Celebrity Inspiration: Demi Lovato

I wanted to write a slightly different type of post today and lately I've been thinking that Demi Lovato is an inspiration to me. I've never really 'followed' Demi as a celebrity as such until I watched her as a judge on the X Factor USA last year. I've recently got into her newest music - she has such a strong voice. I admire her sense of style, she looks drop dead gorgeous and seems to be such a sweet girl too. One of the main reasons I admire Demi is for her openness and honesty. Demi has openly talked about the troubles she has faced, in the hope that it will help someone out there. At age 20, Demi struggled with depression and went to rehab in 2010 after misuse of drugs and alcohol; where she was then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Demi revealed that she had been battling bulimia, self-harm and described taking drugs and alcohol as a way to numb her pain. Demi described her actions of self harm as '“You do it because you feel so bad inside. You don’t know how to take it out other than on yourself.” Demi explained how her unhealthy relationship with food starting at 8 years old, triggering bulimia, began through childhood bullying. Demi now has 'Stay Strong' tattooed on her wrists, covering her self-harm scars and providing a message not just to herself, but others too. Obviously I cannot speak about Demi's experience other than what quotes I have read and what she has spoken about. I believe she is an inspiration to anyone out there who may be going through similar troubles that she fought. To me, Demi is a survivor, she bounced back and struggled on through her darkest times to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Who is your celebrity inspiration? x
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  1. I love her. She basically sticks two fingers up at the media and what society says she should be. She's like "Actually I tried it your way, it made me sick... screw you I'm going to be who I am!"

    Definitely a role model for any woman, but especially kids. They need more people like Demi to look up to and aspire to be like.

    The fact she's so honest and open with her illness in a world that frowns upon people talking openly about it just makes me want to hug her and say "Thank you". So many people suffer with eating disorders, alcoholism, drugs, and depression but they don't feel they can talk about it for fear of being dismissed or shamed. I wish when I was first diagnosed with depression I had someone like her out there saying it was OKAY to talk about how I was feeling. All I got was "You SHOULDN'T feel that way." >.<

    Love her, and on top of it all she is genuinely talented.

    Juyey xx

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