Sweet Dreams on Instagram

Instagram. Yes I know, where have I been hiding all this time? Under a rock? As I'm sure you'll already know, Instagram is the home of all things gorgeous and I can't quite believe I'm only now getting into it! I did create an account a few months back purely as my sister was going to Australia and I wanted to be able to see all her photos while she was away. I don't want to use Instagram as a way of showing off my life or over-sharing, so will just be sharing some pictures of things I come across and love!

I will be using Instagram as an inspiration; finding pretty images and inspiration for my blog! So this was just a little post to let you know you can now find me stalking through random photos and updating mine!

So far I am only following around 10 people, so please leave me your links as I would love to be following more. You can find me at @alexandra_cl. Although thinking about that, as I want to make it blog related perhaps I'll change the username, I'll edit this post if I do though!

Would love to follow you, so feel free to leave me your links! x

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  1. You will get hooked once you start using it:) my acc is @squidgemundo :) xx