Lush 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel


Up until now I have been a Lush virgin. I have had a sneaky peek in their store once but that was it! Since blogging though I have seen posts about Lush pop up time and time again and I've been left feeling curious to try the products out for myself. The products don't come cheap as everything is handmade by the Lush team themselves and the ingredients are only bought from those against animal testing. I think the price was what was putting me off at first but now I do understand that you are paying for top quality products with a lot of care going into them! 
I literally think I have a problem with shower gels and body washes. I love buying them and am in a terrible habit of stocking up before I've even finished my last two bottles! So you can imagine my eyes lighting up when I read about Lush's Snow Fairy Limited Edition shower gel. I'm getting excited for Christmas and Snow Fairy only rears its pretty head at this time of year - so I thought I'd try it out now while I have the chance! The scent of the shower gel is divine - it's a super sweet smell of pear drops, bubble gum and candyfloss it's all in my favourite colour - pink with added glitter and sparkles! With the scent, I think you'd either love it or hate it, it's pretty distinctive. If you haven't guessed by now - I love it! The gel itself is a creamy formula and you don't need to use a lot and it feels moisturising on my skin. I love that even after showering, the scent of Snow Fairy lingers on your skin. I had a quick shower before going to bed and after using Snow Fairy, I was all cuddled up in my dressing gown (It's a Disney Dalmatian one if you're interested) and all I could smell was the lovely scent of pear drops and candyfloss!               
 The only bad thing I can say about the product is that if you fancy getting yourself the largest bottle, it is going to set you back £10.95 for a 500g bottle.  If you fancy getting yourself the smallest bottle to try, you can pay £3.50 for 100g and then there's £6.85 for 250g. I was naughty and bought myself the 500g bottle as I had heard such rave reviews about the product; I had a good feeling I was going to like it! If there's no Lush store near you, you can order online and add an extra £3.95 for delivery. I always have a little moan about paying for delivery - I really appreciate it when companies offer free delivery. However I placed my order around 8pm on Sunday night and it was in my hands by Tuesday morning, I thought that was great service.  You can find Snow Fairy here.
Are you a Lush fan? x

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  1. I love snow fairy, its my favourite smell and i always stock up at christmas x

  2. If you are going to place an order online with lush it is worth looking in their Retro section as these items are only available online and if you're paying the delivery free you might as well see if anything else takes your fancy. They have a retro shower gel called Glogg that smells like cola bottle but warm and a bit spicy too ;)

    1. Sorry that should say "delivery fee" the screen on my phone is too small!

  3. I love Snow Fairy, I'm waiting for the Christmas Sale though to get it half price! My last bottle lasted about 6 months so I'm going to stock up on a couple of the big ones to see me through the year! My boyfriend also loves a bit of Snow Fairy! xx

  4. This is my sisters favourite from Lush. I shall no doubt be buying for her this Christmas. My favourite is the Happy Hippy, it is a fresh citrus fragrance. I recommend it :)
    Jade x

  5. I'm in love with this shower gel! The smell is so divine and sweet, and there is nothing better than when you use it in the shower and that smell! Mmmm! Great post :)

    Rosie xxx

  6. I got this last year after hearing so many people rave about it. It was FAR too sweet for me, I used to get out the shower with a migraine because of how sweet it was. Really disappointed me as I desperately wanted to love it.

    Juyey xx

  7. Sounds like this smells amazing! I really need to visit Lush a bit more. I'll definitely be checking out this product.

  8. This is my favourite pieces of the Lush christmas collection! So glad its back!