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After my previous post 'Are you a secret blogger?' received such a great response (thank you!), I thought I would write another blogging themed lifestyle post. Today's post is based on that dreading feeling - Blogger Envy. I guess this post will only be relevant if you are a blogger yourself, but if not it could be a good insight to a potential downside of blogging! I need to make it clear that I can't speak for other bloggers, these are just my opinions. I first started my blog In February this year after following my favourite blogs for a few months. After finally plucking up the courage to start my own blog, I feel like I've come on my own personal little journey with my blog and I really enjoy spending time working on my posts and of course keeping up to date with my fellow bloggers posts.
However, I must admit I have fallen into the nasty trap of blogger envy. It's so easy to look at a 'more successful' blog and to put yourself down. I've had days when I wonder why I even bother when there is so much competition out there - but that is not the point of blogging! It's not about competition, it's about being able to express yourself, make new friends and having your blog exactly the way you want it, it's all yours after all. I know how easy it is to look at another blog and instantly feel those pangs of jealousy. You may ask yourself questions such as - Why can't my design look that good? How do they get their photographs to look so professional? Why don't I look that gorgeous? How can they think of so much to write? - and all these feelings will instantly put a downer on you and your confidence. So, I thought that I would share with you how I feel I have been able to overcome these feelings and to start focusing on bettering my own blog, rather than beating it down with criticism!

The first thing to remember is that this blogger may have been blogging a lot longer than you and I. What is the point in wondering why your posts don't seem as good when that blogger has been posting regularly for a good few years? The blogger will have had more experience and most importantly; time. Time is really important when it comes to working on your blog. Not only do you spend a lot of time preparing and writing your posts, you're also considering other aspects such as photography and promoting your new posts. I think it's really important to realise that within time, your blog will just keep on improving. Slowly, you will learn new skills that will make you feel much more confidence in your blog. I have never done the following myself, but I do believe that a lot of bloggers have done this in their time and it's such a good idea. Contact the blogger that your are feeling envious of! Maybe send them a little tweet to say how much you enjoy their blog or send them a nice email asking if they have any tips on making your blog more successful and what has worked well for them. You may well find that they will be more than happy to help you and you'll both be feeling better too.

I also think it's important to remember that every single person on earth will doubt themselves. That means that your favourite blogger will have their own doubts, worries and concerns whether this be about their personal life or their blog. It's so easy to get caught up in damaging thoughts on other peoples lives such as wishing for their looks, lifestyle, jobs etc. It's not good for us to do this as it makes us forget what we have that is important and also remember that nobody is perfect. They may seem to have the perfect life but that doesn't mean they may not be battling their own personal struggles, so it's important to stop basing your expectations on how you see someone only showing the positives of their lives. Focus on improving your blog. Keep posting as often as you want, make new blogging friends and don't give up!

I'd love to know if you ever have feelings of  'Blogger Envy' x

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  1. Hi,
    I know exactly where you're coming from with this post, being quite a newish blogger I feel this on quite a frequent basis, but it helps me make my blog better by encouraging me to put more work into my posts and the image of my blog. It does put you down for a bit but you learn to get through it :)
    Pheobe from x

  2. Great post, I think everyone gets envious at some point with blogging, we all want to be successful! It's best to just stay focused on improving you blog instead of trying to match up to others!

    x x


  3. Fab post and it is all too easy to get blogger envy, I do sometimes as well and then I have to remember that I can only be myself x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. This is a great post, we are all the same and will all get there one day (fingers crossed)

    Alice ¦ BeautyByAlicee ¦ YouTube

  5. I loved this post so much! I've been feeling exactly like this just recently - more a general 'why am i bothering' feeling rather than blogger envy but i guess it all stems from seeing more 'successful' 'bigger' blogs and wondering if you'll ever get there. I actually find i feel it more now than i did when i first started! It's nice to know it's not just me who feels this way and i find it really refreshing to realise every other blogger goes through these little stages - Thankyou <3 :) xx

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    2. I really agree with you on this Bethany, I always wondered why I bothered, but now I've had a little break (laptop has broken) it's made me realise how much I miss my little space on the internet! hopefully I'll be able too start blogging again if Santa bring me the present I'm wanting! ;)

      lovely post Alex, I'll be spending tonight reading through you blog hun, you've gained a new reader, love your writing xx


  6. So true! I couldn't have put it in better words. I have been in hangover for months now. Any time I open it up I go like " nah, it won't be good enough!" or "others have better products to talk about" and none of it is getting me anywhere.

  7. Such a helpful post. Loving your little blogging series, would love to see tips in general next on your blogging experience so far :-) x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  8. I get this a lot - I've been blogging a long time and I've haven't become as successful who've been blogging a year. Its hard not to feel disheartened!

    Great post!

  9. Hi!

    You sent me on over your blog tonight via #lboggers on Twitter.
    Great post, I think considering you only started Feb, then you've got nothing to worry about - it looks like you've been doing it for years!

    Good points, and I specifically love how you encourage people to send them an email asking them for advice. I think it's important for people to realize that success can be learnt, it's a blue print, and those whom we think are more successful than us, are really our teachers.

    Look forward to reading more!

  10. Such an interesting post and so relevant to all the bloggers out there. I think it is so easy to fall into the blogger envy trap but you are right, your blog is exactly that, your blog and it should be just as you want it to be. I've been blogging for a little under a year and I'm still learning and my followers are at a tiny number but I don't care, it's always been about having a creative outlet for myself and also a bit of a diary for projects and life and as long as I am true to that ideal then I'm happy!

    Lovely and thought provoking post!
    Becs x

  11. Great post, think you have some really good points! Blogging can be hard when you have blogger envy i think everyones a victim of it! x

  12. I thought this post was really honest and relatable and it kind of levels all of us bloggers every once in a while when we read this kind of stuff and realise we're not alone in being a little.. envious of others.

  13. I think you're spot on with the "blog envy". Very honest post and I agree 100%. Thank you for sharing!