How to: Find eBay bargains!

I love eBay. There are so many things you can find, buy or sell. Seriously the strangest of things have been sold on ebay (a young girl once put her grandmother up for auction!) - but I guess that's a different post entirely! in this post, I'm going to show you how to find top ebay bargains that will suit you best. Obviously we all have different styles and tastes so I will be bearing this in mind too. Ebay is brilliant for finding all sorts of things - discontinued items, clothes you couldn't afford at the time, magazine issues you may have missed and so much more. I usually stick to buying clothes on ebay when I find something I like. I tend to go through ebay phases - does anyone else ever do this?

Setting up an account.
If you haven't got an ebay account, it's easy enough to set 0ne up. You will just need to register, making a user name and password and you will need PayPal for the majority of most payments of purchases you make. I've been using ebay and paypal for years and can assure you that ebay always put the customers first, so you wont have to worry about your money.

Searching for an item.
Once you've set up, it's up to you to start buying or selling. I'm going to focus on buying in this post. What are you looking for? What are your interests? The first thing I always check when I visit ebay is the 'Daily Deals'. There are a really good choice of categories here such as Spring Fashion, Women's fashion, Health and Beauty and Home which are all available to buy it now. As with all things on ebay, I feel that you have you keep your eyes open and check back regularly. Brilliant bargains from well known brands will sell out quickly, so it's always a good idea to keep on top of the game! You can see an example of top brands who sell on ebay on my post here. In the Spring Fashion category this week, you can find items from Superdry, Motel, BooHoo, Lipsy and more all at discounted prices - am I catching your attention yet?!
Are you willing to buy second hand clothes from ebay? I know that some people wouldn't dream of doing this, but I personally don't see a problem with it. As long as the clothes you are buying are in good condition, you can give them a wash when you receive them and they can be as good as new! If you're not willing to wear pre-loved clothes, there are of course items which will be described as BNWT (that's brand new with tags to you and me). I usually do a simple search of my favourite store in my size e.g. 'New Look Size 10', 'River Island Size 10' and you can do this for what suits you too. I'll show you a little example of how you can find something you've been lusting after. I've heard great things about the Zara shopper bags, but perhaps a little pricey for me, so why not see if I can find them for a little cheaper on ebay?

As you can see here, I've picked out the two best prices I could find. You're not always going to find what you are looking for straight away. Sometimes, I can spend what feels like hours browsing through clothes and I just can't seem to find anything that I like. However, I will sometimes find a load of dresses or accessories I quite fancy and will end up with a rather large watch list.

Watching an item.
This may sound like an obvious thing to do if you are aware of how ebay works. If you're just starting out, whenever you find an item you like (Whether it's buy it now or auction) you will need to 'watch' it. This then stays in your watch list whilst the items are live, so you can keep an eye on the price and how long is left before the auction is over. Trust me when I say, it is so annoying when you miss an auction by minutes, even hours because you forgot all about it! Set an alarm on your phone if you're really desperate for something or you'll be kicking yourself if it sold for a cheap price! Your watch list can be found on 'my ebay'.

Auction or Buy It Now.
When you find something you like, you need to know if it's auction or buy it now. Buy it now is pretty self explanatory. There will be a set price, along with postage and if you're happy with it, you can purchase and pay straight away. The benefits here are that you won't be missing out on the item and it's definitely yours. With an auction, you need to realise what your maximum bid is. A lot of bargain items will start at 99p as that is free to list. However, if you can see that one person has bid and the price has now risen to £1.04 this doesn't necessarily mean that they've bid £1.04 - they could have bid up to £10.00. So you need to be prepared and know how much you are willing to pay. Some items will have an auction and a buy it now option. Here it is up to you which you want to do. The benefits of buying it now are written above but it can also be better to bid as you can end up saving money. an example of this is a dress is currently on auction for 99p, or you can buy it now for £9.99 - but there's a few days left. You can risk being outbid but there's a chance you can win it with an auction for £4.20 - I hope that makes sense to you!

Before you buy an item from a seller, don't forget to check their feedback. this is really important to you as you're giving your money to this seller. However, ebay and paypal will both work together to refund your money if something doesn't go right, such as you don't receive your item. Most sellers will have 100% positive feedback. When I see a seller has a negative feedback score such as 90% I will look at the feedback comments to see why they were given negative feedback. An example of this being taken out of proportion is when my mum received negative feedback which said 'this is woman's t-shirt' when it was in fact a mans t-shirt which had been sold to a man. Also, the amount you have sold or bought on ebay will affect how a negative feedback affects your score. An example here is that if you a seller has only sold five items and receives a negative comment, the score may go very low to something such as 85% - which would immediately put most people off buying from this seller. However, if a seller has sold around 300 items and receives a negative feedback, their score wont be lowered so drastically - perhaps around to a 96-99% score.
After buying and receiving your item, don't forget to leave the seller feedback. Positive or negative is up to you depending on the condition you receive the item in and whether you are happy with it. Ebay do advise that your inform the seller before you leave negative feedback, to see if you can make an agreement. Also, when you buy from a seller, in return they will leave you feedback, such as thanks for the fast payment. This reflects well on your account as it builds up your feedback score if you ever wish to sell.
I hope you found my post helpful! Do you ever shop on ebay? x

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  1. some good tips there sweetie xx

  2. this post was very helpful! I recently started shopping more on eBay so I found some great tips. thanks!

    Eve x

  3. Great post! I've only just set up an eBay account, so this has been really helpful!! Thanks for sending your link after the #lbloggers chat tonight - I've been having a read through your blog and it's really lovely :)

    Caz x

  4. i always shop on ebay, im pretty addicted!!

    new follower :)

  5. Quite a clever post :)