'Beauty Things I Suck At' Tag

It's October already! I'm so happy its now Autumn and we'll be coming in to Winter before we know it! There's lots of little things to look forward to; chunky knit jumpers, Halloween, cosy nights in and bonfire night! Of course there's lots more too, but this is definitely my favourite time of year - when the nights get darker sooner and it's the perfect excuse to snuggle up safely in front of the fire! I know it's super early but I'm already planning what presents to get for who and I cannot wait to go Christmas shopping! I'm loving looking through all of the gorgeous gift sets at Boots and I'm definitely considering treating myself to a Beauty Advent Calendar! Today's post is a tag you have probably seen before - Beauty Things I Suck At. I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers posts as we all vary; what one person is brilliant at, the next just cant get it right no matter what! It's a nice little reminder that nobody's perfect and its all about learning what works best for us!

Now, I know this is a popular aspect of beauty and makeup - we've all seen Kim Kardashian's contouring photo! If you're a little bit like me and clueless as to what contouring actually is; it includes using different shades of makeup such as blusher and bronzer on your face to highlight your features. I have never actually tried this but I can't help but feel I'd rather just stick to my usual foundation and a bit of blush!

Lipstick/Lip gloss.
I often see other bloggers posting about their brand new lipstick/lip gloss but I just can't 'get it' myself. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks great on others but I just don't think it suits me! Maybe its because I've never worn it often, I tend to focus on my eye makeup more; but when I wear lipstick I don't feel myself! On the rare occasion that I do wear a lipstick, it annoys me when you have to keep reapplying it after eating and drinking sometimes! As for lip gloss, I can't stand that sticky feeling it gives you on your lips, it makes me want to wipe it off straight away!
Eye shadow.
Now and again I will remember to apply a little bit of eye shadow! The only one I 'trust' is Rimmel's Smokey Quartz and I wear that when I actually remember! I always worry with eye shadow that I'm going to end up looking like I've got myself a black eye thanks to too much shadow!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love nail polish and I'd happily buy every different colour there is if possible! However, when it comes to actually painting my nails I'm so clumsy! I always end up with the polish spreading all over the tips of my fingers rather than just the nail! I love seeing other bloggers nail art too and I wish I had a steady hand to do this! I have tried before and lets just say it didn't go down too well! If you're like me and slightly rubbish with your nails, have a peek at my nail stickers post here - its so much easier, trust me!
I did branch out and treated myself to Real Technique's Starter brush kit - but have I got to grips with it? No I haven't. I have heard so many good things about using brushes to apply makeup and how it can benefit your makeup look, but I just can't be bothered with it! I find it so much easier to put my foundation on with my fingers after using a good primer.
I tag you all to do this post!
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What beauty things do you suck at? x
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  1. I did this post and we almost mirror one another x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I almost NEVER apply eyeshadow, yet I own so much! -___- super fail! Love these posts!

    -Trina ♥

  3. I suck at contouring, too, I end up looking like a clown.


  4. I'm awful at contouring too! I think it's something that's hard to follow online or from a video or photo because everyone has such different shape faces and that really makes a difference in how the contouring is done!

    sundays grace