Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask Review

Tanning World and Beauty were advertising on Twitter for bloggers to review some products they stock. I was lucky enough that they chose to send me 'Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask'. This came in handy for me as I'm forever suffering with chapped and sore lips, so I was looking forward to giving this a go! "The Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask makes your lips moist, plumper and brighter within 20 minutes. Made from sophisticated Anion Thermo plastic Rubber material which is completely safe and free from harmful chemicals."

"First, cleanse your lips and apply a lip balm or any moisturiser. Wash the mask in plain water and place the wet gel lip patch onto your lips. Relax, leaving the mask on for 15-20 minutes." When you first apply the mask, you can really feel it softening and moisturizing your lips. The mask certainly keeps you quiet and gave my family a few laughs when they saw me!! I left the mask on for around twenty minutes. After removing, I did see a slight improvement in the plumpness of my lips, but this was just a temporary measure - perfect for a night out or special occasion perhaps? As for the smoothness of my lips, it definitely moisturises as the mask is on but again, I think it is a temporary measure. (That may be due to my lips being particularly sore and chapped at the time.)
You can use the mask either daily or up to three times a week - that part is up to you! The mask is able to be re-used for up to two weeks. A pack of four masks (each mask lasting  you two weeks) is available to buy for £19.95. The price does seem high to me, but when you think of each mask being re-used for a fortnight, it does seem worth the price in that case. Overall, I think this product was enjoyable to use as a pampering method! It's not a permanent result, but as I said above, it's good for special occasions! Or of course, you can use it whenever you like! I think it's a good item to include in your pampering sessions, it's definitely something new to try!
You can find more information on the Lip Mask on Tanning and Beauty World.
Would you try out a lip mask? x
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