Pearlys 'Weekly Teeth Whitening Powder' & 'Daily Rinse' Review.


Before I start rambling on about the product, let me apologise for the quality of the photos, they're not the best I know! Apologies aside, let's get on the product review. A while ago now I received two products from a new teeth whitening company - Pearlys (Not to be confused with Pearl Drops!). The products I received were the 'Weekly Teeth Whitening Powder'* and 'Daily Teeth Whitening Rinse'*. Over the last 8 years Pearlys has grown to be the biggest provider of in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening. Pearlys have a rather famous fanbase with celebrities including Pixie Lott, JLS and TOWIE stars. I must admit the packaging doesn't exactly blow me away and I'm a sucker for a gorgeously packaged product! As you can see the products are simply packaged in a dark navy shade and aren't particularly eye catching. "Pearlys are really excited to introduce their fantastic new range of at-home whitening and maintenance products. Their product range is designed especially to be used at home to freshen, whiten and brighten, and it's the perfect way to help maintain your Pearlys smile if you've had a treatment, or to take your first steps towards a brighter smile!" Before I talk about the two products, I should perhaps talk a little about my gnashers. I always make sure I look after my teeth after wearing braces for around 3 years, I certainly don't fancy going back to that! I wouldn't say that my teeth are stained but they aren't exactly up to Simon Cowell's standard either they're somewhat of a happy medium!

First up is the weekly teeth whitening powder which acts as an exfoliant. If you hadn't already guessed by the title, this powder is to be used once or twice a week. The aim of the powder is to remove the build up of staining and placque from the surface of your teeth. I must be honest and admit when I first saw this I panicked slightly and thought it was going to leave me feeling a bit nauseous! (I'm a bit weird when it comes to toothpastes). Luckily though this wasn't the case at all! It's super simple to use, you just use it as a substitute to your everyday toothpaste. The pale blue powder brushes on easily and is comfortable to use. It doesn't feel any different to using a normal toothpaste as the powder does foam up well and it is a pleasant product to use. I feel that this gives me an instant brightening boost, leaves my mouth feeling very clean and overtime I do feel it has slightly improved the whiteness of my teeth. The image below of my teeth is my result after using the powder a handful of times, I think they are looking pretty white!  
Next up is the Daily Rinse which acts as a teeth whitening mouthwash. Out of the two products, this was by far my favourite to use. I know that mouthwash is nothing too exciting for you to be reading about, but bare with me as this one does a pretty good job! I am fussy when it comes to using mouthwashes, I can't stand anything that tastes too strong and will usually make me feel nauseous! The Daily Rinse thankfully doesn't really taste of anything at all. This is to be used twice a day after your regular brushing and flossing routine to get rid of bad breath and to keep teeth looking as bright and white as possible. This promises to give you the breath of an angel - ok I know it's cheesy but it is true! It leaves my mouth feeling ridiculously clean and it's now a firm favourite in my routine!
Luckily the products are affordable. I am impressed with the results that Pearlys gave and if I could change one thing it would be the packaging! The Daily Teeth Whitening Powder can be bought here for £9.35 and you can buy Daily Rinse for £8.95 here. I do know this seems pricey for a mouthwash but it is definitely worth it if you fancy treating yourself and your teeth!
Do you use any teeth whitening products? x
*PR Samples.

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  1. You have a really good routine darling ;)
    Visit my blog if you have time, I've published a new outfit post and I'll be happy to read your opinion!

  2. I use Stella white strips every time I need to brighten my teeth a bit, they work great and I think strips are so much easier to use than powder or bleaching trays. :)