Spring is Here!

Today is Day Two of the #BEDM challenge! If you've joined up too, I hope you're enjoying! I'm going to write about why I love spring. I think I pretty much love all seasons (Yes, even winter!). The sun was shining yesterday - it's crazy how much the sun positively affects people! Spring can only mean that slowly, surely the sun is on his way. I think my favourite part is that the hours of daylight are longer. It makes it that bit easier to be coming home from college at 9pm and then off to work for 9am the next morning! Spring also signals Easter - obviously this has passed now though! The flowers are out looking pretty, the birds are singing, it's not too hot but it's not too cold either! Let's talk about spring fashion. The new S/S 13 trends are out and I can get away with wearing a cute dress! The sun lifts your spirits and makes the day more enjoyable. Spring can only mean that slowly but surely summer is on the way.

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