Soap And Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash Review


Oh Soap and Glory, how I love spending ages in Boots deciding which product of yours I should be trying next. I know Sugar Crush is no new release but I've wanted to write a little review on it anyway! I had enjoyed using Sugar Crush Body Scrub for a while and when I finally reached the bottom of the tub, I was straight to Boots with the body wash in mind. I've always been a huge fan of Soap and Glory and I've still got a 500ml tub of Clean On Me from last years Christmas set (!!) to get through too, so there's no excuse for me to not be smelling gorgeous!
The packaging has Soap and Glory's usual eye catching colours and the bottle comes with an easy to use pump, meaning I'm not going to end up pouring out too much and wasting lots (I may have a bad habit of doing this!). Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash retails for £6.50 in Boots. My initial thought was that its slightly pricey for a body wash, but I have been using it for a while now and a little bit goes a long way. The tub is pretty large at 500ml and you only have to use a small amount to cover yourself as the creamy formula lathers up really well. It feels my skin feeling squeaky clean and soft as it includes omega rich veggie oils. The main positive of the product is the scent - its absolutely beautiful! Sugar Crush is a citrus based scent with kiwi water juice which makes it a super refreshing and energising wash. It's perfect for a quick shower in the morning (Then I have trouble getting back out because I just want to stand and smell the citrus!) or you can double it up as a bubble bath for a long pampering session in the bath!
 Now that I've tried the Sugar Crush body wash and the scrub, my next stop is the buttercream! Also, Soap and Glory if for some strange reason you're reading this, I would definitely buy a Sugar Crush body spray/fragrance - yum!

Have you tried Sugar Crush? x


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  1. Hello lovely! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Ive started one myself but have hardly any readers, if you could give it a look when you have a moment I would appreciate it so much! x x

  2. Soap & Glory are incredible for having beautifully scented products! The buttercream is gorgeous - worth a purchase!! Lovely blog! Gave you a follow on bloglovin :)

    Jessy :)

  3. Ooo wanna try this I love a good body scrub!