How I Look After My Hair

I'm sure that just like me, your hair is important to you. Lady Gaga once sang 'I am my hair' which I think is basically her way of expressing how her personality shines through the forever changing style of her hair. Washing and deep conditioning my hair always feels like pampering to me and I really enjoy it, but of course I get days when washing and drying feels like too much of an effort too! I am currently growing my hair so it is needing a bit more attention than normal! My hair is currently mid-length to long and just yesterday I've been to have a trim to get rid of those annoying split ends.

Heat Protection Sprays.
I'm currently using Tresemme's 'Heat Defence' styling spray, which I almost always use before each blow-dry or straighten. It retails at around £4.99, but you can often find better offers if you have a look around. This bottle has also lasted me a good few months, despite sharing with my mother and sister too. It has a lovely fruity smell and I will be continuing to include this in my daily routine!Using a heat protection spray is so important to my poor hair, which I regularly torture with straightening and blow drying. I also have V05's 'Heat Protect' styling spray which I bought when it was on offer and I'm looking forward to trying this out soon. (Superdrug are currently selling it for just £2.44!)

Tangle Teezer.
I absolutely love my Tangle Teezer (pink of course). I only invested in one of these a few weeks ago and I can't believe how much it helps the condition of my hair. I wouldn't necessarily say that my hair is knotty as such but I find using the Tangle Teezer makes my hair feel so much better while blow drying or just using it as a normal hair brush. My hair often feels fragile and I can often put off brushing it as I know my hair will moult all over the brush. Using the Tangle Teezer makes brushing and looking after my hair so much easier, I can't recommend it enough. I also find using this makes 'up do's' so much easier to do rather than using just an average hair brush.

Hair Oils.
Hair oils are literally my hair's saviour. I'm just reaching the end of a bottle of L'Oreals Mythic Oil but I also have Elvive's Extraordinary Oil on hand ready for when it's completely empty. I also use Macadamia's Healing Oil Spray which leaves my hair feeling super smooth. I always include one of these hair oils in my blow-drying routine and it really has improved the condition of my hair. As you may remember, Cosmopolitan gave their readers Phil Smith's Argan Oil. I have found that the best use of this for my hair is for a quick smoothing down of any flyaways on dry hair, instead of using as a pre blow-dry treatment.

Intensive Conditioners.
Believe me when I say I have way too many deep conditioning treatments. I just can't help myself! It's such a relaxing feeling pampering yourself in the bath waiting for the conditioner to work its magic. My latest favourite is Tresemme's 'Thermal Recovery' treatment which was a bargain for just £3 for a 500ml tub. I have only used it once so far and I definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my hair. It's perfect for my hair as its aimed at hair that is mainly heat damaged and regularly exposed to a high level of heat.  I also enjoy using Herbal Essences and L'Oreal's conditioners. One of my favourite quick intensive conditioners is L'Oreal Elvive's 60 Second Intensive conditioner which gives me the same results but also makes it easier than waiting around for five minutes if you're in a rush.

How do you look after your hair? Any top tips? x
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  1. Omg I'm so bad at using heat protection spray... I have really long hair and cringe at the damage I must do it!! I'm loving the macadamia oil range, just tried the hair masque and have taken to massaging the oil into the ends at every available opportunity :) my ultimate tip... Coconut oil. MAGIC :)



  2. Hi! Just found your blog on the bloggers bunch blog hop! So happy I did! I love my tangle teaser (even if it does make me feel like I'm brushing a horses mane...)! Would you recommend mythic oil?? i always get excited when i see it in the at home hair dye kits but didnt know they did it on it's own too!! I use the Organix coconut oil serum at the moment!!

    I just followed you on bloglovin, here's my link if you wanna have a read :-)

  3. Also a huge hair girl, if I'm having a bad hair day it's an overall bad hair day ;) lovely products might have to give some of them a try :-) x

  4. I think I definitely need to invest in a Tangle Teaser as I'm also very wary when brushing my hair!

    Found you through the Bloggers Bunch blog hop and have followed you!


  5. Hello!

    Found your blog on blog hop :)

    I have just bought the VO5 plump it up spray. Cant wait to try it, always desperate for some volume to my hair!

    I love my tangle teaser too, I have only just recently discovered it and its amazing cant believe I didn't try it sooner!

    Kerry xo

  6. I found you on the northern beauty blog hop and am not following via gfc and bloglovin'

    Kate - Sparkle Dust x

  7. this is a great regiment.
    i love using oil on my hair.

    newest follower.
    I found you through the #bloggersbunch blog hop.
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    BreezeyBee Blog

  8. I use the tresemme hair spray too and love it! I've been meaning up try the l'oreal oil for sooo long but I'm using macadamia oil at the moment and really enjoying it :)
    also need to get a tangle teezer! I sometimes feel my hair snag when I brush it & I worry it gives me split ends gaaah :(!!xx

  9. I use the TRESemme heat defence spray & I really do think that it benefits my hair & I'm recently just bought the TRESemme hair mask I've been using the Herbal Essence hair masks for ages now & I'm trying to test each one out to see what different benefits it gives to my hair I did buy the Herbal Essence cream but I haven't noticed it doing as much to my hair as what I would like! I want my hair to grow long too & I need to get my split ends away because they are becoming a nightmare!

  10. Great hair post, I try to always put a hair mask and heat protection spray every time I wash it as hair is damaged...will have to try some of these they look great. Couldn't live without my tangle teezer it's great
    Kayleigh xx