My Summer Beauty Essentials

I hope you're all enjoying this amazing heat we are having! I'm making the most of it, as I'm sure it will be back raining in no time (and then we'll all be complaining it's too cold, never mind too hot!) I'm writing this post in the sunshine, I wish everyday was like this. I've decided to write a post on my favourite summer essential health and beauty products that I will be using throughout the summer. I'm off to Menorca at the end of August so will be using them then if the sunshine in the UK decides to vanish.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash - £6.50, Boots.
If you're a fan of Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush body scrub, I can't recommend enough that you need to get your hands on this fresh and foamy body wash. My initial thought what with me being such a money saver was did I really want to spend just under £7.00 for a shower gel when you get some in Poundland?! But you have to treat yourself sometimes and this was definitely worth it. For the price, you get a 500ml beautifully packaged bottle. The best thing about the product is the gorgeous citrus scent, making it perfect for a cool shower after a day of sunbathing. It's hydrating on my skin and you only need a small amount, which means the bottle is going to last you a long time!
Quattro Titanium Sensitive - £7.19, Amazon.
My mum got me this pack of three disposable razors as they were reduced down to a bargain price of around £1.50 in Sainsburys! It was just what I needed as I'd been thinking how rubbish the razors I was currently using were. "This high performance 4 blade razor provides the look, feel and quality of a replaceable blade razor in the form of a disposable". The razor is really smooth to use on my skin and I'm impressed with it, I've realised I need to be investing a bit more money if I want a good quality razor. This will be perfect for me to use throughout the summer, making sure my legs are hair-free if the sun decides to pop out.
Coconut &  Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner - 89p, Superdrug.
This intensive conditioner was a brilliant bargain for just 89p in Superdrug's store. I can't seem to find it online but they are selling their own branded Coconut Oil for £1.50 which can be used as a hair treatment. For just 89p, you get a tub of intensive conditioner which leaves your hair feeling softer and smoother. The conditioner has a lovely scent of coconut and sweet almond as is a perfect treat your hair deserves. I will be making sure this gets used on my hair during the summer as we all know how damaging heat can be to our hair.
Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara - £19.50, Feel Unique.
This mascara needs no introductions so I wont waste your time there. This is my favourite mascara to use, after splashing out almost £20 on a mascara, I hoped it was going to be worth the price. My first few uses, I'll admit I was wondering what on earth the fuss was about, but as the mascara builds up you finally see why so many beauty lovers have this as a permanent item in their makeup bag. I think it's perfect for a summer day when you don't want to be caked in makeup, so a few coats of this is enough to make your eyes look wide awake and gorgeous.
Clean & Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Scrub - £3.99, Boots.
This daily facial scrub is one of my essentials for keeping my skin exfoliated each day. It has a citrus scent with papaya and lemon extracts - it smells gorgeous! It's gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed once I have washed it off.
Eau Thermal Avene Water Spray - £6.50, Boots.
This cooling water spray has a unique ingredient which leaves your skin feeling soothed. This spray is perfect to carry around with you when you are out and about, when you feel yourself getting too hot, simply spritz it onto your face and body for an instant refresh. This will definitely be coming with me on my holiday. It's a very versatile product, and if you've found yourself slightly sunburned, spray this onto the sore areas for a quick relief.
Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - £6.45, Amazon.
This spray by Macadamia leaves my hair feeling conditioned and in much better condition that before use. It is a weightless mist which infuses moisture and shine that you can use before blow drying or for calming down any flyaways - helpful for when the sun may send a few stray hairs all over the place! It smells beautiful and will leave your hair feeling refreshed. It also contains natural UV protectants, so again it will help your hair this summer.
Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant Cream - £5.10, Amazon.
I have recently been using this stronger deodorant as the weather has been getting warmer. We all need a good deodorant which actually does its job, and I can recommend this. It is a strange formula, it feels like I'm applying whipped cream under my arms - not that I do that very often! It claims to last after a shower, however I wont be risking that and will be reapplying. It feels much more effective for a spray, and will be an everyday product for me from now on.
   Lady Gaga 'Fame' - £24.50, The Perfume Shop.
This is my current favourite perfume which I will be using everyday throughout the summer (and the rain too!). The fragrance is richly floral, based upon being 'dark, sensual and light'. The fragrance is the first ever black Perfum and it sprays clear. The fragrance comes in a beautiful bottle, with a gold metallic claw which is gripping the lid.
What are your summer beauty essentials? x
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  1. oh, I was thinking about Wilkinson razors since they're cheaper than Venus ones but didn't know if they were any good! Great post x

    Eve x |

  2. lovely choices! i swear by that deodorant in this weather

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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  3. Ooops basically love everything on this list, I loveee Macadamia and that Benefit mascara. Great list!

    Love Em xxx

  4. I did a review on Macadamia products just over a week ago. They smell absolutely amazing!

    Olivia xxx
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