No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation Review

a picture of no7 beautifully matte foundation

Today's post is a review on one of my favourite foundations - No7's Beautifully Matte foundation. I only really use this foundation and Clinique's Repair Wear. Each time I try another foundation I always find myself going to back to this No7 foundation and wondering why I bothered looking for a different one in the first place!
I first found out about the foundation around six months ago when No7's Colour Matches were taking place in my local Boots and I decided to give it a go. I was looking for a full coverage foundation which wouldn't leave me looking orange! Is that really so much to ask? Well, not for Beautifully Matte it isn't! The advisor was very kind and helpful as I explained I really wanted the foundation to be full coverage for my skin. The No7 advisor simply uses a handheld device which reads your skin colour tones and then matches you to a suitable shade of their foundation. I was matched with 'Deeply Beige' which I did initially think it would be too dark for me but I was happy with the colour when it was applied on to my skin and didn't leave that dreaded 'tide line' showing how light my neck is compared to my face! I also really appreciated that I didn't feel pressurised into buying it plus lots of added extras too! The sales advisor was friendly and not pushy. I wasn't 100% sure I could trust whether the foundation was going to give me enough coverage when I applied it myself at home, but I decided to give it a buy and I haven't looked back since - apart from the odd affair with Clinique!
The foundation comes with a high end look packaging. The tube itself is super easy to use as it already has a pump - I cant stand foundations with no pump and you wont have to buy a separate one!
The foundation itself is quite a heavy liquid formula but doesn't feel too heavy on my skin which is just what I wanted. It offers great benefits of a foundation including a matte finish, medium to full coverage, great for oily skin types, has an SPF15 built in and minimises the appearances of pores. I have to agree with each and every one of those points and the foundation gives a really nice finish. It gives enough coverage to keep me happy and really does make my skin look in a much better condition - goodbye pores and pesky blackheads! As it gives a medium to full coverage, it's left down to you to create the look you want. The only negative I can find of this product is it can dry my skin out slightly and I definitely need a primer. Once I got myself settled with a good primer (Benefit's Porefessional if you're interested) and moisturiser I have absolutely no problems with the foundation at all, I love it!
No7 are available exclusively to Boots and I feel their products are really good value for the quality you get! Beautifully Matte foundation retails at just £12.95 which I am more than willing to pay as I feel its a great high street price for a brilliant foundation! It's also an extra bargain when the No7 vouchers come out and you can get £3.00 off, that's when I tend to get my new bottle!
Have you tried a No7 foundation? x
PS: Don't forget to enter my giveaway - Win St Moriz tanning goodies and a £10 Boots Voucher!
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Freebie Friday!

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It's Friday! I usually work through the weekend but this is my first proper weekend I have had off in so long it feels weird! I haven't got anything planned, so I'm just looking forward to having a relaxing weekend watching X Factor and hopefully get some blog posts written up too! What have you got planned for your weekend? I've also got my latest edition of Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine and I'm fancying making Tinkerbell's Fairy Wing Cupcakes - they look delicious!

The first freebie I've got for you is an Origins free mini-facial. You can use the store locator found on their website and hopefully there is one near you! You can find the full information here.

Revlon are giving away 4000 of their new PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminators. All you have to do is choose your skin tone and enter your details.
Free Ice cream? Yes please! Asda are offering 1000 free Ben & Jerry's classic ice cream tubs. You can choose your favourite from Baked Alaska, Caramel Chew Chew, Phish Food, Cookie Dough (I'll have that one please!), Half Baked and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Fill in the entry form and let them know which your favourite is!
L'Oreal have got a brand new shampoo which sounds absolutely gorgeous! You will need Facebook to enter your details here to get your free sample. There are 3500 samples to give away so I'm sure we'll manage to get one!
Boots are giving away 100 readers the chance to each win
six wonderful flavoured Burt's Bees Lip Balms! All you have to enter your details.
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor.
You will need Facebook for this one. The main competition is a pair of designer shoes and you can also get your hands on 200 runner up prizes of Wilkinson Swords Hydro Silk Razors.
Free Digital Copy of Your Favourite Magazine.
If you have an iPad or iPhone, Great Magazines are offering you a free digital edition issue of a magazine of your choice. You can choose from Heat or Closer and there are other categories to choose from too!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - Win St Moriz tanning goodies and a £10 Boots Voucher!

Enjoy! x

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Latest Beauty Buys

Oops, I've done it again. I've been out (Or in, thanks to the wonder of online shopping) buying yet more beauty products, although in my defence I did need some of them! There's nothing I love more than buying and testing new products, and if my bank balance was much bigger I'm sure I'd be buying something new literally every day. Although I'm sure I'd get bored of that eventually! Today's post is showing you what products I have bought and whether they are a new purchase or a repurchase and my thoughts on them so far.
St Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion.
This one was a freebie from St Tropez's Facebook page. I'm yet to try this one out, but I love using their Gradual Tan on my face, so I can see myself enjoying using this one too! It's a 50ml tube, but I can imagine I will only need to use a small amount to cover my face, so it should last me a while.
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 125ml, £29.50 - New Purchase.
Now this one was my first ever expensive skincare product. I hate spending more money on high end products that could be used on cheaper and just as effective high end ones. However, I had read great reviews on this Clinique moisturiser and I really wanted to try it out for myself. Before I bought this, I didn't used to moisturise that much. I would do it when I remembered, usually about once a week! I have been using this moisturiser for around four weeks now, and I still have plenty left. It has a smoothing gel texture which feels so cooling to apply onto my skin. I used this whilst on holiday and when I returned my skin was feeling super dry and this gel continued to do the trick.
Moroccan Oil Treatment 125ml, £30.45. Re-purchase.
I have been using the smaller bottle of Moroccan Oil for around the past two months and it has sadly come to end - so what more excuse did I need to treat myself to an even larger bottle! I managed to get a great bargain after searching through Google. I came across a hair and beauty website called My Salon Looks, who are currently selling 125ml Moroccan Oil Treatment for just £30.45, including a pump and 25% extra free! (RRP £38.00) I then even had more of a bargain with 10% off Moroccan Oil purchases plus an introductory discount, so I only paid £24.47! Since using the treatment, my hair has been in such better condition that it was previously. I also think it has helped my hair growth, as I had a bit too much cut off and I went straight to my favourite oil!
Collection & Rimmel Cosmetics - New Purchases.
So, there I was in Asda, having only gone in for one thing when I spotted the Collection cosmetic stand with lots of tempting offers on them. Nearly everything was under £4.00, so that made it perfectly reasonable for me to buy a few more cosmetics! I fancied a new mascara so I chose 'Big Fake Ultimate' mascara. I have used this once already and I am impressed so far - it has a quite a big brush and has made my lashes look more volumized without using another mascara on top. I also picked up a lipstick in 'Mango Tango' and an eye shadow trio. As for Rimmel, I bought this Exaggerate liquid liner in Asos' 30% Rimmel sale, which was a bargain!
Soap & Glory 'Glow Job' Moisturiser, £7.33. New purchase.
Did I need another moisturiser? No, but it was reduced from £11.00 to £5.50, so I thought I would give it a go! There were lots of other S&G skincare on sale in Boots too, but I didn't go overboard and just bought this one! It's a daily radiance moisturising lotion with bronzebursts included to give a light tan. Sounds perfect to me!
No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation, £12.95. Re-purchase.
I have been using this foundation on and off over the past few months and each time I use it again, I remember why I love it so much. I was colour matched at the No7 Colour Match service and chose Beautifully Matte as it offers a shine free finish and the coverage is brilliant. It's the perfect foundation for me as it gives me exactly what I want and it's very reasonably priced too! (Especially when the No7 vouchers come out in Boots, even better!)
Garnier Pure Active Face Wash - New Purchase.
This one was a bargain in good old Poundland. I have only just started using it as I have got some annoying blackheads on my nose and this wash aims to unclog your pores and generally give it a good old clean. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, however there's a slightly strong scent of tea tree oil which is the only thing that puts me off it.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - Win St Moriz tanning goodies and a £10 Boots Voucher!
What have you been buying lately? x
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Sales and Voucher Codes.

As you may or may not be aware, I'm a bargain hunter. I've just spent too much money on New Look purely because they had 25% off - I really need to stop doing that! However, when it is something you really fancy and you can save money, then why not? I never shop online without looking for a voucher code, as more often than not there will be a code hidden somewhere for you to save money. I have also decided to write my Freebie Friday posts fortnightly now rather then weekly, as it can sometimes be a slow week for freebies. Without me rambling on, here are the best voucher codes I've come across lately!
H&M: 50% off Selected Items: Here.
ASOS: Up to 30% off New-Season Styling: Here.
Motel Rocks: 30% off: Use Code: VCSEPT30.
H&M: 25% off any item of your choice. Use Code: 0747.
Miss Selfridge: Buy One Get One Free on ALL sale items.
ASOS - 30% off Rimmel products.
The Body Shop: 50% off All Body Butters. Use Code: BUTTER.
Philosophy: 20% off Award Winners, Use Code: 20award.
Bare Minerals: Day TWO. Buy any concealer and get a free mini double ended concealer brush.. Use Code: DAY2. Keep an eye out for these, as there will be new codes each day for the next four days!
Fragrance Direct: 10% off orders. Use Code: VC10.
Feel Unique: 7% off orders: 7vccouk
Look Fantastic: 20% off orders. Use Code: TICKTOCK. I've just tested this one, it works okay but said "Your discount has been applied: 20% off, dropping 1% per hour".
The Body Shop: 40% off Orders over £5.00. Use Code: HONEY or 14395.
Beauty Expert: 15% off. Use Code: 4415-5C27-49E1
Don't forget to enter my giveaway - Win St Moriz tanning goodies and a £10 Boots Voucher!
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Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub Review.

A picture of sanctuary spa salt scrub

As an avid fake tan user, it's always important for me to exfoliate my body. I love buying and trying out different exfoliators, to see which is the best at removing those stubborn patches of fake tan that I need to get rid of. Sanctuary Spa are a brand I usually do not buy products from as I love my Soap and Glory; but this Salt Scrub was a Christmas gift from my mum last year - and only now I'm getting round to starting it!
The Sanctuary Salt Scrub is "a sumptuous blend of skin polishing dead sea salts wrapped in moisturising coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils to refine and resurface the texture of the skin and leave it super smooth." The Salt Scrub is a body exfoliator to be used once or twice a week. The scrub itself is beautifully packaged in a glass tub. The scrub is in a 650g jar, giving you plenty of product to use for the price you are paying. The flip lid makes it easy to open and close and ensures there's no unnecessary squeezing out of a bottle when you're getting to the end of it! It's easy to just pop your fingers in and scoop up as much as you need to use. The salt texture of the scrub did give me that 'eek' feeling when I scooped it up at first - you know the feeling when something goes through you? Like nails on a blackboard? Once its on my hands and I'm ready to apply it, I got used to it and enjoyed using it.
The scrub itself is more abrasive than your usual body scrub due to it being a salt scrub. As I started to exfoliate, I could feel it working straight away. It has a luxurious feel to it with its moisturising oils. The best thing about using the scrub was that I only needed a small amount to cover all over my arms and neck - where my fake tan just loves to settle in and cause me grief! After exfoliating and drying off, my skin did feel a lot more moisturised and in better condition. It was easier for me to scrub off the bits of remaining tan and I was really pleased with the good condition it left my skin in. The only negative I can say about the product, is that it did make a mess in the shower. The grains settled easily onto the floor of the shower, so obviously I had to make sure I cleaned it up or I would have gone flying!
Sanctuary Spa's Salt Scrub retails at £11.50 for a 650g tub. Initially this may seem a bit pricey just for a body scrub, but it does exactly what it promises and a little goes a long way. You can find the product at Boots here (Currently on 3 for 2). 
Do you use any Sanctuary products? x

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - Win St Moriz tanning goodies and a £10 Boots Voucher!
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St Moriz Tan & Boots Voucher Giveaway

I love entering competitions, so I'm pleased to say I'm here to offer you a lovely little prize. You may have read my rave review of St Moriz Instant Tanning Mousse which you can read here to see why I loved it so much! The lovely Filiz at the St Moriz team offered me the chance to treat Sweet Dreams readers to a giveaway. I had the choice of choosing from three tanning kits; Light, Medium or Dark. I loved using the dark mousse but I'm aware this could be too dark for some so I decided to meet in the middle and choose the Medium. The kit consists of an Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion, Instant Self Tanning Mousse (Medium) and an Exfoliating Body Scrub.
 In a nutshell, it's everything you need for the perfect false tan. St Moriz are being very generous as there are ten kits to give away and they are also throwing in a £10 Boots voucher - yay! The reason St Moriz are celebrating is because they have just launched their products in Boots! You know you've made it when Boots sell your products! If you want to find out more information on St Moriz you can do so on their website here. If you want to see which chosen products you can buy at Boots you can see here. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below. The giveaway will end on the 12th October 2013.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck! x

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Gifts 4 Gifts WishList & Parisienne Birdcage Mirror*

I was recently contacted to write a review on a brand new website; Gifts4Gifts. The concept of the gift website is 'Great Ideas for Treating Someone'. There are a lot of gift varieties you can choose from such as experience days, personalised gifts, special occasion gifts, home and garden and gadgets. The website is super easy to navigate your way around and find your perfect gift. I love browsing through websites such as these, choosing all sorts of gifts that I would not only love to give but to treat myself to as well! Each section of gifts has a wide choice to choose from and there are lots of different ranges within each category such as 'Vintage Dolly' (gorgeous!) and Ros Shiers Wall art prints. I have included a little wishlist of the website below the review, showing you my favourite picks.

 The gift I was given to review was the 'Parisienne Birdcage Mirror' which you can view here. This particular gift is part of the beautiful Parisienne range which also includes other gorgeous items such as vintage home décor such as a stationery box, tea lights and a birdcage lantern. The Parisienne range are very affordable, with the featured Bird Cage Mirror which retails at £9.99. I absolutely love vintage home décor and was really pleased with the Bird Cage Mirror, with its French Chateau inspired style. The mirror is perfectly simple to set up anywhere you fancy in your home, all you need to do is simply hook it onto a nail in the wall. What I love about this product is how you can add your own style to it using the three separate hooks. You could use it to hang your favourite jewellery, hanging hearts and whatever other decorations you love to be surrounded by in your personal space.

 Beautysets - Gifts For Gifts
Parisienne Small Pavillion Birdcage Lantern - £14.99
Vintage Dolly Lunch Bag - £3.99
Karin Akesson 'Beyoutiful' Pillowcase - £14.99
Cupcake Experience Day: £46.99
What do you think of Gifts4Gifts? x

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Life Lately

  Life Is Beautiful

I am aiming to fill my blog with more lifestyle posts. I was really pleased with the response I received from my Dealing With Disappointment post earlier this week and so today I am going to write just a little post on what I have been doing lately; what I have been loving and whatever else pops into my mind. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this post as I would love to make it more regular if anybody enjoys reading it! Before I ramble on, does anyone else think it feels like Christmas? Yes, I know it's only September, but it's raining pouring here in Wales and it's made me excited for Christmas!
I have been:
 This week I have been busy in the kitchen. I am hoping to improve my baking skills - it's a challenge trust me! Have you seen the Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine advertised? I absolutely love anything Disney and even though I never cook, I bought this straight away! I have already spent an afternoon baking Mickey Mouse cookies simply for the fun of it! I have to blow my own trumpet and say they did taste delicious - but I have a long way to go. Poor Mickey's ears were falling off all over the place. My new love for this has now got me thinking that I want to go and spend my money in Lakeland and buy all pretty kitchen items!
I'm Looking Forward to:
I have some super exciting news. I'm afraid you won't be too blown away but for me I am so excited, I really can't wait. This weekend, my boyfriend and I have booked to go to Florida in May for a fortnight. I am ridiculously excited, I have always wanted to go to the Sunshine State and now I can't believe I will actually be going! I have got so many things I want to do while I'm there and all I can do is wait!
I've been loving:
This week I've been bargain hunting on eBay. I love searching through eBay but I do find it very hit and miss. I'll either go for ages without buying anything and then I'll find a load of bargains at once. Luckily for me, this week has been a good week for me on eBay. I have picked up a few little items from River Island and Primark and I have also sold a few makeup items I wasn't using - which will be handy for paying off the bargains I keep buying!
Keep Smiling!
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Freebie Friday - Offers And Sales

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It's Freebie Friday again! I haven't managed to find a large amount of freebies this week, so I've just picked a few good ones which I hope you get your hands on! I have noticed a good few beauty discounts - I'm looking at you Debenhams, so I thought I would add my favourite picks into this post too. I apologise in advance if it makes you spend money, I know I have!


Clinique Face Primer Sample.
I'm sure that you're more than aware about Clinique's six brand new super primers! I'm definitely considering treating myself to one, so I'm really pleased that I have got the chance to try a sample first to see how I feel about it before splashing out. You can apply for a sample here and while you're there, there's also a competition running to win a Clinique goody bag worth over £60.00!

Glamour Magazine Giveaway.
This one is not a freebie guaranteed, but you could get lucky! Each day throughout the month, Glamour are offering a different Bare Minerals prize. You need to answer the question and enter each day here.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Sample.
Estee Lauder wants to know what makes your nights beautiful. All you have to do is tell them in your own words here and you will receive a 7ml sample of their Advanced Night Repair Serum.

Offers & Voucher Codes.
Debenhams Beauty: This is my favourite bargain of the week. You can get yourself 10% off ALL beauty and fragrance - the offer runs out on Sunday, so get your bargains quick. There is also a separate beauty sale running which you can view here.
Boots: There is currently a great offer where you can buy plenty of items and get the second item half price. It's perfect to stock up on your beauty favourites, especially if you're buying more expensive products. As far as I am aware, when I was in my local Boots and this offer was on you were able to mix and match.
LookFantastic: 10% off all Benefit Beauty. Use discount code BENE10.
The Body Shop: £10 off orders over £25 - use discount code 19804
Enjoy your bargains!
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Dealing With Disappointment.

My reason for writing this post is because we have all been there. We have all been disappointed, let down, hurt and you're left feeling frustrated, upset and a variety of mixed emotions, which quite frankly make us feel down in the dumps. Personally, I find it so easy to feel let down and upset by something which is pretty much out of my control. Yes, "I may have wanted to do that, but for this reason I can't" - so I just have to deal with it. I am of course no expert, this is purely just a little lifestyle post but I just wanted to try and share a few things that help me when I am feeling disappointed.

We have all had our fair share of disappointments - it's part of life. It took me three times and many hours of revising to pass my driving theory test. Then, it took me four practical tests until I finally passed. Each time that I failed I was so upset and frustrated at myself for not doing better - but I really did try my best. I was so close to giving up, I thought I was never going to pass but I'm so grateful I carried on!

Don't beat yourself up.
The most important thing to do is to not blame yourself. It isn't your fault that you didn't get the grade you wanted, the university course or job you wanted. The point is that you tried your best. It's so easy for others to judge you and brag about what they have and you could be left doubting your own ability (which you don't need to by the way). It's so easy to start doubting yourself - What did I do wrong? What have they got that I haven't? The chances are you haven't done anything wrong - it just didn't work out this time. If a situation has left you feeling down, cheer yourself up. Do what you love doing - it doesn't matter what it is. Be selfish for once and focus on you. All that matters to me, is that I try my hardest. If I genuinely feel that I couldn't have done more - then that's it. It's time to accept that and move on.
Everything happens for a reason
This has got to be my all time favourite saying. Everything happens for a reason - you just don't know it yet. Keep telling yourself that and eventually you will work out the reason why it happened. Who knows, maybe you didn't get onto the university course you wanted because you may not have enjoyed it anyway? When you get rejected, there is always something around the corner - you just have to be patient.

Keep Trying.
No matter what your dream is - go for it. It doesn't matter how far away it may seem, everyone has to start somewhere. A quote I read recently was to 'Lower your expectations and you will avoid disappointment'. I cant help but disagree with this one - why should we lower our expectations of ourselves? Surely, that would leave us feeling worse than when we started. Always keep a positive frame of mind and believe that you will get there one day.

Talk about why you're disappointed. Let it out to someone you trust and you should find yourself feeling a lot more relieved and ready to put it behind you and move on. It's so easy to let problems build up in your head and if nobody knows about it, nobody can help you. As the old saying goes - A problem shared is a problem halved.
What's next?
Focus on what you want next. Try and move on from your recent let down - easier said than done I know - and put it behind you. So, it didn't work out this time, so make a list of what you're going to do now. What do you want next? Is there anything you think you need to do? Follow your heart and do what you feel will benefit you. If you feel it will benefit you by taking a break from it all and doing something completely different - then do it. You may find yourself feeling more refreshed. Be honest with yourself and chase what you really want and deserve.
Everything happens for a reason, you've just got to find out why.
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SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defence SPF 50 Review

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SkinCeuticals are a brand that I had never heard of before being lucky enough to win a competition with them on Twitter. I won a 30ml tube of SkinCeuticals' Ultra Facial Defence SPF 50 - High Protection. The product couldn't have been better timed, as it arrived in time for me to take on holiday with me and I was looking forward to giving it a go! I feel I can offer an honest review after testing the SPF product in higher temperatures than my skin is usually used to.

If you're wondering who SkinCeuticals are; let me explain. SkinCeuticals are an American skincare company, found in 1994. The SkinCeuticals company are focused on their mission of improving your skins health. Each product is of such a high quality due to the science and research that has been produced to ensure your skin looks its best. The Ultra Facial Defence is apparently a firm favourite in the celebrity world; used by Christina Hendricks, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katherine Heigl.

The packaging of the product does give it a high end look. Whenever I go on holiday abroad, I always make sure I've got a SPF 50 packed away safely, as my pale skin is so prone to burning and gaining new dark spots and freckles. "Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50 protects skin from the range of UV rays known to cause accelerated skin ageing. Formulated with state-of-the-art UV filters, this high-protection sunscreen helps to prevent+AH69 UV-induced collagen breakdown."  I am pretty obsessive with applying sun cream when I am out and about in the nicer climates as I can't stand to burn and always worry about making sure my moles and freckles are covered too. I re-applied the cream frequently through out the day. The Ultra Facial Defence did exactly what it promised. After seven days of use in a sunny climate, my skin has felt in better condition than it was before use. It kept my skin perfectly protected each day and prevented any freckles and dark spots from becoming more prominent - which is exactly what I look for in a high SPF. Another positive of the cream is that its formula means it moisturises your skin and absorbs in pretty quickly. This then meant that my skin did not have that 'face mask' effect - you know the one where you put too much sun cream on and you're looking like Casper? Or is that just me?!

Now I'm on to the main negative of the product - the price. Price of a product is a huge factor of whether I purchase or not; it's such a shame when you spend your well earned money on a product that just wasn't worth the hype. Now, please make sure you're sitting down as if you fancy this; you need to fork out £30.00. Okay, you may be thinking its not THAT bad - or you may be thinking like me - £30.00 for a 30ml sun cream, as if! For that reason only, I would not repurchase. The product did exactly what it promised to and exceeded my expectations. After being unaware of SkinCeuticals as a brand until recently, I am impressed with the product and am also impressed with the hard work of science research that has been put into creating the cream. The only other negative I have of the SPF is that it did only last me a week. If I was to spend £30.00 on an SPF, I would expect a lot more of the actual product. If you were to go on a longer holiday perhaps or to be travelling frequently, I feel that this isn't going to last you long enough for the price you pay. If you are interested in finding out more about the product you can do so here.


Have you tried any SkinCeuticals products? x


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A Little Update

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As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't posted on my little blog for over two weeks now. I've had a lovely break, I have been on a relaxing holiday with a friend to Menorca and had a few events to attend when I got home too. Is it just me or do all exciting things seem to happen at once?! It's back to reality for me as I head back to work today. I've got a lot of blog posts that I am looking forward to writing and I'm really looking forward to getting back into my blog again. In hindsight, I should have been more organised and scheduled posts for when I was busy, but things don't always go to plan do they?

I have an exciting giveaway coming up to, courtesy of the lovely St Moritz team. Keep a lookout for this giveaway as it also includes a Boots voucher too - perfect! Even more exciting, it's not just one winner, there will be ten lucky winners! I have of course been out spending my money as usual (Duty Free anyone?) so you can expect my usual latest bargain posts. Freebie Friday will be back too (you'll never guess what day that goes live!) I have lots of reviews planned that I need to get working on and get them published!

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