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These instant nail art transfers are made by Models Own and are part of their collaboration with London nail salon WAH.

This is the first time I've been impressed by instant nail art 'stickers'. I've always thought they look gorgeous and there are always so many choices, but I've never had a good experience with them - until now that is! The only instant nail art I've tried before was off eBay. They look good in the pictures, but the quality is nowhere near what Models Own offer. By buying off ebay you are saving at least 1/3 of the price, but you may not be getting the best quality. Obviously, this is just me speaking from my experience and I cant generalise that to all nail art from ebay! Nail art is not usually something I would spend my money on as I prefer to stock up on nail varnishes instead. I spotted these gorgeous floral nail stickers in the clearance section of Boots, so I got them straight away. They were reduced from £6.99 to £1.99 and I definitely good a good bargain there.

The pack includes 20 stickers and a nail buffer. 20 stickers is for most people; two applications. However, if you're a bit clumsy when it comes to your nails like I am, I just used the rest for spares. I was really impressed with how easy the stickers were to apply. All you have to do is simply press them down onto the nails, fold the excess and file the stickers down to fit your nail size. The instructions advise that you apply a top coat onto the stickers after you finish applying to keep the stickers in place and last longer. I didn't have a top coat at the time, so I just hoped for the best. I have worn these now for four days so far and they are still going strong. I have had to reapply once or twice using the spares as they do chip slightly (as expected with anything you have on your nails) but they're still going strong and I'm really pleased with them!
Have you tried any nail stickers? x
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  1. Cute xx

  2. These are gorgeous! I love models own but I had no idea they did these! I've never tried them out but these look lovely! great post x


  3. I havent tried nail stickers but i assed they would be fussy and how does it fit around the nail properly etc etc. i like the design.

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  4. This looks so pretty! Love the floral prints ;) xx

    Grace of Beauty