noise.
Talking of cars, it took me four times to pass my driving practical test and three for the theory test. It's a miracle I didn't give up.
 I hope you enjoyed some little facts about me and if I've tagged you I hope you enjoy doing the post too! x
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Blogger Interview: Alex - I Screamed Style

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 I thought I'd do something different and interview a fashion and beauty blogger who I have stumbled across! Read on for more.
I'm Alex Howe, 18 and from the UK. I have a fashion & beauty blog at as well as a youtube channel which i have had for a lot longer at Alexandrawr2009 (I always wish I could just change that username)! I hope to one day be part of the fashion industry maybe working for a magazine or as a PR or maybe even events management, I haven't quite decided! 


When did you start your blog?
I started my blog August 2012 but I've had my youtube channel for about 2 years which has a lot more content at the moment.

What are your favourite posts to read and write?
My favourite posts to read are probably short and sweet product reviews and also outfits of the days, I love visual posts and seeing different peoples styles. I mostly enjoy writing my trend alert posts but I love creating outfit posts because I get the chance to get my camera out.

Who are your blogging inspirations?
The first blog I think I looked at was Fashionrocksmysocks  I guess she was my initial inspiration into starting my own blog. I also love Thunder and Threads - I love her style and I wish I had her wardrobe!

What do you blog about?
Most my blog posts are to do with fashion and beauty. I've do product reviews, trend alerts, new purchases, outfits of the day, I also do the odd slightly different ones for example my Festival Beauty Buys and my AS Textiles project photo shoot.

What is your must have beauty item?
For me that has to be moisturiser! My skin is so dry and also you can get fragrant moisturisers so they make you smell good too!

Favourite makeup brand?
I have to say Benefit and Bobbi Brown or for cheaper Bourjois. I couldn't decide just one! Most my products are a mix of those 3 brands.

Favourite clothes shop?
Recently I have been buying a lot from H&M because it's pretty well priced, if I had more money I'd say Topshop as I really love some of the things they have but the prices are sometimes so much!

What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?
Shorts! I have so many different pairs, they are so practical and they range from casual to smart. I really can't wait to wear a pair of shorts I got in the sale at the end of summer last year, they are satin pink high waisted shorts with little ice cream's printed all over them.
What are your favourite posts to read and write?
My favourite posts to read are probably short and sweet product reviews and also outfits of the days, I love visual posts and seeing different peoples styles. I mostly enjoy writing my trend alert posts but I love creating outfit posts because I get the chance to get my camera out.

Who are your blogging inspirations?
The first blog I think I looked at was Fashionrocksmysocks  I guess she was my initial inspiration into starting my own blog. I also love Thunder and Threads - I love her style and I wish I had her wardrobe!

You can visit Alex's blog here! x
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Let's believe in ourselves!

I was thinking the other day about writing a post on self confidence and believing in yourself. I had read a Daily Mail article which said that half of all women are unhappy with the way they look. My main reason for writing this post was I was having one of 'those days.' You know the ones where your hair and makeup just don't look 'right' and it leaves you feeling deflated?

I had an hour to myself that day, so I read one of my favourite magazines. Women's magazines are all for empowering us ladies but advert after advert and all I can see is perfectly flawless women looking drop dead gorgeous. But what I don't think about here is that the photos have been airbrushed. No foundation is going to make your skin look 100% flawless like it does in these photos, because it's not reality, it's edited! Same goes for hair care adverts, the model's hair may look stunningly glossy in the pictures, but don't forget they haven't just used their own shampoo on the model. They would have added hair extensions and edited the picture too. I can't edit how my hair or foundation looks in real life (although it would be fun).

I also don't consider the fact that celebrities looking gorgeous at red carpet events have help. They have make up artists with all the right equipment and skills. Not forgetting, personal stylists and hairdressers too. Imagine how gorgeous we would look if we had this available each day?! We are our own makeup artists, our own hairdressers and our own stylists - as well as taking advice and inspiration from friends, family and bloggers too.

 I make fashion and make up mistakes and learn from them. I forever compare myself to other girls. Whether that's a celebrity, a blogger or someone I see out shopping one day, there's one thing in common. I compare myself and start to think 'Why don't I look that good?' or 'I wish my hair looked like hers'. Wishing things like this isn't going to help my self-confidence. All I can do is wear my makeup the way I feel suits me, style my hair the way I like the best and wear what clothes I am comfortable in. If that means I'm spending a day in a hoodie and leggings, then so be it! If I want to glam up, then so be it!

 I think what I am trying to say is I am slowly learning to accept that I am not going to perfect. Nobody is perfect. I need to stop putting myself down. I wouldn't accept a person telling me 'You look awful today' so why do I accept it from myself? I am who I am and you are who you are, so let's just believe in ourselves and tell ourselves we are brilliant! I have a long way to go before I feel completely confident in myself, but I feel I'm making a step in the right direction. I usually cover myself in gradual tan (doesn't sound too attractive does it?!) and felt I couldn't be without it. For two weeks now, I've been on a fake tan ban and I'm proud of myself. I've been coloured matched a new foundation to my natural skin colour and I'm hoping I will keep this up. Of course, I will tan up for a special occasion or when the sun comes out, but for now I'm embracing my natural beauty! Do what makes you happy and wear what makes you happy! Scroll down for some confidence tips!






Pics: Google Images.
I thought of asking others for their confidence tips (I know I could benefit from them) so I used Twitter to my advantage and asked these lovely tweeters for their favourite confidence tips! Have a look below.
Rodial: Smile, it makes you seem more approachable even if you're not feeling confident on the inside!
SupaSkin: Find a skincare brand and regime that you love. One that you know makes your skin look and feel radiant, every day.
Collection: Work colours which you feel good in. Be creative to find and rock your ultimate 'confident' look.
More Magazine: Great shoes, your favourite perfume and deep breaths. Stand as tall as possible by pulling your shoulders back and chin up - always!
Simple: A great Simple skincare routine. When your skin looks radiant, you feel happier and more confident too.
Leighton Denny: Never, ever, ever give up! The only time you fail is when you stop trying to succeed.
MaxFactor MUA Pat McGratheal: You have to find the look that works for you – it’s about ‘your’ glamour – which comes with practice and good advice because it relies on knowing what suits you. This then gives you the confidence to face the world; you gain a certain poise and feeling of empowerment.
What do you think of my post? x
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My Latest Bargains!

I love having a good nose at what other bloggers have bought lately, so I also enjoy sharing my latest buys with you too! I've been after an owl cushion for so long and as me and my mum were paying at the till, an owl caught my eye! It's so pretty and can't believe it only cost me £3.99! The only problem is the main colours are red which doesn't quite match my pink bedroom, but I have given the Owl a new home! In Home Bargains, I also bought L'Oreal Elvive's Full Restore Shampoo, a larger size bottle for just £2.99. I had read an article online about this shampoo, which had been chosen as the better shampoo in a blind test against a high end shampoo! I also chose my favourite ever shower wash - Imperial Leather Foamwash for just £1.99 (Usually £2.99). Lastly in Home Bargains, I chose this super cute Minnie Mouse wash bag. Yes, I know it's not aimed at my age range but it was too pretty to leave on the shelf, plus it was a great price of £1.99. The two L'Oreal skincare items were an absolute bargain from Tesco. If you have good hunt on the bottom shelves of Tesco's beauty aisles, you may well find yourself some bargains! I was lucky enough to find Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash and Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub for the amazing price of reduced from £4.98 each to just 98p each! In Tesco, I had a £5 off a £40 spend voucher, so I treated myself to the beautiful DKNY Golden Delicious - 50ml for £40, down to £35 with the voucher. I also picked up some good reads in Tesco, Jackie Collins' new book for just £2.50 and a good old chick lit for £1.85. In Boots I picked up Lee Stafford's Hair Growth treatment, as I have nearly finished my current tub. 
Owl Cushion - Home Bargains - £3.99
L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore Shampoo - Home Bargains - £2.99
Imperial Leather Foamwash - Home Bargains - £1.99
Minnie Mouse Wash bag - Home Bargains - £1.99
L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash - Tesco - 98p
L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Scrub - Tesco - 98p
DKNY Be Delicious 50ml - Tesco - £30.00
Jackie Collins - The Power Trip - Tesco - £2.50
Louise Fennel - Fame Game - Tesco - £1.85
Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment - Boots - £7.99
I also bought a Tangle Teezer in Pink from Amazon for £7.15.
Have you treated yourself lately? x

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Mobile Makeover App: Inspired by Adele.

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I spotted Mobile Makeover on Twitter who were offering their app for free for one day only on April 1st (it wasn't even an April Fools!). Mobile Makeover is  the ultimate app for professional makeup and hair style tutorials.

"Get instant access to 50+ step-by-step beauty guides, each created by an expert makeup artist or hairstylist. There's a look to suit every style, from natural beauty to high-impact fashion. And with simple instructions, suggested products, and a top quality photograph to illustrate every step, it couldn't be easier to recreate the hottest looks at home."

When you first start the app, you can choose from a variety of skin tones and makeup looks. 'Bridal, Celebrity, Clubbing, Daytime, Evening, Hair, High Impact, Natural and Vintage.' All those looks for just £1.50? Sounds good to me! I'm going to show you the Adele look , which I thought looked easy to follow. The mobile makeover then gives you a total of fifteen step-by-step images and instructions for you to follow. I really love how using the app means you can just take your time on each step to get it right, I'd find this easier than watching a video tutorial. I guess that could depend on where you are a visual or auditory learner perhaps! They also have a Lady Gaga tutorial with gemstones which I think looks so amazing!


One thing I think could help the tutorials, is maybe having a list of products needed before you get started on the steps. I think this could make it easier for the reader as you could get all your equipment ready to start! I feel this app is really user-friendly as there are so many different choices to choose from. I think it would be perfect for a pamper evening with friends, to enjoy creating different looks. Makeup is all about having fun experimenting and seeing what works best for you - and with all the different looks you can create with Mobile Makeover, I personally enjoyed using the app. Price-wise, I think £1.50 is a great price, seeing as once you've downloaded it, you can use it to your hearts content. I know I'm really going to enjoy myself trying out different makeup styles that I wouldn't normally do!
Overall, I would really recommend this app. There is such a wide range of looks available, you're guaranteed to find something you'd like! You can choose from rainbow colours to natural looks and bold and bright to simply sophisticated. You can read more information on Mobile Makeover's website.
The app is available to buy from iTunes for iPhone and iPad and will also be coming soon for Android.
Mobile Makeover are currently working on making a completely free app, with around twenty looks available. Whilst this is being completed, the full Mobile Makeover app is on offer to buy at just 69p for a limited period! Grab yourself a bargain girls!
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River Island's 'Just Arrived' Wishlist.

I love have a browse through River Island's website. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm never that keen on going into the actual store, I'd rather look online! They've got a gorgeous new  selection  of clothes and accessories and I've picked out a few of my favourite items from the 'Just Arrived' section. It was quite hard to whittle it down to just six items, if I had an unlimited bank balance, I would add a heck of a lot to the checkout!  

Navy Floral Print Cut Out Playsuit - £25.00
Cream Polka Dot Print Blouse - £25.00
Coral Textured Bralet - £20.00

Cream Embroidered Swing Cami Dress - £35.00
Beige Tumbled Leather Satchel - £65.00
Gold Tone Filigree Owl Dangle Earrings - £8.00
Would you wear any of the items I've picked out? What would you have on your River Island wishlist? x

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Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask Review

Tanning World and Beauty were advertising on Twitter for bloggers to review some products they stock. I was lucky enough that they chose to send me 'Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask'. This came in handy for me as I'm forever suffering with chapped and sore lips, so I was looking forward to giving this a go! "The Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask makes your lips moist, plumper and brighter within 20 minutes. Made from sophisticated Anion Thermo plastic Rubber material which is completely safe and free from harmful chemicals."

"First, cleanse your lips and apply a lip balm or any moisturiser. Wash the mask in plain water and place the wet gel lip patch onto your lips. Relax, leaving the mask on for 15-20 minutes." When you first apply the mask, you can really feel it softening and moisturizing your lips. The mask certainly keeps you quiet and gave my family a few laughs when they saw me!! I left the mask on for around twenty minutes. After removing, I did see a slight improvement in the plumpness of my lips, but this was just a temporary measure - perfect for a night out or special occasion perhaps? As for the smoothness of my lips, it definitely moisturises as the mask is on but again, I think it is a temporary measure. (That may be due to my lips being particularly sore and chapped at the time.)
You can use the mask either daily or up to three times a week - that part is up to you! The mask is able to be re-used for up to two weeks. A pack of four masks (each mask lasting  you two weeks) is available to buy for £19.95. The price does seem high to me, but when you think of each mask being re-used for a fortnight, it does seem worth the price in that case. Overall, I think this product was enjoyable to use as a pampering method! It's not a permanent result, but as I said above, it's good for special occasions! Or of course, you can use it whenever you like! I think it's a good item to include in your pampering sessions, it's definitely something new to try!
You can find more information on the Lip Mask on Tanning and Beauty World.
Would you try out a lip mask? x
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Onesies: Love or Hate?

As I was curled up in my bed in my onesie this weekend, I thought smugly to myself how comfy and warm I was. Onesies are of course, the adult baby grow. Love them or hate them, you'll know what they are! Celebrities wear them in public (That's a no from me), but it's completely different when you're in your home comforts - why shouldn't you wear what you feel comfortable in? Which got me thinking, do you love or hate onesies? My first onesie was a cow print design from New Look (which shrunk in the wash so has now been binned!) has now been replaced with a fleecy leopard print onesie instead! The main downside of wearing a onesie is when you need to visit the toilet - it's such a pain taking it off and putting it back on! I've picked out my favourite onesies I'd love to have in my wardrobe!

River Island - Pink Leopard Print Onesie - £30.
River Island - Brown It's All About Me - £30.
River Island - Purple Strawberry Print Onesie - £30.
I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you love getting changed into your onesie? Or do you steer completely clear from them? x 
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What I'm reading in April.

I thought I'd write a different type of post today and show you what I will be reading this month! I've loved reading for as long as I can remember, but the past few months I just couldn't get into it. Jodi Picoult has got to be one of my all time favourite authors. (Jacqueline Wilson being my childhood favourite!). Jodi has such a unique way of writing and each book is completely different from the last. So when I saw her brand new book 'The Storyteller' on display, I picked it up straight away!

"Sage Singer is a baker, a loner, until she befriends an old man who's particularly beloved in her community. Josef Weber is everyone's favourite retired teacher and Little League coach. One day he asks Sage for a favour: to kill him. Shocked, Sage refuses—and then he confesses his darkest secret – he deserves to die because he had been a Nazi SS guard. And Sage's grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. How do you react to evil living next door? Can someone who's committed truly heinous acts ever atone with subsequent good behaviour? Should you offer forgiveness to someone if you aren't the party who was wronged? And, if Sage even considers the request, is it revenge…or justice?"

Do you enjoy reading books? Or are you a more of a magazine girl? x

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