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It's that time again when I put all my most wanted beauty products together and create my latest wish list! I haven't written a wish list post for a while now and I thought it was the perfect time. I'm on my best behaviour, trying to stop buying more products until I have used up what I have got! Although I can't explain how tempting it is when discount codes and sales come around not to start splashing the cash! So, instead of splashing out straight away, I'm thinking long and hard over whether I actually need it and if I can wait until I'm 100% sure that I want it! Without further ado, here's what I'm lusting after lately. It's a bit of a high end wish list to be honest, which is exactly why it's a wish list!
1) Clarins Vital Light Serum - £51.00
I recently tried a free sample of this serum and I absolutely love it. It's such a soothing serum and it literally left my skin looking glowing. (My skin and glowing are not words you ever hear in the same sentence). It aims to reduce dark circles, smooth fine lines and keeps skin fresh. As it's a Clarins products, I was expecting it to be the maximum of around £30.00, so imagine my shock when I saw Boots sell it for £59.00 and it's only a 30ml tube! Trust me to fall in love with an expensive product! Luckily I found it for slightly cheaper at £51.00, but I'm going to hang on for now as it's so pricey!
2) Prada L'Eau Candy - £30.00
This fragrance is another free magazine sample - they are proving to be dangerous for me! It's a mixture of warmth, brightness and florals. I find it ridiculously difficult to describe a perfume, so in a nutshell it smells beautifully fresh and floral! Seeing as it's Prada, I wasn't expecting it to be cheap, but 30ml is £30.00 which I didn't think was too bad for a designer brand.
3) L'Oreal Souffle D'or Shampoo & Conditioner - £11.00
L'Oreal are back with a new 'professionnel' shampoo and conditioner range - Souffle D'or. It sounds absolutely gorgeous. It's suited for fine to normal hair and includes argan and safflower oils to keep your hair super shiny. The packaging looks gorgeous and the shampoo even includes specks of glitter which won't leave residue in your hair. It sounds really luxurious but at £11.00 for the shampoo and £12.10 for the conditioner, I'm not rushing out to buy it just yet!
4) YSL Rouge per Couture Glossy Lip Stain - £22.50
How amazing is the packaging? I know it's naughty to lust after a product purely because it looks so good, but I am! The lip stain combines the texture and shine of a gloss but will stain the lips like a lipstick. I can imagine this would be pretty long lasting and would give a lovely glossy colour.
5) Bare Minerals Get Started Kit - £49.00
I was really good this week and managed to refrain from splashing out on this kit when Bare Minerals had a 12 hour flash sale. I'm on the hunt for a new foundation which may last longer and this promises to give a perfect complexion. Although I do wonder if it will give me the medium-full coverage that I wish for as it says you won't look as if you're wearing any makeup at all. I can't quite work out how you can have perfect looking skin but not look like you're covered in makeup?! Maybe that's just me! The kit is pretty pricey but includes two foundations, mineral veil, warmth face colour, flawless face brush, concealer brush, primer and a how to DVD.
So there we have it - my latest beauty lusts!
What are you lusting after? x
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  1. Oh my goodness I want all those, especially the Prada perfume. Great post

  2. Bare Minerals is my holy grail foundation, I use concealer underneath then buff the minerals into the skin and you do get a flawless finish, I get lots of compliments on my skin when wearing it :)

    Alice ¦ BeautyByAlicee ¦ YouTube

  3. I also have the bareMinerals get started kit on my wishlist, the YSL lipstain sounds great too!

    Bella x