Keeping Fit and Healthy!

Day Five of Blogging everyday in May is all about being fit and healthy. I feel like I am not exactly in a position to advise you on how to keep fit as I'm not always that interested in exercise myself. The best advice I can give is to treat yourself. If you're going too long without your favourite food, you may well end up gorging on it instead! I don't see any harm in having a little bit of what you fancy each day aslong as you keep healthy too! I would class myself as quite slim but I am in no way toned which is something I would like to work on. I tend to walk a lot during work and I feel this is just about the only exercise I do! I do own a TOWIE exercise DVD which I actually did last week and I'll be honest and tell you it made me feel much happier. It's just finding the willpower to actually start exercising, I don't know if you're the same?! I used to really enjoy doing yoga so I may try getting back into that again. It worked wonders for toning up my stomach and thighs, so if I get some spare time I'll have another go! I recommend Barbara Currie's 7 Secrets of Yoga DVD or Mr Motivator's fitness DVDS will also keep you smiling while you're exercising! Of course, you could join the gym too if that takes your fancy. I personally don't think I'd able to drag myself to a gym, I'm just too lazy (sorry). I love eating porridge, chicken and fruits etc. but I'll be the first to admit I cant help myself snacking on Pringles and desserts. I also need to improve on the amount of water I drink, I hardly drink any. I know how good it is for you so that's something I'm going to work on! The main thing I think is so important is to be happy. Try out different exercise routines and see what works best for you. Don't take it too seriously, enjoy and treat yourself, you deserve it.

My aims:
Drink more water.
Eat more fruit.
Exercise twice a week - Yoga once a week and Aerobics/Dance Fitness DVD once a week.
I would love to hear your motivation tips! How do you keep yourself fit and healthy? x
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  1. If I think I'm hungry I always try and down a glass of water before reaching for food - usually this stops me from feeling hungry, or at least not making a right glutton of myself!

    I also make sure I still have treats - I only end up craving chocolate all the more if I don't have it at all!

    Jen xx

  2. Somemtimes there is nothing more fun than an exercise dvd me and my best friend do Davinas dvds together sometimes and thats always great fun :) xx

    Angelica // OneLittleVice

  3. I really need to drink more water too, it's so important! and get more sleep :) Thanks for sending your link on twitter, love your blog and the way it talks about health as well as beauty things!

    B xx

  4. vegetables and water- most important

    Please visit and follow me
    Keep in touch

    Danica Stark

  5. I really need to drink more water! I think a lot of people do, it is so so important though. And don't even get me started on excercise :(

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life