Guest Post: Nail Art by Lorilee

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Nail art seems to be big business at the moment, with lots of different brands having a wide selection of colours at really really affordable prices, for example Barry M, Topshop, Essie and Revlon to name a few. Here is my Barry M collection.

I have seen lots of different ways to get cool designs on your nails recently. I first experienced nail art as a teenager with nail transfers that you would scratch from a piece of plastic onto your nails and finish off with a top coat or as it was known then clear nail polish. I recently visited the Ideal Home Show and saw that nail art was making a come back and those transfers had gone from plastic to metal, with a slight twist. The nail board below is very similar to the nail board I saw at the ideal home show for £60.

The nail board that I used to get the stamps on my nails. I paid £15 for mine from this store on Amazon

You paint your nail polish onto the metal design you require, get your scraper 

 scrape it off. I bought my stamp and scraper separately from Poundland as I bought a small nail wheel from there. 

Place the stamp on top of the nail design (making sure you do this before it dries, timing is key) then stamp it onto your nails and finish off with top coat.

My nails when I finished stamping 

That is one way of getting cool designs on your nails. Another way is to do a marble effect with a selection of colours. I discovered this through my endless hours of watching YouTube. This is the video I used to start me off as I wasn't sure if I was to use boiling, warm or cold water. 

To do marble nails you will need
1. A choice of at least 3 nail colours
2. A yogurt pot or some tub
3. Some cotton buds
4. Base coat
5. Nail polish remover
6. Top coat

Start with getting some luke warm water in your chosen pot. 

Then drop the first nail colour of your choice on the surface of the water.

Repeat this until you think you have enough colours in the water. 

Paint a base coat on your nails and let it dry. 

Then dip one finger at a time in the water.


Do not pull your finger out straight away or you'll end up in a mess. 

Use the cotton bud to pull away the rest of the nail polish in the water by twirling it around. 

Then remove your nails from the water. 

And you are left with a beautiful design on your nails. 

Which nail polish art is your favourite?

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1 comment

  1. I love this post! I've been meaning to try the marbling effect for ages now but haven't got around to it, but I'd never heard of the nail art board- it looks great! And so easy too :)

    C x |