LashFibres Brush On False Lashes*

Applying mascara is one my favourite parts of applying my makeup. If I have the spare time, I can spend a good ten minutes just making my lashes look thicker! I'm a bit of a mascara obsessive, I have about five in my makeup bag, and a new one unopened too! LashFibres brush on false lashes is easy to use and you simply add it to your normal mascara routine. The product's packaging looks like your typical mascara, however upon opening, you can see the white brush on fibres.  LashFibres aims to 'add incredible length to your eyelashes'. "LashFibres create the ultimate in long eye lashes! The brush-on fibres instantly give incredible length and amazing volume you have never seen before."

To use the product is simple. Apply your chosen mascara as normal. Then, apply LashFibres onto your lashes as if you were applying mascara. Leave it to work its magic for thirty seconds and then apply another coat (or coats!) of your normal mascara. The brush-on fibres create an immediate false lashes effect when binding to your own lashes. You can also repeat these steps if you wish, however I didn't feel the need! The most important instruction I read is to look downwards when applying the brush on lashes; without taking notice of this I did end up getting some little fibres into my eye which of course left my eye feeling irritated! So that's one main point to consider - apply LashFibres when you are looking downwards or you'll end up with sore eyes.

Before using, I did wonder if this product would work at all. So many mascaras don't work out for different people, so I was interested in giving this a try! I used Benefit's They're Real mascara as my first coat, before adding LashFibres and then adding further coats of Benefit's mascara. I am definitely impressed with the results, it does what it promises to do. It gave more volume and length to my eyelashes. It is so easy to apply, this has become a must-have for my makeup bag and I will continue to use it whenever I want more of a boost with my eye makeup! You can also use LashFibres on your bottom lashes; I didn't try this out but I can imagine it would work just as well, so I will be giving that a go too! The pictures above show step one to three from left to right; my results after my first application! LashFibres is sold at Superdrug 's stores and online. It is available at just under a tenner for £9.95. I feel that this a great price for the product as you can use up to fifty applications and a normal mascara could cost you around this price anyway. I really recommend the product as a must-have for your makeup bag!
Have you tried LashFibres? x

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  1. it certainly does add amazing length and volume to your lashes. I'm curious to give it a try. I'm in Canada and will yet have to see if it's available here.

    New follower from the blog hop :)

  2. I havnt seen this before, will have to keep an eye out in superdrug :)
    Kirsty x

  3. This looks pretty fab to me xx

  4. Oh wow it really does work!
    Megan xxx

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