Why I Love Makeup & Beauty.


Have you noticed my new blog design? I absolutely love it, I think it looks so pretty! A big thanks to Becca for all her help - I'd definitely recommend her if you're looking for a complete new blog design!
Today's post is all about makeup and beauty products and why I love using them. I have been wearing makeup for a good few years now and have learnt so much along the way! The first makeup I ever used to wear was in the first or second year of comprehensive school where I would go all out and have a tiny bit of eyeshadow and nothing else. As the years went by, I soon discovered black liquid eyeliner which was my obsession. Without fail, each day I would have a thick line of black line on my bottom lids (Looking back now, I could have done with a lot less!) I was never that fussed on mascara and would only ever apply a coat or two. As for foundation or blusher, that was non existent until I was around 16.
The main thing I love about makeup is how you can experiment. It's entirely up to you what you want to wear - you call the shots and you wear whatever you feel comfortable in. So what if your friend doesn't like wearing mascara on their bottom lashes, it doesn't mean you have to be the same.  Different products and different brands work differently for everyone so I never feel like I have to follow a particular hype or trend, I just stick to what I am comfortable. I will of course branch out and try popular products, but if I don't feel they were worth the price tag, I'm not going to pretend I like it. I don't believe that makeup is a mask, I feel that it enhances what we've got. It improves my confidence and makes me feel more like 'me' but I am happy enough to have a day without makeup when I'm doing a night shift or just popping to the shop quickly. Some makeup wearers who I know have described applying their makeup as a chore and this is where I disagree - I absolutely love it. I love that time when I'm getting ready and I can set aside 15-20 minutes working on my makeup to make myself feel better and enjoy the me time.
Before I started blogging, I was always into my makeup and beauty products. I have learnt so much more beauty tips that I didn't even knew existed since I have started blogging and reading my favourite blogs. For example, I'd never heard a primer let alone know what I needed it for! Reading beauty blog posts inspires me to try out new looks and products and I love to see what works best for others and what doesn't. Currently I tend to stick to just a few makeup products when I'm getting ready as I don't always have much time in the morning! I start off with Benefit's PoreFessional primer with foundation, blusher, brow pencil, a little bit of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Phew, that looks like quite a lot when you type it out! I love applying my makeup and I'm looking forward to any more beauty tips and products I'm going to pick up!
What do you love about makeup? x
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  1. Great post! :) What I love about makeup - Creating different types of look which show off my identity. Haha I loved reading about how you started off wearing makeup in your school years, my first makeup days were just terrible! lol xx

  2. Is it bad to say that I don't feel 'me' without make-up on? I feel like having shaped and tones eyebrows makes my face more 'me' and i love mascara too much!!
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me

  3. I love experimenting with make up, and feel so much more confident with it on!
    love your blog design!
    luckfashion.blogspot.com xx

  4. Well, I don't wear makeup, but I see that makeup really enhances many features.Lovely post!
    -Zainab x