My Summer Holiday Wishlist

Beautysets - Summer Wishlist

So it looks like I may be going on a summer holiday this year - yay! I really feel like we all need a holiday at least once a year, if it's just a week abroad or a weekend away in the UK, it's so important to have time to ourselves and forget about work and other aspects of everyday life. I have booked the time off work ready and me and a friend are hoping to go somewhere cheap and cheerful!

How gorgeous is this bikini? It's a 'sailor' bikini from New Look - it looks perfect for
swimming around or lying back on the sunbed! Last year for my holiday I got most of my basics in Matalan and they have some good bargains again this year. The beach bag is just £6 and is perfect to take down to breakfast with you and keep all your daily essentials in throughout the week! The playsuit is also from Matalan (Again, another bargain!) and this would be so simple to pop on over your bikini when you're off for lunch! I had to include a novel in my wishlist too, it's so relaxing to get into a good book under the sun!
Ditsy Floral Print Beach Bag - £6.00, Matalan.
Pieces Cream and Blue Sailor Bikini Top - £21.99, Bottoms - £11.99 - New Look
Bandeau Playsuit - £8.00, Matalan.
Wicked Ambition - Victoria Fox.

The main thing I have missed here is sun cream! I'm not going to lecture you on the importance of protecting your skin, as you know that already :) I always use SPF50 on my face as I have freckles and am naturally pale so do burn easily unfortunately! I've picked out John Frieda Brilliant Brunette as Travel Minis to take away as I love their Illuminating Shine range. Sun, swim and gym is a heat protectant spray which basically protects your hair from the sun and when you're swimming - it's perfect for looking after your hair abroad. I've also chosen a bright lipstick and a coral nail polish for an effortless look!
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo/Conditioner 50ml each - £2.00 each - Superdrug
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara (Black) - £6.99, Superdrug.
L'Oreal Lipstick Rouge Caresse Fashionist Pink - £7.99, Superdrug.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion 50ml - £1.50, Superdrug.
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish, Coral - £3.69, Superdrug.
Sun, Swim and Gym Hydra Spray 100ml, £3.55, Boots.
What's on your summer wishlist? Are you going anywhere nice? x
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Celebrity Inspiration: Demi Lovato

I wanted to write a slightly different type of post today and lately I've been thinking that Demi Lovato is an inspiration to me. I've never really 'followed' Demi as a celebrity as such until I watched her as a judge on the X Factor USA last year. I've recently got into her newest music - she has such a strong voice. I admire her sense of style, she looks drop dead gorgeous and seems to be such a sweet girl too. One of the main reasons I admire Demi is for her openness and honesty. Demi has openly talked about the troubles she has faced, in the hope that it will help someone out there. At age 20, Demi struggled with depression and went to rehab in 2010 after misuse of drugs and alcohol; where she was then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Demi revealed that she had been battling bulimia, self-harm and described taking drugs and alcohol as a way to numb her pain. Demi described her actions of self harm as '“You do it because you feel so bad inside. You don’t know how to take it out other than on yourself.” Demi explained how her unhealthy relationship with food starting at 8 years old, triggering bulimia, began through childhood bullying. Demi now has 'Stay Strong' tattooed on her wrists, covering her self-harm scars and providing a message not just to herself, but others too. Obviously I cannot speak about Demi's experience other than what quotes I have read and what she has spoken about. I believe she is an inspiration to anyone out there who may be going through similar troubles that she fought. To me, Demi is a survivor, she bounced back and struggled on through her darkest times to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Who is your celebrity inspiration? x
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LashFibres Brush On False Lashes*

Applying mascara is one my favourite parts of applying my makeup. If I have the spare time, I can spend a good ten minutes just making my lashes look thicker! I'm a bit of a mascara obsessive, I have about five in my makeup bag, and a new one unopened too! LashFibres brush on false lashes is easy to use and you simply add it to your normal mascara routine. The product's packaging looks like your typical mascara, however upon opening, you can see the white brush on fibres.  LashFibres aims to 'add incredible length to your eyelashes'. "LashFibres create the ultimate in long eye lashes! The brush-on fibres instantly give incredible length and amazing volume you have never seen before."

To use the product is simple. Apply your chosen mascara as normal. Then, apply LashFibres onto your lashes as if you were applying mascara. Leave it to work its magic for thirty seconds and then apply another coat (or coats!) of your normal mascara. The brush-on fibres create an immediate false lashes effect when binding to your own lashes. You can also repeat these steps if you wish, however I didn't feel the need! The most important instruction I read is to look downwards when applying the brush on lashes; without taking notice of this I did end up getting some little fibres into my eye which of course left my eye feeling irritated! So that's one main point to consider - apply LashFibres when you are looking downwards or you'll end up with sore eyes.

Before using, I did wonder if this product would work at all. So many mascaras don't work out for different people, so I was interested in giving this a try! I used Benefit's They're Real mascara as my first coat, before adding LashFibres and then adding further coats of Benefit's mascara. I am definitely impressed with the results, it does what it promises to do. It gave more volume and length to my eyelashes. It is so easy to apply, this has become a must-have for my makeup bag and I will continue to use it whenever I want more of a boost with my eye makeup! You can also use LashFibres on your bottom lashes; I didn't try this out but I can imagine it would work just as well, so I will be giving that a go too! The pictures above show step one to three from left to right; my results after my first application! LashFibres is sold at Superdrug 's stores and online. It is available at just under a tenner for £9.95. I feel that this a great price for the product as you can use up to fifty applications and a normal mascara could cost you around this price anyway. I really recommend the product as a must-have for your makeup bag!
Have you tried LashFibres? x

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TRESemme Thermal Recovery Treatment Masque Review


Despite the fact I have many intensive conditioners already, I wanted some thing new. The ends of my hair were feeling so dry and damaged I knew I needed a treatment or masque that would really rehydrate my poor hair. I wasn't sure what brand I was looking for, but after a look around in Asda, I spotted TRESemme's hair treatments for the bargain price of just £3 each.

I chose 'Thermal Recovery' as it is aimed at heat damaged hair - this is definitely my hair! I'm a regular user of my hairdryer and straightener meaning that 'Intense Repair and Rehydration treatment masque' was just what my hair needed. The tub was a bargain at 500ml; enough to keep me going for a long time! TRESemme recommend using this mask once a week or more often, depending on the condition of your hair. "This innovative rich formula offers intense rehydration to restore strength and shine to hair that has been regularly exposed to the heat of styling appliances."

So far, I have been using this once a week as part of a pampering session, but this could also be used as a normal conditioner throughout the week too as it is such a large tub. TRESemme do also recommend you use Thermal Recovery shampoo but this is something I did not buy, I was more interested in the treatment. The conditioner is a thick consistency and smells just like you've been to the hairdressers with its aloe vera and almond extract! I only needed to apply a small amount, from the bottom half of my hair and adding extra to the ends. It is advised to leave the conditioner on for up to five minutes; as I was relaxing in the bath anyway I ended up leaving it on for up to ten minutes. When I rinsed it out, it did not give immediate results. However, after blow drying I was impressed. The ends of my hair felt stronger and in better condition after just one use; that's not something that many hair treatments give me! TRESemme claim they offer professional quality at affordable prices and they did just that! I can definitely recommend this treatment if, like me you regularly torture your hair with heat and are in desperate need of hydration! After reading up more information on this product online, TRESemme recommend for a 'salon experience at home' leave the treatment on for around twenty minutes under a shower cap or towel and then rinse off; this is something I will definitely be doing!

Have you tried any of TRESemme's hair care range? x

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What I Bought In New Look's Sale!

If you regularly read my posts, you'll know by now that I love a bargain! So when I was reading through my emails, I stumbled across a message from New Look (my favourite clothes shop of all time) informing me there was a 60% off sale. You bet I clicked straight on there - I get so excited about getting a bargain! Luckily for me I had just been paid, so what better time to treat myself?! As the sale had just been newly restocked, lots of gorgeous things I wanted were in my size too! So, here's what I bought:

Dream Soft Pink Panda Knit Jumper - Was £22.99, reduced to £8.00
Misumi White Cat in Glasses Print T-Shirt - Was £12.9, reduced to £6.00
Dream Pink Ice Cream Jumper - Was £22.99, reduced to £10.00

Orange Dip Hem Peplum T-Shirt - Was £7.99, reduced to £3.00
Light Blue Denim Shirt Drop Waist Dress - Was £22.99, reduced to £9.00
Black Floral Print Pinafore Dress - Was £19.99, reduced to £7.00

I also bought these gorgeous denim shorts! I needed a new pair of denim shorts and they were an absolute bargain at just £10.00. I love the lace trim and the pretty floral belt! Also, just to explain I couldn't get a good picture of a few of the items so the 'professional' looking images are taken from New Look's website!
What do you think of my sale items? x
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How I Look After My Hair

I'm sure that just like me, your hair is important to you. Lady Gaga once sang 'I am my hair' which I think is basically her way of expressing how her personality shines through the forever changing style of her hair. Washing and deep conditioning my hair always feels like pampering to me and I really enjoy it, but of course I get days when washing and drying feels like too much of an effort too! I am currently growing my hair so it is needing a bit more attention than normal! My hair is currently mid-length to long and just yesterday I've been to have a trim to get rid of those annoying split ends.

Heat Protection Sprays.
I'm currently using Tresemme's 'Heat Defence' styling spray, which I almost always use before each blow-dry or straighten. It retails at around £4.99, but you can often find better offers if you have a look around. This bottle has also lasted me a good few months, despite sharing with my mother and sister too. It has a lovely fruity smell and I will be continuing to include this in my daily routine!Using a heat protection spray is so important to my poor hair, which I regularly torture with straightening and blow drying. I also have V05's 'Heat Protect' styling spray which I bought when it was on offer and I'm looking forward to trying this out soon. (Superdrug are currently selling it for just £2.44!)

Tangle Teezer.
I absolutely love my Tangle Teezer (pink of course). I only invested in one of these a few weeks ago and I can't believe how much it helps the condition of my hair. I wouldn't necessarily say that my hair is knotty as such but I find using the Tangle Teezer makes my hair feel so much better while blow drying or just using it as a normal hair brush. My hair often feels fragile and I can often put off brushing it as I know my hair will moult all over the brush. Using the Tangle Teezer makes brushing and looking after my hair so much easier, I can't recommend it enough. I also find using this makes 'up do's' so much easier to do rather than using just an average hair brush.

Hair Oils.
Hair oils are literally my hair's saviour. I'm just reaching the end of a bottle of L'Oreals Mythic Oil but I also have Elvive's Extraordinary Oil on hand ready for when it's completely empty. I also use Macadamia's Healing Oil Spray which leaves my hair feeling super smooth. I always include one of these hair oils in my blow-drying routine and it really has improved the condition of my hair. As you may remember, Cosmopolitan gave their readers Phil Smith's Argan Oil. I have found that the best use of this for my hair is for a quick smoothing down of any flyaways on dry hair, instead of using as a pre blow-dry treatment.

Intensive Conditioners.
Believe me when I say I have way too many deep conditioning treatments. I just can't help myself! It's such a relaxing feeling pampering yourself in the bath waiting for the conditioner to work its magic. My latest favourite is Tresemme's 'Thermal Recovery' treatment which was a bargain for just £3 for a 500ml tub. I have only used it once so far and I definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my hair. It's perfect for my hair as its aimed at hair that is mainly heat damaged and regularly exposed to a high level of heat.  I also enjoy using Herbal Essences and L'Oreal's conditioners. One of my favourite quick intensive conditioners is L'Oreal Elvive's 60 Second Intensive conditioner which gives me the same results but also makes it easier than waiting around for five minutes if you're in a rush.

How do you look after your hair? Any top tips? x
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Styling Your Technology

So how do you style your mobile phone? That's if you do at all. Mobile phones/smartphones have become such a large part of society. I was thinking about this the other day after my boyfriend ended up getting water in his iPhone and then the Carphone Warehouse dropped his SIM card down a gap in the flooring and told him there was nothing they could do - Grr! It made me realise just how much I know I have become to rely on technology and I'm sure I'm not the only person who will think that. Anyway, I've seen so many pretty cases for iPhones lately in the shops and never any blackberry ones! I have a Blackberry Curve and often end up buying cute cases on eBay as I never seem to find that many in the shops. I'm guessing that a lot of us use mobile phones and other technology and if you're anything like me you enjoy having a cute case/cover! I've picked out my favourite eBay cases for Blackberry, iPhone 5 and kindle covers. The majority of these cases also come in different varieties such as colour, design and the suitable size requirements. If I have missed out what phone etc you use, let me know and I'll add them on!


Blackberry Curve Cases:
Anchor Nautical Back Case - £4.95
New Royalty Pig 'Cute Crown' Case in Lilac - £1.95
Kawaii Popcorn Back Case - £4.95

 iPhone 5 Cases:
Leather Wallet Flip Style Case: £5.45
Diamante 3D Bling Hard Case 'Polka Dot & Crystal Bow':  £5.99
Pink Lace Crown Hard Back Cover: £2.99

Kindle Cover/Cases:
Urban Zoology Owl Print: £13.50
Mr Fox Kindle Cover: £9.99
Chic Floral Bird Fabric Case in Pink: £5.25
How do you decorate your technology? x
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New Look: 60% Off Sale

I'm afraid to say that blogging every day in May hasn't gone so well so far! I managed well up until day nine and then I had a few days break as I've got a lot of revision to get through. I am going to use the prompts from #BEDM and use them for future posts as there were some really great ideas there. If of course, I can catch up with the posts then I will do my very best to do so. For me, it's payday tomorrow (yay!) so when I received an email from New Look letting me know they had just published a 60% off sale, I put my bargain hunting head on and had a good look through! Ok, so I might have ended up spending £55.00, but I saved myself around £83.00, so I'm pretty pleased with that! I think it's about time I stop spending money now - I haven't got the willpower to go on a spending ban but I will try to be pretty good! So I've picked out some of my favourites from the sale as there are some seriously good bargains going!
Beautysets - New Look Sale
Green and Blue Floral Wrap Dip Hem Dress - Was £22.99 now £7.00
Black Floral Print Pinafore Dress - Was £19.99 now £7.00
Blue and White Stripe Lace Shoulder Jumper - Was £24.99 now £11.00
Black Stud Back Ankle Strap Platfrom Heels - Was £29.99 now £15.00
Dark Khaki Stud Backpack - Was £24.99 now £12.00
30inch Blue High Waisted Shaper Skinny Jeans - Was £22.99 now £9.00
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Latest Voucher Codes and Sales!

There's nothing I love more than finding a bargain! It's so easy to check online for a voucher code before you spend your money, I saved 20% on my Matalan order just by doing a quick search! So I've picked out my favourite voucher codes, offers and sales just for you!

Voucher Codes:
10% off all orders at Look Fantastic - Code: VCFANTASTIC (Ends 13/05)
15% off orders at The Fragrance Shop - Code: VCJACKPOT15 (Ends 11/05)
35% off orders at The Body Shop - Code: HOLIDAY (Ends 13/05)
25% off highest priced item at H&M - Code: 0241 (Ends 1/8)

H&M Sale - I got myself a nice pink jumper and two cushion covers! Use the voucher code above too.
Debenhams' Great Summer Spectacular - 10% off all beauty and fragrance. 25% off womens clothes, home etc.
ASOS - 50% off 50 key summer pieces.
BHS - Up to 50% off all departments. I'm going to have a look at the homeware section, they have some gorgeous items!

Superdrug are offering 2,000 free samples of Palmer's Daily Facial Lotion.
Collection are giving you the chance to try one of 100 nail polishes.
L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream sample.

Magazine Freebies:
Elle Magazine: Free Mini Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara worth £9 in their June edition.
Instyle Magazine: June edition - free Nails Inc nail polish worth £11.
Marie Claire: June edition - free Avon makeup.

Let me know if you grab a bargain! x

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My Dream Destination

We're ten days into #BEDM and today's topic is about travel. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? My answer: The Maldives. "Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you their arms." Sounds like paradise to me! There are lots of activites you can do when visiting the Maldives, such as night diving (or day!), surfing, visit local islands and lots of spas! Look at this amazing underwater restaurant I have found which seats only 14 guests. It's built 16 feet below sea level and is housed under a transparent acrylic ceiling, through which guests can see the ocean and its creatures.  It's a pricey experience and ranges at $120-140. It seems a lot but I would be willing to pay that just to have the experience and be able to say I'd been! What a perfect view, you cant get any better than that when you're having your dinner! I think this kind of holiday would be perfect for relaxation and also fit in sight-seeing and excursions too.


Where would be your dream destination? x
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Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror*

Pebble Grey are a company who sell bathroom products. Pebble Grey sent me their LED Illuminate Cosmetic Mirror to review and share with you! "Our Compact LED Cosmetic Mirror is the perfect anytime little gift for that special someone in your life." The mirror is delivered in a gorgeous packaging, giving it that extra touch to receiving your product. It comes with a velvet pouch for you to keep the mirror safe in your handbag. As you can see from the image, the double sided mirror provides bright lighting with its LED lights. I think this is perfect for plucking your eyebrows, close up views etc. I enjoyed using the mirror and will continue to use it! I think the main use of the mirror for me will be plucking eyebrows and applying mascara. The LED Cosmetic Mirror retails at £14.99 but is currently reduced to £9.99. You can read more information on the product here. Follow @pebblegrey on Twitter, they are running a giveaway where you can win yourself your very own cosmetic mirror!

Would you use this product? x
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Beauty Wishlist

I'm still taking part in the 'Blogging Everyday in May' challenge, but I wasn't too sure how much of a post I could make out of the topic today. So instead, sticking to blogging everyday I have made up a beauty wish list instead!

Rimmel Precious Stones Nail Polish 'Ruby Crush' - £3.98
How gorgeous is this colour?! It's a full on glitter colour high coverage polish, what more could you want? I really want to give this one a try, there's lots of other pretty colours to choose from too.

Maybelline Volum' Express the Mega Plush - £7.99
I first spotted this mascara in an advert in a magazine and knew straight away it looked just like my kind of mascara. I don't need a new mascara but I'm going to buy this anyway! It has a extra-soft flexi brush and looks like it will give me super thick lashes! It's Maybelline's first ever gel mousse mascara and promises not to leave your lashes brittle or flaky. It's got some great reviews on Maybelline's website so that sways me even more!

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution - £4.99
I'm adding this to my wishlist but I actually bought it last night. I can't wait to try it out as it has been classed as a Bioderma dupe and I found it in Asda for just £3, so I couldn't leave it there, could I?! It promises to remove all traces of even waterproof makeup and also draws out excess oil and impurities. I'm looking forward to giving this a go and I will give you a full review soon!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep treatment - £4.99
I've heard great things about Aussie's 3 minute miracle treatments! I'm growing my hair and it's fairly long now but lately it's feeling particularly damaged. I know if I lay off the heat on my poor my hair, it would improve the condition but I'm just too fussy not to blow dry and straighten! I definitely want to give this one a go and see how it gets on with my hair!

What's on your beauty wishlist? x
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Meet my pets!

Today's post for the #BEDM challenge is to tell you all about my pets. I'm really enjoying blogging everyday in May, although I am struggling sometimes to find the time! I've just come home from a day at work and I'm straight on my laptop ready to write my new post. I love animals. Preferably cats over dogs, I'm a huge cat lover. I often wonder if one day I'm going to be a crazy cat lady when I'm older! I have two main pets, a cat called Gizmo (it's easier to call him Gizzy!). We adopted Gizzy when my mum's friends daughter was moving away and Gizzy needed a home to go to. Before Gizzy, we had a beautiful female ginger cat called Rosie, who went missing one day years ago and never returned. I'm sure I have seen her around the area once or twice as she has a white tip on her tail and is quite distinctive. I hope she is being well looked after and happy! I also have a hamster called Morris who lives at my boyfriend's house. I've never had a hamster before so I was ridiculously excited to meet Morris. He lives in a three story cage with lots of tubes and tunnels for him to climb through, I wouldn't mind living there myself! Morris is a Syrian hamster, he's ridiculously cute with his shiny bright eyes. I've only got one not very good picture of Morris as he moves way too fast to catch a photo of him!

Have you got any pets? x

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Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Leave a Comment
Let me just start by saying I am in no way begging for your votes! I hope people don't think that and I certainly don't think it about other bloggers! Let's share the blogging love, we all work hard on our blogs! I have been writing my little blog for three months now and I am enjoying it so much! So, all I wanted to say is if you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, you can nominate me here or Next's 'Best Newcomer Award'. You could also win  £500 to spend at Next just by nominating! Have you thought about entering your blog? There are so many categories to choose from and I just feel like you have nothing to lose by entering, so just go for it! You can find more information about each category and how to enter here.

Let me know if you enter! x

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Bank Holiday Monday

I'm going to start this post by saying I hope you've had a good weekend and enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday! I usually work most Bank Holidays and weekends but today I don't start work until this evening so I'm looking forward to relaxing until then! I'm not entirely sure of my plans today yet but if I don't go out I'll be happy enough relaxing in the garden with my family! If the sun is shining where you are, are you going anywhere nice? A walk or a drive and stopping off for an ice cream sounds pretty good to me! If you haven't got a day off, don't worry I understand the pain! Why don't you have a lazy day if you're not feeling up to much? You could use it to relax in the sun with a good book or magazine and catch up on the latest blog posts. How about a picnic in the park?

What are you doing on this Bank Holiday Monday? x
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Keeping Fit and Healthy!

Day Five of Blogging everyday in May is all about being fit and healthy. I feel like I am not exactly in a position to advise you on how to keep fit as I'm not always that interested in exercise myself. The best advice I can give is to treat yourself. If you're going too long without your favourite food, you may well end up gorging on it instead! I don't see any harm in having a little bit of what you fancy each day aslong as you keep healthy too! I would class myself as quite slim but I am in no way toned which is something I would like to work on. I tend to walk a lot during work and I feel this is just about the only exercise I do! I do own a TOWIE exercise DVD which I actually did last week and I'll be honest and tell you it made me feel much happier. It's just finding the willpower to actually start exercising, I don't know if you're the same?! I used to really enjoy doing yoga so I may try getting back into that again. It worked wonders for toning up my stomach and thighs, so if I get some spare time I'll have another go! I recommend Barbara Currie's 7 Secrets of Yoga DVD or Mr Motivator's fitness DVDS will also keep you smiling while you're exercising! Of course, you could join the gym too if that takes your fancy. I personally don't think I'd able to drag myself to a gym, I'm just too lazy (sorry). I love eating porridge, chicken and fruits etc. but I'll be the first to admit I cant help myself snacking on Pringles and desserts. I also need to improve on the amount of water I drink, I hardly drink any. I know how good it is for you so that's something I'm going to work on! The main thing I think is so important is to be happy. Try out different exercise routines and see what works best for you. Don't take it too seriously, enjoy and treat yourself, you deserve it.

My aims:
Drink more water.
Eat more fruit.
Exercise twice a week - Yoga once a week and Aerobics/Dance Fitness DVD once a week.
I would love to hear your motivation tips! How do you keep yourself fit and healthy? x
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Five Blogs I Love

For today's post I'm going to show you my five all time favourite blogs. I read so many different blogs and I would love to post everyone in here as we all work so hard on our blogs! I've picked out my main five favourite blogs that I love reading and always make sure I never miss a post! Images taken from here and here.

Victoria's Vintage.
I adore Victoria's blog. It's perfect if you're a beauty, fashion and bargain lover! Victoria writes about her latest bargains, including car boot sale and eBay buys. I absolutely loved reading her bedroom post, everything is so pretty! The design of her blog is gorgeous too and makes reading it even more enjoyable. Victoria also runs her own cake business and often posts pictures of delicious looking cakes that she has made recently! Plus, she has the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.

Chloe's Way.
Chloe's Way is a fabulous blog based on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Chloe is a Beauty Therapist so you can of course expect lots of beauty related posts. I love how Chloe manages to write so much and come up with all this information! If you're into health and fitness, you'll enjoy reading through as Chloe describes her posts as "ranging from OOTD's to product reviews to health and fitness." I also enjoyed reading Chloe's latest post - What makes a real woman? I always enjoy reading Chloe's wish lists as we seem to have a similar taste! 

Bird's Words.
Beth is such a gorgeous and down to earth girl! I advertised with her blog last month and she is so helpful! Bird's Words is Beth's beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. You can tell with each post you read just how much time and effort she has put into writing it. Beth's lifestyle posts are very honest and helpful, such as 'Living with Panic Attacks', 'She wears makeup; so she must be insecure?' and 'The Contraceptive Pill: Do you know what you're taking?' I really enjoy reading each post Beth writes as she is such a versatile blogger. There's a high chance you're going to find something that interests you on Bird's Words!

What Laura Did.
I first got chatting to Laura on twitter during #fblchat and then went on to discover her lovely blog. Laura's blog is beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I love how Laura posts often and her posts are always that bit different! I enjoyed reading her 'Things you should be proud of' post and think we could all benefit from writing a post like this! Laura also posts money saving advice and how she keeps her costs down - just what I enjoy reading!

Couture Girl.
Couture Girl is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog written by the gorgeous Kayleigh. Kayleigh's posts are always so informative and her pictures always look so pretty too! Kayleigh writes about all her favourite beauty products and I always enjoy reading through her old posts and of course; new ones too! Kayleigh also posted a very helpful post recently  with blogging tips and advice which I can imagine all bloggers would have enjoyed reading.

Leave me your links so I can have a good read of your blog!
What blogs do you love reading? x

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What I Bought This Week

Hello,  I thought I'd show you my latest little buys! I know it hasn't exactly been a long time since I last went shopping, but I just got paid for months worth of overtime so I wanted to treat myself! I didn't really need any of these items, but that's besides the point isn't it?! I saw this Interior Design Doodles book reduced in The Works. I thought I'd give it a go as it was only cheap and it's full of home interior designs to decorate as you wish. I've been trying to get hold of a sold out Minnie Mouse t-shirt from ASDA for the past week, so when I spotted these cute pyjamas in Home Bargains, I couldn't resist! I first bought L'Oreal's new Smooth & Polish shampoo when it first came out and was on offer in Boots. I've really enjoyed using it, so before the offer runs out I went back to Boots and got another shampoo and the conditioner too!


Interior Design Doodles - £9.99 reduced to £2.99 - The Works.
Radox Eastern Spirit Bath Soak - Was £1.99 reduced to 95p - Superdrug.
L'Oreal Smooth and Polish Shampoo & Conditioner - On offer £1.99 each - Boots.
Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion - Reduced to 99p - Superdrug.
Minnie Mouse Pyjamas - £6.99 - Home Bargains.

Bookmark - 99p - The Works.
Alphabet Mugs 'A' - 99p - Home Bargains.
This month's latest magazines!
Have you tried anything I've bought? x
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'A Day In The Life'

Day Three of the #BEDM challenge is to tell you a bit about what a day in my life is like. I can't say it is going to be anything exciting I'm afraid! I decided to take a few pictures here and there to show you an insight of my ever exciting life! Yesterday, I had a lovely lie-in and didn't roll out of bed until gone 11am! I watched This Morning whilst browsing Twitter and of course reading the latest blog posts! I also published my 'Spring is here' post which I had drafted up ready. I started work at 4pm, so to kill some time before this, I went to my local town centre. In other words, I was preparing to spend some money on unnecessary items, oh well you only live once! I will show you what bargains I picked up in another post! I hope the pictures tell a little bit of a story of my day! I'd love to know your thoughts on this post, as I've enjoyed putting it together.

Where I sleep!

What Shall I wear?

Shower Time!

Making myself presentable!

Heavy Shopping Bags.

A nice treat from John Freida.

Where I blog from!
If you have done a similar post to this, leave me your links - I'd love to have a nose! x
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Spring is Here!

Today is Day Two of the #BEDM challenge! If you've joined up too, I hope you're enjoying! I'm going to write about why I love spring. I think I pretty much love all seasons (Yes, even winter!). The sun was shining yesterday - it's crazy how much the sun positively affects people! Spring can only mean that slowly, surely the sun is on his way. I think my favourite part is that the hours of daylight are longer. It makes it that bit easier to be coming home from college at 9pm and then off to work for 9am the next morning! Spring also signals Easter - obviously this has passed now though! The flowers are out looking pretty, the birds are singing, it's not too hot but it's not too cold either! Let's talk about spring fashion. The new S/S 13 trends are out and I can get away with wearing a cute dress! The sun lifts your spirits and makes the day more enjoyable. Spring can only mean that slowly but surely summer is on the way.

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I'm going to blog everyday in May!

I really hope I can stick to this, what with working full time hours most weeks! I first found out about this challenge on EmilyEmilyBeth's blog post! I was really pleased I found the post as I had been sitting at my laptop wondering what to write about! I love it when I have free time and spending it writing and reading blogs! This challenge was set up by Rosalilium and you can read more information about it here! Today's challenge is 'Five Lines' - easing us in gently perhaps?! Us bloggers were also told to add a photograph we are proud of. So I chose my favourite picture of me and my older sister! I'm on the right.

I'm Alexandra, but you can call me Alli.
I name my car, she's called Bubbles.
I could sleep for the UK. If I got paid by the hour, I wouldn't need to work!
I love reading books/magazines, blogs - anything with words on it!
I started my blog in February after a lot of encouragement from my sister!
Are you going to start the #BEDM challenge?
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