A few little bargains

Hello! Thought I would write a little post today and show you the latest bargains I have picked up over the past month or so! First up, I want to show you a few little things I picked up from ASDA Living. Seriously, they have got some stunning items (I feel a wish list coming up!) and are bargain prices too! Lately, I've been tidying through my box bedroom (literally it's ridiculously small!). So I treated myself to these items as I may well be moving into a larger bedroom soon as my sister may be moving out! (I want my old room back but I'm going to miss her too!)

ASDA Home Letters - Pastels - £10.00
ASDA Cream Wire Shelf Tidy - £10.00
Asda Hanging Mosaic Heart -£3.00
 Two new knitwear items from New Look's online sale. As if I needed any more knitwear!
Blue Anchor Print Knitted Jumper - £8.00
Blue Heart Face Slub Knitted Jumper - £10.00
If you follow my blog, you may know by now that I enjoy a little trip to Poundland and PoundWorld. These buys are all from PoundWorld. How cute is this Minnie Mouse shower cap with a polka dot bow?! It's so sweet and for a pound there was no way I was leaving it there! Poundland are also selling the matching eye mask too if you fancy it! I love finding Rimmel nail varnishes at such a great price! I picked up these three colours in 'Hot Shot', 'Midnight Blue' and 'Aqua Cool'. I also wanted to try this Beverly Hills whitening toothpaste too. I will be using this and letting you know how I get on! A few days later, when I popped back into PoundWorld, I found Herbal Essences 'Beautiful Ends' split ends protection cream, which I was really pleased about!

Have you found any bargains lately? x
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  1. The cream wire shelf tidy looks lovely! Does it hold a good amount? xx

  2. Great bargains :) I love a good old Poundland rummage though I never seem to buy anything! Xx

  3. Split ends protection creams is really good, I use it a lot! :)
    Kamila xx

  4. Great post, poundland can be right sneaky and stock some good things. always worth a look. cool new look buys too hun. be good to hear how you get on with the toothpaste


  5. I'm loving the HOME floral letters. Fab! And the nail polish's! :)

    www.squidgymoments.ie xxx

  6. Oh my gosh, I clearly need to go shopping! Love Asda for home stuff!