TRESemme Thermal Recovery Treatment Masque Review


Despite the fact I have many intensive conditioners already, I wanted some thing new. The ends of my hair were feeling so dry and damaged I knew I needed a treatment or masque that would really rehydrate my poor hair. I wasn't sure what brand I was looking for, but after a look around in Asda, I spotted TRESemme's hair treatments for the bargain price of just £3 each.

I chose 'Thermal Recovery' as it is aimed at heat damaged hair - this is definitely my hair! I'm a regular user of my hairdryer and straightener meaning that 'Intense Repair and Rehydration treatment masque' was just what my hair needed. The tub was a bargain at 500ml; enough to keep me going for a long time! TRESemme recommend using this mask once a week or more often, depending on the condition of your hair. "This innovative rich formula offers intense rehydration to restore strength and shine to hair that has been regularly exposed to the heat of styling appliances."

So far, I have been using this once a week as part of a pampering session, but this could also be used as a normal conditioner throughout the week too as it is such a large tub. TRESemme do also recommend you use Thermal Recovery shampoo but this is something I did not buy, I was more interested in the treatment. The conditioner is a thick consistency and smells just like you've been to the hairdressers with its aloe vera and almond extract! I only needed to apply a small amount, from the bottom half of my hair and adding extra to the ends. It is advised to leave the conditioner on for up to five minutes; as I was relaxing in the bath anyway I ended up leaving it on for up to ten minutes. When I rinsed it out, it did not give immediate results. However, after blow drying I was impressed. The ends of my hair felt stronger and in better condition after just one use; that's not something that many hair treatments give me! TRESemme claim they offer professional quality at affordable prices and they did just that! I can definitely recommend this treatment if, like me you regularly torture your hair with heat and are in desperate need of hydration! After reading up more information on this product online, TRESemme recommend for a 'salon experience at home' leave the treatment on for around twenty minutes under a shower cap or towel and then rinse off; this is something I will definitely be doing!

Have you tried any of TRESemme's hair care range? x

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  1. Ooh this sounds lovely! I really like Tresemme :) good post! X

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award
    I'm sure you will have been nominated before but I love your blog and would love to hear your answers to my questions :) Keep up the great work xx