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The holiday I have decided to write about is my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend. After being together a year last summer, we decided it was time for the next step and go on holiday together! We went to Fuencaliente in La Palma and stayed at a four star hotel; La Palma Princess. La Palma is a volcanic ocean island; the jewel of the Canary Islands. It is nicknamed the 'Pretty Island' as you may be able to tell from some of my photos! La Palma is also home to banana plantations; which are surrounded by walls to keep them protected, you can have a little look at the picture of the banana tree I took! I should also point out before rambling on about my little travels, I've decided not to put photos of me and my boyfriend in as I don't think he'd like it and neither would I! So I'll keep them for my scrapbook!
The night before we travelled from Gatwick airport, we stayed at the nearest Holiday Inn. As we live in Wales, my boyfriend drove up (I wouldn't have dared!) and we stayed overnight before flying early the next morning. I was so excited when we set off on the journey just to Holiday Inn as the holiday was starting! It was a gorgeous sunny day when we got to Gatwick, so we checked into our hotel room and wandered around outside. We soon found ourselves lost on the streets, having to ask neighbours where we could find a local pub! We eventually found one and we sat and had a meal outside before going to Tesco to buy a travel iron as all my clothes had got ridiculously creased. (Interesting story, right?)
 We stayed for seven nights  all inclusive at La Palma Princess and Spa Hotel. It was only a short flight and the coach trip to the hotel was rather bump to say the least! It was around a fifty minute drive to the hotel and I can only say how glad I am we had seatbelts! It was a bit like being on a rollercoaster (my worst nightmare!) but it was worth it once we arrived! The hotel is on a steep hill overlooking the sea. You can see the view from the bus journey on the last image of this post. Doesn't it look gorgeous?
The hotel is a very large resort in a secluded area. If you are looking for good nightlife and bars, then La Palma wont be the place for you. It's such a chilled out atmosphere; it is perfect for the ultimate relaxation holiday. I managed to get through four novels in one week, I think that's my best ever record! We had a twin room, which was basically two double beds pushed together. It was lovely and cool in the room, very spacious and the bathroom was very plush with a walk in shower! Unfortunately, the balcony was only very small and we didn't have a great view, just a view of the opposite balconies! But if you want a sea view room, you've got to pay for one! Now, onto the main attraction of this hotel. Not one swimming pool, not two; but eleven! There are eleven large immaculate swimming pools, each surrounded by a pool bar with soft drinks, beer and cocktails! It is literally like heaven, surrounded by lots of sun loungers; there's certainly no need to be rushing to put your towels down in the morning! The resort is lovely and peaceful, so much so that on quite a few occasions we ended up with a swimming pool to ourselves!  
There are three main restaurants to choose from. There's the pizzeria snack bar, open for brunch and afternoon snacks. La Choza is a buffet service for breakfast (amazing pancakes) and lastly, The Taburiente Dining Room; where we had our dinner each night. There was always a large selection of food to choose from and they even had a wine dispensing machine (yes that caught your attention, didn't it?!)  
 The hotel had a lovely little gift shop; where I stocked up on little tubs of Pringles for my evening snack (!) and lots of little gifts and souvenirs. For ten euros, I bought a lovely photo album ready to put the huge mound of photos that I had taken in! I also used it as a scrapbook, collecting little leaflets, maps, postcards and even napkins to put in as mementos! There were also gorgeous little ornaments and photo frames; it was only a small little supermarket store but it was lovely having a nose around! I also remember one night after dinner, there were market stalls outside with local sellers, a bit like a craft/boot sale! It was lovely having a look at the items and was definitely something different to do after dinner.
 This holiday was very special to me as it was the perfect break for me and my boyfriend to spend time together and relax. I would highly recommend La Palma if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, it's the ultimate relaxation resort. I would definitely go back again, just to have the swimming pool to ourselves again!

What has been your favourite holiday? x
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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous... lovely pics!! xx

  2. Amazing photographs, the whole place looks like a dream. Eleven pools! Spoilt for choice ;) Also a wine dispensing machine! I need that in my life.
    Really great post, lovely to read :)
    Sam X

  3. Wow that looks amazing! I haven't had a holiday in a while, so I can't really say. I'm looking forward to something as nice as this, though!

    A Beauty Moment