Freebie Friday

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Following on from last weeks Freebie Friday, here it is as promised, my new series of posts each Friday. (You'll never guess what Freebie Friday is all about?!) I may not be able to get a post up next Friday as I am going away on holiday on Wednesday. I've got so much packing to do and I'm hoping to get at least three posts written up so I can schedule them for when I am away.
Prizes Photo
John Frieda Frizz Ease Goodies.
John Freida are being super generous. They are offering out 200 prizes each day such as Frizz Ease shampoos, conditioners, treatments and even umbrellas! All you need to do is enter your details here. (Image taken from the link).
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.
What's In My Handbag are back again, offering us the chance to trial a Clarins lip gloss. If you're yet to register, it's easy enough to do so. You need to answer a few questions about your skincare regime, enter your details here and cross your fingers!
Olay Total Effects Moisturiser and Serum.
P&G want to hear about your 'Everyday Effect'. All you need to do is read up the information, and tell your own story in less than 140 characters. You can read more about the 'Everyday Effect' here and then tell your mini story and fill in your details here. There are 1000 full sized Olay 7-in-one moisturiser and serum duo to be given away.

Italian Pizza Kit.
This one's not a health and beauty freebie, but I would be happy to receive this for free! It's a brand new pizza kit, with all the ingredients you need to make the perfect home made pizza. There are 250 freebies and all you need to do is like their Facebook page and enter your details here.

Revlon Eye Primer and Brightener.
Revlon's Beauty Booth is back again! This week Revlon are giving away 100 Eye Primer and Brighteners. Enter your details here - good luck!

Enjoy your freebies! x

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Beauty Wishlist

It's that time again! Lately, I have made a slight promise to myself to stop spending so much money. I say a 'slight' promise as opposed to a spending ban, as I know it just wouldn't work out for me! I'm sure I'm not the only one who can think of endless items that you would just love to drop into your basket without even thinking about the price! However, this is most likely to not be very realistic, so I just have to create a wishlist instead!
Beautysets - beauty wishing
 1) Marc Jacobs Dot Eau De Parfum 50ml - £47.00
I've always loved the designs of Marc Jacobs' fragrances - and Dot is certainly a gorgeous stand out bottle for me! Obviously, there's no point buying yourself a fragrance purely because you love the bottle, you've got to love the scent too! I have been lusting after this after spritzing it on myself in Debenhams and I absolutely love it. "A signature floral heart signed by beautiful jasmine and the elegant base of vanilla with musk leaving and addictive trail". It's pretty pricey in my opinion and I'm currently stocked up on fragrance anyway, so it's one for my wishlist.

2) I Love ... Raspberry and Blackberry Handwash 250ml - £2.49
So here we have what I could call yet another unnecessary toilet added to the basket, but hand wash is essential so therefore that justifies it perfectly. I first discover the 'I love...' range in Home Bargains, as they sell their beautifully scented shower gels/bath foams for the bargain price of 89p. I Love ... have recently released three new hand washes in three different flavours - Raspberry and Blackberry, Coconut and Cream and Mango and Papaya. I could literally buy everything in their range - everything is packaged so lovely and smells delicious!

3) Benefit Foundation Brush - £19.50
I'm yet to use a foundation brush and I have no idea whether I would actually enjoy it using it or not. So, I've been researching into which brush to get, I'd love to hear your opinions. Recently, I've been looking into Benefit brushes after I had a mini makeover at a local Benefit counter. I loved the feel of the brush that was used, so I'm thinking I may treat myself to the foundation brush.

4) L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster Intense Black - £5.95.
 I love using liquid eyeliner as part of my everyday makeup. I'm coming to the end of my Eyeko Skinny Mini eyeliner and I'm looking forward to trying out a new one! I've been lusting after L'Oreal's 'black ink formula' Superliner, which claims to last for eight hours.

5) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 50ml - £17.00
This one is a little too pricey for my liking, but I still want it! I have used Clinique's skincare before and was left feeling impressed, so I'm really hoping to get my hands on this brand new moisturiser. This promises to leave your skin strengthened, soft and gives you a healthy-looking glow. Sounds good, doesn't it?! I have read through some reviews on Debenhams websites and they are all raving about the product. I've also got my first ever Debenhams Beauty Card, so I can collect points - that would be a good excuse wouldn't it?!

6) Soap and Glory Hand Dream Cream - £7.00
A wish list wouldn't be a wish list without Soap and Glory would it?! I've spotted this on Boots website, a brand new super intensive hand cream. The product is not yet released, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it! It's Soap and Glory's usual eye-catching packaging, so it shouldn't be too hard to miss!

What's on your beauty wishlist? x
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My Decluttering Tips

Today’s post is a few little tips about de-cluttering and organising your personal space. I am by no means an expert but after moving from the ‘box room’ of my house into a larger bedroom, I literally was amazed at how much stuff I had kept over the years – a lot of it unnecessarily.  I feel so much better and actually a little bit proud of myself now that I have cleared so much space and also given a heck of a lot to charity too!

I had to be quite firm with myself. When it comes to sorting through your wardrobe, ask yourself ‘Will I ever wear this again?’ – If the answer is no, then you know what to do! If you’re unsure of whether to keep or not, don’t decided straight away. Create a section of ‘Unsure’, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ – deciding which items to go where. You don't have to sort everything out immediately, take your time and don't get stressed. It's easy to get stressed out when all you can see is piles of mess and junk all over the room, but just think of the positive - you've made a start and you'll soon be finished.


Once I got started, I actually found it hard to stop. Now there's something I never thought I'd hear myself say in a million years! If you have a lot of decluttering to do in your household, start with one room and then use that as your inspiration. Once you see how rewarding the final result can be, you may well find yourself wanting to carry on until you've got it all sorted, so you can have a well deserved rest at the end!

Anything you no longer need or want, do something good for the community and give to a local charity. They will be so grateful for your help, even if it's only a few items, they will still earn money from it. I like to hope that someone else will find something I no longer need and it will be just what they have been looking for! Or of course, you could sell at a car boot sale one weekend, or sell unwanted clothes on ebay.

I’m a bit of a secret hoarder. I had literally come across so many cards and keepsakes that I have kept over the years, there was nowhere to keep them. Only keep the cards and photos that mean the most to you. There's not an awful lot of point keeping a birthday card you had from your next door neighbour three years ago; but it's lovely to look back at cards and notes from your close family and friends. I have a cute heart memo holder I bought from Argos a while back. It's perfect as its a lovely cream heart which you can hang on your wall. I keep my favourite cards and photos on here, and have recently decorated it with some pretty fairy lights I found in Primark. If you're interested in the memo holder, this is the one I have, it's only £7.19 from Argos and you can see it here. If you've got lots of random nail polishes and lipsticks strewn around the room, why don't you get yourself some new makeup storage? I have found some fab ideas available here to keep your makeup storage looking tip top.

If you've got lots of photos that you love to keep and look back on; there are a few simple things you can do to keep them safe and also keep them tidy too. The most obvious photo storage idea is a photo album (Who'd have thought it?!). You could have separate albums for childhood, special occasions, holidays etc and I'm sure you'd enjoy sorting through all the photos too. Some of my favourite photos of myself and my boyfriend, I like to have on display in my bedroom, but I personally don't like having too many photo frames around the room. I just have the one photo frame next to my bed. The other photos I sort into a collage, blue tack them onto a space on the wall and decorate with little keepsakes, which you may like too!

Remember that it's not going to be magically sorted by itself. We all have to start somewhere, so take your time. Set yourself specific times when you have the free time and just do a little bit each time. You'll soon start seeing a result and you'll be more motivated to continue!
I hope you found my tips helpful! x

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Freebie Friday!

It's Friday; so I though why not write a Freebie Friday post! I'm having a lovely relaxing lazy day today, so I'm hoping to be super organised and get some blog posts written up. I would love to turn this into a weekly series, would this be something you would enjoy reading? It's so much easier lately to get hold of freebies now that the internet is such a gigantic place! I can definitely recommend signing up to newsletters from Magic Freebies, Freebies UK as you can hopefully get your name down for a brilliant freebie! Registering at sites such as What's In My Handbag and Baobella have also proved to be a perfect opportunity. When I write my Freebie posts, I do try and keep them health and beauty related so that it fits in with my blog, but if I find any other freebies I think may still be helpful, I will share them too! I am also thinking about doing a series posts of the latest Voucher Codes for shopping online, I would love your thoughts on this or any suggestions. So, let's get you some freebies!

Nivea Hawaiian Bliss Shower Gel.
You will need Facebook for this freebie. Nivea are giving away bottles of their brand new shower gel everyday for the next three weeks, giving you plenty of chances to get your hands on this one. The Shower Gel is tropical inspired Hawaiian Bliss and Oil - sounds gorgeous! All you have to do is type 'ALOHA' into the comment box and fill in your details here.

Sure Anti Perspirant Deodorant.
Asda are running a giveaway where you could be one of 100 lucky winners. The prize is a brand new handbag sized compressed bottle of Sure anti perspirant deodorant. Fill in your details here.
L'Oreal Volume Millions Mascara
This week on What's In My Handbag, we see Emma Willis' beauty favourites. WIMH are giving you the chance to try a full size L'Oreal Volume Millions mascara - amazing! IF you are not registered, you will need to do so, before adding products that you love to your beauty cabinet. You can then go on to send your details and cross your fingers!
Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick.
Revlon's Beauty Booth are giving away 100 free Ultimate Suede lipsticks. It's perfectly simple to enter; all you have to do is enter your details here.

Pearlys Teeth Whitening Powder.
To try out a new teeth whitening powder, all you need to do is follow Pearlys on Twitter - @PearlysLTD. Then you will need to send an email with your name and address to:, writing 'Free Sample' as the subject.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Sample.
Visit any Clinique counter from Friday August 9, 2013 to Thursday August 22, 2013 and pick up a free two-week supply. Then you can use the new serum twice a day; return to the store for a consultation with your empty bottle and take home another two-week supply.
Enjoy your freebies! x
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Nina by Nina Ricci

Let me introduce you to my brand new perfume. It has swiftly overtaken my love for DKNY's Be Delicious and this is my new firm favourite: Nina by Nina Ricci. I will be honest and say I never used to be that bothered about wearing a fragrance. I used to only use it on special occasions but now I've definitely got the perfume bug.  The fragrance itself comes in a beautiful glass bottle, shaped in the style of an apple. I love how eye-catching the product looks and will look perfect on your dressing table. The actual 30ml bottle does seem on the small side and I have used around 1/4 of it after about two to three weeks. Nina by Nina Ricci has since become my everyday fragrance and I will definitely be investing in a larger bottle when this one is empty. (As if I need another excuse to spend money!)

The fragrance itself is described as a modern day fairy tale and I couldn't agree with this more. The fragrance has notes of red toffee apple and vanilla combined with white cedar and cotton musk. It's a sweet scent and I would describe it in three words as 'flirty, floral and fresh'. It smells absolutely beautiful and is also a feminine and fruity fragrance. The scent is not overpowering, but is distinctive enough for me to have received compliments on it. It's a perfect fragrance to suit whatever your mood and outfit; suitable for day or night wear. If I apply in the morning, it will then need topping up around lunchtime or late afternoon; as expected with most perfumes. It is aimed at younger women such as myself, but I don't really understand how you can put an age limit on this fragrance; I personally feel it could appeal to any ages. I just wish that all fragrances were cheaper than they are; then I would be adding to my very small collection. The price of fragrances also puts me off applying too much and applying throughout the day, do you ever feel like that too? I am so happy with the product and will definitely be purchasing!
The product is courtesy of Lloyds Pharmacy. Nina Ricci 30ml cost £24.99, which I do feel is a reasonable price for the high quality of the product. If you compare the price to Debenhams (which is the first point of call on Google if you search the perfume online) they charge £28.50 for the same sized bottle. I was really impressed with the range of beauty, skincare and fragrance products that Lloyds Pharmacy sell online; I hadn't realised that they had an online shop. When I think of the pharmacy, obviously the first thing I think of tends to be healthcare related; but you may actually find yourself surprised at what you can find on Lloyds Pharmacy's website. They sell popular makeup brands such as Rimmel, Max Factor and also gorgeous fragrances such as Juicy Couture.
What's your favourite fragrance? x
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It's The Little Things In Life

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I have lately been feeling a bit pressurised (from myself!) as I feel I am not posting enough on my blog amongst other things that I am worrying about. I do realise I put a lot of pressure onto myself, when it is just not realistic. I have decided to write a positive post filled with the 'little things in life' that make me happy and make me 'me'. I think it is so important for us all to just stop and remember all the many things we have to be grateful about. Look around you and you'll see just how lucky you are to some others in the world; you've got a roof over your head and someone who loves you. It's easy for me to get disappointed, stressed and let down and I'd be telling porkie pies if I said I didn't. My aim is to try and keep positive each day and I hope this makes a difference.
 I have also read about keeping a positive and gratitude diary which does sound to me like a good idea to me. It would just simply include having a pretty diary of your choice, and writing each good thing that happened to you that day. Even if you've had a pretty rubbish day, there's bound to be at least one good thing that happened to you! I have seen a gorgeous 13/14 diary in WHSmith, which could be the perfect excuse for me to buy it and start a positivity diary.
Enjoy the Little Things 8x8" Print
I have put together a list of what I consider the 'little things' in my life that make me feel happy. If you enjoy the post, I'd love to see your own Little Things list!
Watching Soaps and trashy reality shows.
My boyfriend.
My family and friends.
Childhood memories.
My pets.
Foodie treats - Sweets, takeaways and all naughty foods!
Online shopping - or just making wishlists!
Finding bargains.
Buying treats for others.
Pampering products.
Bubble Baths.
Books and magazines.
Lie ins.
Pretty accessories.
The colour pink.
Meerkats and monkeys.
Duvet days.
What are your favourite 'Little Things' in your life? x

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Perfect Summer Reads.

I've decided to put together a post all about summer reading essentials. Whether you will be reading on a hot beach abroad this year, or if you'll be sunning it up in your back garden with your cat; I know I'm not the only person who finds it so relaxing to get stuck into a good book and forget all your own troubles. Of course, this is Britain after all and I can't help but feel we may have had our summer for this year already, but at least we can pretend by getting ourselves lost at an exotic location in a chick lit novel! I have always loved reading but sometimes it is hard to find the time and when you are on holiday, or just enjoying a day off work, it is the perfect excuse to delve into somebody else's world. I have been reading a lot of books lately as I have recently joined #thehandbagbookclub (feel free to search it for more information). It has meant I have also been reading books that I wouldn't usually choose, which has been interesting. I've put together some perfect summer reads for 2013; some that I have read and enjoyed and some I am waiting impatiently to read! I have managed to whittle it down to the top six summer reads I think you may enjoy! It was hard and I could literally sit here and talk all day about reading - don't worry I won't bore you!

Beautysets - Perfect Summer Reads
Wicked Ambition - Victoria Fox.
I absolutely love Victoria Fox's novels and I have Wicked Ambition waiting patiently for me to take on holiday in a few weeks time. Three superstars. Three sensational secrets. Three deadly games. For Robin, Kristin and Turquoise, the spotlight burns brightly. But ambition always comes at a price...and the devil is waiting to claim his dues. It sounds like perfect escapism and I'm looking forward to finding out how the girls lives will entwine together and I'm sure the path of fame is not going to run smoothly.
Guilty Wives - James Patterson.
I have recently finished reading this book. This is the first book I have read by James Patterson and I wasn't disappointed. The novel follows Abbie Elliot, who goes on a well deserved girls holiday to Monte Carlo. Little do the wives know, their every move is being watched and they soon find themselves descending from heaven to hell in a Paris prison cell. The story is full of twists and I felt encouragement towards Abbie and her journey to freedom.
Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop - Abby Clements.
The book is based on two sisters who lead completely different lives, Anna works in an office job whilst her photographer sister Imogen travels the world and is currently living her dream in Thailand. A family tragedy ends in Imogen rushing home to the UK. Both Anna and Imogen's lives are turned upside down when they inherit their beloved grandmother's Ice cream shop. Inheriting a business was not on their list of things to do, but in the name of family the girls give it their all. I love that the moral of the story is how important all the family are to each other. Together, the sisters face plenty of challenges - what with a potential sabotage to their business and failing love lives, the sisters work together to make their grandmother proud. The characters of Anna and Imogen are easy to relate to. The story is such a sweet and light hearted read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was really happy with how the story ended and think the book was written very well. It's definitely one to look out for.
Wicked Wives - Anna Lou Weatherly.
Wicked Wives is based around the lives of Ellie, Victoria and Loretta. Ellie is living a new life with her husband, desperately trying to keep her past a secret from her new world. The story also follows the troubles that Ellie's eighteen year old daughter Tess manages to get herself into, unknown to Ellie just how out of control Tess is becoming. Ellie's author friend Victoria is desperately trying for a baby with her husband after suffering from a tragedy. with nobody realising just how far she will go to get what she wants. Then there is Loretta, the rather unlikeable gold digger, whose husband has just committed a crime, leaving her to deal with the consequences. If you find yourself in love with this book (which I wont blame you!) Anna-Lou has also written a previous novel, Chelsea Wives.
Close My Eyes - Sophie McKenzie.
This book is one for my wish list. I love books that are unpredictable and make you wonder what is going to happen next. The book is a psychological thriller and I'd love it get into it. "A tragic event eight years ago. A stranger on the doorstep. Your life turned upside down."
Killer Queens - Rebecca Chance.
Rebecca Chance is one of my favourite authors. Each of her books are so well-written and keep you in suspense. "Every little girl grows up dreaming of marrying a prince - but what if the fairy tale turns into a right royal nightmare? Scheming kings, killer queens, evil princes, far-from innocent princesses, secret weddings, runaway brides, illicit affairs, death plots and lashings of steamy sex - it's just another day in the lives of the world's most powerful families. Find out what REALLY goes on behind closed palace doors…" This sounds like my perfect read and it already has brilliant reviews after being released just a few days ago!
What's on your summer reading list? x
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Favourite Freebies.

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So, it's that time again when I collect the latest great freebies I can get my hands on to share with you! There's nothing better than grabbing a great freebie, especially when it's something you love! There's never any point getting yourself something you'll never use just because it's free; so I've chosen the latest freebies that hopefully will suit both you and me! How many times do you reckon you'll see the word 'free' in this post?!
Free Ojon Sample and Head Massage.
At selected Boots stores across the UK, you can get yourself some free Ojon hair treatment samples and a complimentary hair repair consultation and free head massage in store. You will need to fill out this online form here and download your voucher to receive the freebie. This offer is running until 19th August, 2013.
Free Revlon ColourStay Eyeshadow Seductive Palette.
Enter your details here and you could get your hands on one of 100 free Revlon 16 hour Colourstay eye shadow - seductive palette. Definitely worth a go!  
Free Hair Thickening Treatment.
Sign up and become a member at Super Savvy Me, and you could be one of the lucky 3000 who will receive and trial a brand new hair thickening treatment. You could be trying Diabost from Nioxin to give your hair a great boost. Sign up here.
Free Origins Mini Facial.
In participating stores, you may be lucky enough to receive a free mini facial at your local Origins counter. They will also give you a one to one consultation and exfoliation. Take a further look on their website and see if there are participating stores near you.
Free Tangle Teezer Compact Styler.
A free tangle teezer! That's a bargain. Sign up if you are yet to become a member of What's in my Handbag and you can register here for the chance to try out a completely free Tangle Teezer! I'm trying to get this one myself, but having trouble with the beauty cabinet application part. Let me know how you get on with this one.
Free Chapstick.
Chapstick are giving away fifty completely free Chapsticks. You will need Facebook to enter this one and enter your details here.
Beauty Bag - Fabulous Magazine and Superdrug.
The two have paired together to offer fifty lucky entrants a get-gorgeous goodie bag, full of beauty treats worth over £40 each. Enter your details here and cross your fingers!
 I hope you found something you like! x
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A Few Little Beauty Bargains


Pinch, punch, first of the month, no returns! Ahem. So, my main reason for writing up this little post today is to show you what I have found in Home Bargains. Yes, as you can see from the image below I managed to get my hands on these Lee Stafford products for an amazing £1.99 each! I am so pleased I found them as they are an absolute bargain compared to the usual prices in Boots! So, first up we have the 'Wonder Spray' for blow drying; promising to reduce drying time and offering heat protection too. I haven't actually heard of this product before but knew I couldn't just leave it lonely on the shelf! I've just checked Boots website and its retailing there for £6.19, with some brilliant reviews too! I also managed to find Poker Straight intensive treatment for heat addicts (that's me!). It seems very similar as the Hair Growth treatment, applying in between shampoo and conditioner. I am considering going back for another one as it was such a bargain! Lastly, I found this set of three 'Hot Shots 2 Minute Miracle Repair' treatments. These are self heating and I hope they live up to Lee Stafford's great reputation. I will use these products over the next few weeks/months and then will aim to get the posts up when done. If you're a Lee Stafford lover, or a general bargain hunter, get yourself down to your local Home Bargains and grab some before they all sell out!
Whilst rummaging around in Wilkinsons, I found these gorgeous scented hand sanitizers for the bargain price of just 25p each. I have used the Fruity Berry scent before, I have the shower smoothie and bath foam so I knew I needed to add this to my collection too. Two gorgeous scented 50ml bottles for just 50p - you can't go wrong! They will be perfect for popping into your handbag to use on the go.
I also found this eye shadow pencil in Wilkinsons. There was a brand new 'Just In' Collection stand, with lots of products on offer for just £2.50. I tried a few shades out on my hand and found a favourite in 'Hot Chocolate'. I haven't used an eye shadow pencil before, so I'm looking forward to try it out! It's a lovely shade of shimmering brown and I'm hoping I like it! It seems very easy to apply and did just glide on. This eye shadow pencil is currently on offer for £2.50 in Wilkos and will then be a usual price of £3.19 - still a bargain! They are advertised as being waterproof and long-lasting and it is living up to that so far. As I applied some on my hand to have a closer look, this was around 1pm. It's now nearly 9pm and it's still going strong!
I bought this 17 Dazzle The Night shimmering powder in the clearance section of Boots a few weeks back. It was reduced from around £4.99 down to £2.49, so I decided to give it a go. I haven't used a highlighting shimmer powder before and I'm yet to try this out. The packaging is gorgeously eye catching! The shimmer rocks are just as described. The little tub holds a fair amount of mixed white and pink shimmer rocks, ready to apply and blend as you wish. You can use a brush to apply but the product does come with a small sponge to use too.

Have you found any beauty bargains lately? x

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