July Beauty Favourites

Welcome to my first ever monthly favourites post! I recently wrote a post on my summer beauty essentials, but I'm back to ramble on about what I have been using throughout this month.  I have been so busy with work lately and am looking forward to August as I will be escaping the country for a week! I'm also gong to be moving into my new (larger) bedroom with my new double bed (I've waited 20 years for a double bed) and can't wait to get stuck in! So, let me explain what I have been loving this month!

Nivea Express Hydration Primer  - £4.99.
I have to admit I'm usually very forgetful when it comes to using a primer, but I have made more of an effort over the past few weeks to ensure I apply it before my foundation. This is the first primer I have tried, so am unable to compare it to any others! The main benefit of using this primer is the moisture it gives. I only need to apply a small amount, which is then able to cover my whole face, ensuring I'm moisturising too. It does absorb very quickly; however I like to know it's completely sunk in so I usually do something else while I wait for it to sink in. I definitely believe it does make a difference to the longevity of my foundation. I am enjoying using it, as I feel it does improve the moisture of my skin and also helps my foundation last longer through out the day. I am interested in trying other primers out though, but I'm concerned about splashing out and then they may be rubbish!
St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - £2.99
I absolutely love this false tan. So much so, I challenge you to see if you prefer it to St Tropez. After using St Tropez for at least a year, I'm kicking myself for not trying out this tan sooner! It lasts longer and is around £10.00 cheaper! I am finding this perfect for the summer, although I do usually wear a light false tan regardless of the weather. It gives a professional looking tan and is super easy to apply. As the name suggest, it is an instant tan, but develops deeper as the hours pass, so don't go too crazy when you apply it! I would definitely recommend you use a tanning mitt when applying this, or you will find yourself with abnormally orange fingers.  I have been complimented on the tan and did confess it was all thanks to a good old bottle, I was told it looked natural! It lasts for at least a week before it starts to flake away and I need to exfoliate and start again. I recently wrote a fuller review on this product which you can read here.
Benefit 'They're Real' mini mascara - £9.50
As explained before, I know you wont need me to introduce this mascara to you! It is well loved in the beauty world and I can understand why. When I first used the full size mascara, I was wondering what all the fuss was about but as it builds up it gives brilliant volume and length. The mini size is perfect for travelling and would also be a good idea to buy this to try before committing to spending £19.50 on the full size!
Imperial Leather Foamburst - £2.99
If you are yet to try these shower foams, you are missing out. Seriously, they are so good! I usually only buy them when they were on offer and managed to find them reduced to £1 in Asda, so of course I bought more than one! These shower gels give you the ultimate shower experience. I only need to squeeze out a small amount onto the palms of my hands and this will then magically transform into a large bubble of foams. Also, Foamburst promises forty washes from one bottle which is pretty good value! The product I have been using lately is 'Soft Touch' which has a gorgeous scent of jojoba milk enriched with Vitamin E.
Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner - £10.00
I was really pleased that I picked up this eyeliner with the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine. The magazine was only £2.50 so it was a brilliant bargain. My first impressions of the eyeliner were not that amazing, I wasn't too impressed. The more I have used it, the more I have grown to like it. The eyeliner is a liquid black and is easy to apply using the skinny pen liner. I think its easy to use as you can choose how much you build it up. I did find it a change from my usual Rimmel liquid eyeliner which has a thicker brush. It glides smoothly onto the eyelid and I love the lasting power of this product. £10.00 does seem a bit pricey for me to spend on an eyeliner, but I do think I would splash out on this in the future
Nina Ricci Nina* - 30ml - £19.74.
I have saved the best until last. Words cannot describe how beautiful this scent is! I wont go into too much detail as I will be writing up a full review soon. It is described as a modern fairy tale and I couldn't agree more! The bottle is gorgeous too, will look perfect on your dressing table! It's an apple shaped bottle with Nina Ricci engraved on the bottle. It is a 'fresh floral-fruity fragrance: freshness, addictiveness, femininity and character.' This is my absolute favourite perfume I have ever used, it's overtaken my love for DKNY's Be Delicious.
What have been your July favourites? x

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  1. I have the St Moriz tanning mouse and while I think the application is good, it's a bit dark for me as I'm very fair. I've tried to find the light version but it seems so hard to track down!

    I love they're real, it's my favourite mascara for curly, long lashes with no clumps.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

    1. I haven't seen a light either! I have seen medium though, have you tried that? x

  2. Love the Nina Ricci bottle and They're Real is also my favourite mascara xx