Look Magazine: Interactive Issue.

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I'm a huge fan of magazines. Just the other day I saw a market stall filled with magazines and books and I quite happily could have bought the lot and get stuck in. It can easily add up though and I know I probably spend too much on magazines each month, but at least I enjoy it! This week fashion magazine LOOK have launched their first fully interactive issue using the Blippar app. Look is usually priced at £1.80 per week but is a special price of just 99p until the new issue is released on Tuesday 5th November. All you need to do is purchase Look magazine and download the free Blippar app on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone. The Blippar app is super easy to use and this was the first time I'd used it. All you have to is to hold your smartphone over the page that you want to 'blipp' and it will automatically connect you to the directed link.

"The magazine is offering readers three ways to shop – ‘Blipp to buy’ from the print version, ‘Tap to buy’ from the digital version and via the websites online pop up shop. Each section of the magazine from catwalk, main fashion, celebrities wearing high street fashion to beauty; readers will be able to directly buy products from the pages of the magazine. Any page that has a Blippar ‘B’ logo will come to life and all the products on the page will be available to purchase via the Blippar app and will also feature behind the scenes videos of the fashion shoots."
I love how many extras you get with the magazine due to it being an interactive issue. Not only do you get the issue
itself where I personally find it easier to read the articles and see the fashion images, you can then log on to your Blippar account and get even more goodies. An example of this is the 'Hot Hair' looks page which I have shown above. There are instructions to follow but if you find it easer to visualise it, you can blipp it and watch the videos instead! You can also be a cover star too by hovering the app over the cover and taking a photo of yourself - Kate Moss can move over!
Ali Hall, LOOK editor says: “The LOOK team are incredibly excited about our first interactive shoppable issue. Combining traditional print with new technology, readers can shop, share and watch like never before via their smartphone or tablet. With greater engagement and shareable content, we are meeting the demands of the tech savvy shopper and we can’t wait to see the results!”
You can download the issue straight to your device using the link here or pick up your issue in store for the discounted price of 99p.
What do you think of 'Digital Editions' of magazines? x
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