St Ives 'Daily Microdermabrasion' Facial Scrub


Here I am again, introducing you to my favourite new skincare product - St Ives Timeless Skin 'Daily Microdermabrasion' Facial Scrub - phew, what a mouthful! I've been on a mission lately to improve my skincare routine and this scrub has definitely helped me along the way. I hate that feeling I get when I notice my skin is looking dull and drab and it's definitely seen better days. I have to be honest and admit I'm always suspicious of exfoliators claims. Many claim to leave our skin positively glowing and gorgeously healthy, where as I can't say I've ever noticed this - until now!  As I mentioned, I was on the lookout for new and affordable products to help keep my skin in good condition as I know how important it is to have a good routine. So, I gave myself the excuse to go to Asda as the beauty products are usually cheaper in there than stores such as Boots and I treated myself to a few goodies. I picked up this St Ives scrub and also bought a Clearasil SuperFruits daily scrub and cleansing pads too. PS Please excuse the poor quality of the photo! I wrote this post on a whim tonight and it's ridiculously dark, so I will get a clearer one up soon!
 Moving on to the scrub itself and how it works as a product! I was first impressed by the 'Daily Microdermabrasion' which caught my eye and gave me the impression of a high end product! The term 'microdermabrasion' reminded me of an expensive skin treatment and seeing as the scrub retails for just £4.99, I thought it was worth a try! The facial scrub is part of the 'Timeless Skin' range which aims to maintain a youthful appearance (I don't exactly need help in that area though, I look young enough as it is!). Daily Microdermabrasion is enriched with chamomile, Vitamin E and fine mineral crystals for 100% natural exfoliation. The scrub itself is super easy to use with simple instructions for use. All you need to do is splash your face with water, use a tiny amount of the product, lather it up and rinse off - simple! The formula itself feels like a cross between a gel wash and foam but it lathers up really well, meaning there's plenty of use in one tube. I haven't noticed a scent and it feels luxurious on the skin - it's certainly not a harsh exfoliant and I can feel it moisturising my skin too.
So, the most important part of any review - does it do what it promises? My answer to that is a big fat 'yes!'. I have been using the product at least four-five times a week for the past 3-4 weeks and have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. Without makeup, my skin looks much more clearer and brighter and less dull and drab - which is exactly what I wanted! I'm also really pleased that this product is so affordable. The scrub retails at £4.99 for a 125ml tube, which I feel is good value as I explained you only have to use the smallest amount each time. I was fancying treating myself to a high end skincare product and I'm so glad I chose this instead, I will definitely be repurchasing!
What's your favourite exfoliator? x
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  1. This sounds really promising. I'll have to keep an eye out for it! xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. I would love to try this, I'm a huge fan of the St Ives apricot scrub so this sounds awesome! xo

    1. If you like the apricot scrub I'd imagine you'll love this! x

  3. I absolutely love this, it is so gentle yet does the job perfectly, definitely a skincare fave of mine. Great post :).

    Alice xxx

  4. I love St Ives scrubs! I don't often physically exfoliate my face because I love liquid exfoliants, but if I ever fancied a deep scrub I'd definitely reach for this! xx

  5. My favourite is the st Ives apricot scrub so would love to try this too, I've heard so many things about chemical exfoliators I'd like to give them a whirl.