Nails Inc. Lucky Dip!

Today's post is all about a Nails Inc. bargain that I managed to get my paws on. For one day only, Nails Inc were offering an absolute 'Lucky Dip' bargain on their website - seven full sized nail polishes for just £18.00. Here's the catch; your polishes are chosen completely at random so you have no idea what colours or styles you're going to receive. I found the concept of a lucky dip quite exciting, it reminds me of fairgrounds and childhood memories! I was really hoping I was going to get some gorgeous shades and realistically what was the worst that could happen? If there was a shade I really didn't like I could just pass it on to somebody else! So, I took the plunge and ordered my lucky dip. The total for the seven full size polishes came to £18.00 and the delivery charge then bumped the total up to £21.95. Each polish retails alone for £11.00 so I'm really happy with the Lucky Dip promotion!

Here are the gorgeous shades I received! From L-R: Concrete Effect in Barbican. Battersea. Special Effects 3D Glitter in Hammersmith. Nail Jewellery Sapphire in Royal Acarde. Countess Road. Bristol and Lanesborough Place.

Here are the glitter shades and special effects polishes I received. On the left is Battersea which is a sparkling emerald green glitter polish which you can use on your nails as a full polish. This one is a web exclusive so I'm pleased to have got the chance to try it out. In the middle is Nail Jewellery in shade 'Royal Arcade'. The polish is a sapphire blue colour which is made out of hand cut particles to create the diamond look effect! This polish is versatile, you could wear it alone or use it as a top coat with another colour. On the right is Special Effects in shade Hammersmith which is a teal glitter which gives lots of coverage.

How gorgeous do these colours look? Forgive me if my application is not perfect, this is the first time I have used a nail wheel before! I can't believe how much easier it is to paint these rather than my own nails, I wish mine looked as neat as this! First on the left is Lanesborough Place. This shade is a stunning gold which gives a glossy finish. I think this is going to be a perfect colour to wear over the festive season this year! Second from the left is the Concrete Effect special in Barbican. This is a green shade taken from the 'Stone Tone' collection and gives a bold and rugged finish. I love how this looks in the image above but when I tried it on my nails I didn't quite feel the same way. I felt it looked too chunky and messy. Next up is Bristol, a sophisticated nude colour to match any outfit. On the far right is my personal favourite; Countess Road. I have to admit that when I first saw this bottle I wonder for a second if the mixture had gone gloopy and 'off' but luckily after a shake it settled down. As you can see this is a dark purple shade with glitter effects mixed in. The polish itself applies quite glossy and glittery but then dries to a suede effect. I'm currently wearing this shade at the moment and it's really eye catching!
Have you tried any Nails Inc. polishes? x

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  1. We got all of the same ones!! xx

  2. Oo they're all so pretty! I only have a few in my collection and they're either navy or burgundy, I should add some colour to the collection x

  3. How fun-- I would be nervous about getting random colors but you got really gorgeous colors! I like that they included different finishes as well as colors! I've only tried nails inc once and I didn't care for the color I got, but it sounds like they're quite good quality so I might need to try another one or two out!


  4. These are all gorgeous colours, I need that purple in my life! x

  5. Ah fab lucky dip - I love the concrete one, that'd look fab as an accent nail!
    And that purple is so good for the Christmassy season.
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...