Nina by Nina Ricci

Let me introduce you to my brand new perfume. It has swiftly overtaken my love for DKNY's Be Delicious and this is my new firm favourite: Nina by Nina Ricci. I will be honest and say I never used to be that bothered about wearing a fragrance. I used to only use it on special occasions but now I've definitely got the perfume bug.  The fragrance itself comes in a beautiful glass bottle, shaped in the style of an apple. I love how eye-catching the product looks and will look perfect on your dressing table. The actual 30ml bottle does seem on the small side and I have used around 1/4 of it after about two to three weeks. Nina by Nina Ricci has since become my everyday fragrance and I will definitely be investing in a larger bottle when this one is empty. (As if I need another excuse to spend money!)

The fragrance itself is described as a modern day fairy tale and I couldn't agree with this more. The fragrance has notes of red toffee apple and vanilla combined with white cedar and cotton musk. It's a sweet scent and I would describe it in three words as 'flirty, floral and fresh'. It smells absolutely beautiful and is also a feminine and fruity fragrance. The scent is not overpowering, but is distinctive enough for me to have received compliments on it. It's a perfect fragrance to suit whatever your mood and outfit; suitable for day or night wear. If I apply in the morning, it will then need topping up around lunchtime or late afternoon; as expected with most perfumes. It is aimed at younger women such as myself, but I don't really understand how you can put an age limit on this fragrance; I personally feel it could appeal to any ages. I just wish that all fragrances were cheaper than they are; then I would be adding to my very small collection. The price of fragrances also puts me off applying too much and applying throughout the day, do you ever feel like that too? I am so happy with the product and will definitely be purchasing!
The product is courtesy of Lloyds Pharmacy. Nina Ricci 30ml cost £24.99, which I do feel is a reasonable price for the high quality of the product. If you compare the price to Debenhams (which is the first point of call on Google if you search the perfume online) they charge £28.50 for the same sized bottle. I was really impressed with the range of beauty, skincare and fragrance products that Lloyds Pharmacy sell online; I hadn't realised that they had an online shop. When I think of the pharmacy, obviously the first thing I think of tends to be healthcare related; but you may actually find yourself surprised at what you can find on Lloyds Pharmacy's website. They sell popular makeup brands such as Rimmel, Max Factor and also gorgeous fragrances such as Juicy Couture.
What's your favourite fragrance? x
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  1. I love the scent of this but as soon as it hits my arms it smells horrid xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

    1. That's a shame! What perfume do you like? x x

  2. I got this perfume in a gift set last Christmas! It smells gorgeous, as does the body lotion which came with it! Good taste ;) xx