BHS: Christmas Comes To Life!



 A nice little Christmas post today to celebrate BHS' gorgeous range of Christmas gifts. Every year, as we slowly creep into November, I'm always popping in and out of BHS waiting patiently for the Christmas gifts to arrive. Thankfully, they've finally arrived at store and I could spend hours looking through all the gifts! There's so much to choose from, there is literally something for everyone - there's gifts for the foodies, beauty lovers (you and me), crafts, lingerie and nightwear and there's still plenty more. I adore the craft gift section, it's packed full of gorgeous little decorations and owls - my favourite! My all time favourite section of the BHS gifts has to be the Coca Cola gifts. I love the retro packaging and sadly I can't fill the kitchen with all the equipment as my mum wouldn't be too pleased! I guess I'll hang on until I move out and splash out until then! I'm literally planning to kit out my whole kitchen with the decorations when I have my own place - coasters, napkin and straw dispensers and an ice bucket - sounds like the perfect diner for me!
BHS' brand new advert shows all about the magic that happens when the Christmas gifts are left alone at night! I don't know about you, but part of me still wishes this existed. I always used to wish that when I was asleep at night, all my teddy bears and Barbie dolls would round each other up and have a little picnic in the middle of my bedroom - I promise I don't do it anymore! The advert is super festive and gives you a quick insight into all the gifts that are available! How cute is the little monkey and Mr Owl? It's like Toy Story all over again. You can see the full range of gifts here.
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  1. I love your post!
    love all of their gifts, they always seem to have such great festive treats every year!

  2. BHS have got some fab gifts this year, I actually really like their store currently x
    Beautyqueenuk xx