Five Blogs I Love

For today's post I'm going to show you my five all time favourite blogs. I read so many different blogs and I would love to post everyone in here as we all work so hard on our blogs! I've picked out my main five favourite blogs that I love reading and always make sure I never miss a post! Images taken from here and here.

Victoria's Vintage.
I adore Victoria's blog. It's perfect if you're a beauty, fashion and bargain lover! Victoria writes about her latest bargains, including car boot sale and eBay buys. I absolutely loved reading her bedroom post, everything is so pretty! The design of her blog is gorgeous too and makes reading it even more enjoyable. Victoria also runs her own cake business and often posts pictures of delicious looking cakes that she has made recently! Plus, she has the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.

Chloe's Way.
Chloe's Way is a fabulous blog based on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Chloe is a Beauty Therapist so you can of course expect lots of beauty related posts. I love how Chloe manages to write so much and come up with all this information! If you're into health and fitness, you'll enjoy reading through as Chloe describes her posts as "ranging from OOTD's to product reviews to health and fitness." I also enjoyed reading Chloe's latest post - What makes a real woman? I always enjoy reading Chloe's wish lists as we seem to have a similar taste! 

Bird's Words.
Beth is such a gorgeous and down to earth girl! I advertised with her blog last month and she is so helpful! Bird's Words is Beth's beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. You can tell with each post you read just how much time and effort she has put into writing it. Beth's lifestyle posts are very honest and helpful, such as 'Living with Panic Attacks', 'She wears makeup; so she must be insecure?' and 'The Contraceptive Pill: Do you know what you're taking?' I really enjoy reading each post Beth writes as she is such a versatile blogger. There's a high chance you're going to find something that interests you on Bird's Words!

What Laura Did.
I first got chatting to Laura on twitter during #fblchat and then went on to discover her lovely blog. Laura's blog is beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I love how Laura posts often and her posts are always that bit different! I enjoyed reading her 'Things you should be proud of' post and think we could all benefit from writing a post like this! Laura also posts money saving advice and how she keeps her costs down - just what I enjoy reading!

Couture Girl.
Couture Girl is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog written by the gorgeous Kayleigh. Kayleigh's posts are always so informative and her pictures always look so pretty too! Kayleigh writes about all her favourite beauty products and I always enjoy reading through her old posts and of course; new ones too! Kayleigh also posted a very helpful post recently  with blogging tips and advice which I can imagine all bloggers would have enjoyed reading.

Leave me your links so I can have a good read of your blog!
What blogs do you love reading? x

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  1. Aw thanks so much for including me :) very kind of you! X

  2. thanks so much for including me in this post - it means a lot :) I've checked out a couple of the other blogs you mentioned who id not stumbled upon so thankyou for introducing me to those too :) have a fab weekend lovely xx

  3. Ahh thanks so much for including me in this! :) Kayleighs is one of my favourites too! Lots of love xxx

  4. Some great blogs you have chosen. I saw your post on Louise' blog so thought I would come and say hello to you xx

  5. Victorias Vintage is one of my fave blogs to read too. I need some inspiration for mine, been slacking on the ol' blog posts recently! :)

    Jen xx