SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defence SPF 50 Review

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SkinCeuticals are a brand that I had never heard of before being lucky enough to win a competition with them on Twitter. I won a 30ml tube of SkinCeuticals' Ultra Facial Defence SPF 50 - High Protection. The product couldn't have been better timed, as it arrived in time for me to take on holiday with me and I was looking forward to giving it a go! I feel I can offer an honest review after testing the SPF product in higher temperatures than my skin is usually used to.

If you're wondering who SkinCeuticals are; let me explain. SkinCeuticals are an American skincare company, found in 1994. The SkinCeuticals company are focused on their mission of improving your skins health. Each product is of such a high quality due to the science and research that has been produced to ensure your skin looks its best. The Ultra Facial Defence is apparently a firm favourite in the celebrity world; used by Christina Hendricks, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katherine Heigl.

The packaging of the product does give it a high end look. Whenever I go on holiday abroad, I always make sure I've got a SPF 50 packed away safely, as my pale skin is so prone to burning and gaining new dark spots and freckles. "Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50 protects skin from the range of UV rays known to cause accelerated skin ageing. Formulated with state-of-the-art UV filters, this high-protection sunscreen helps to prevent+AH69 UV-induced collagen breakdown."  I am pretty obsessive with applying sun cream when I am out and about in the nicer climates as I can't stand to burn and always worry about making sure my moles and freckles are covered too. I re-applied the cream frequently through out the day. The Ultra Facial Defence did exactly what it promised. After seven days of use in a sunny climate, my skin has felt in better condition than it was before use. It kept my skin perfectly protected each day and prevented any freckles and dark spots from becoming more prominent - which is exactly what I look for in a high SPF. Another positive of the cream is that its formula means it moisturises your skin and absorbs in pretty quickly. This then meant that my skin did not have that 'face mask' effect - you know the one where you put too much sun cream on and you're looking like Casper? Or is that just me?!

Now I'm on to the main negative of the product - the price. Price of a product is a huge factor of whether I purchase or not; it's such a shame when you spend your well earned money on a product that just wasn't worth the hype. Now, please make sure you're sitting down as if you fancy this; you need to fork out £30.00. Okay, you may be thinking its not THAT bad - or you may be thinking like me - £30.00 for a 30ml sun cream, as if! For that reason only, I would not repurchase. The product did exactly what it promised to and exceeded my expectations. After being unaware of SkinCeuticals as a brand until recently, I am impressed with the product and am also impressed with the hard work of science research that has been put into creating the cream. The only other negative I have of the SPF is that it did only last me a week. If I was to spend £30.00 on an SPF, I would expect a lot more of the actual product. If you were to go on a longer holiday perhaps or to be travelling frequently, I feel that this isn't going to last you long enough for the price you pay. If you are interested in finding out more about the product you can do so here.


Have you tried any SkinCeuticals products? x


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1 comment

  1. All the way through this review I was like 'ooo this sounds amazing, I really need a high protection sun cream', then I saw the price hahaha. I'm like you and don't think I could fork out £30 for a suncream of that size! I bought some of the Boots Soltan Once sun creams in the summer and they were actually pretty good! A lot cheaper too :)

    Hannah x