Ted Baker Wash Bag & Cosmetic Case Dupes

For today's post it's just a quick one about a cosmetic case that I stumbled upon whilst spending an evening browsing stores online as usual. I love having a look through George at Asda's website as you can usually find a really great bargain, but you have to be quick as things sell out so quickly due to the great price! First of all I found this cerise pink cosmetic case and I instantly thought it was a brilliant dupe of the Ted Baker cosmetic cases - and a massive difference in price too! Now I do know that they are not exactly the same - Asda's have black 3D flowers and Ted's has the classic bow and signature, but I do still think it's a pretty good dupe! Asda's retails for a bargain at just £4.00 where as Ted Baker's will set you back around £25.00 (prices seem to vary on different sites!).
The second dupe that I found is the black flower toiletry bag which also reminded me of Ted Baker's gorgeous wash bags! Asda's will cost you just £5.00 where as Ted Baker's average price of a wash bag is around £25.00. Again, I know they're not an absolute dupe when you compare the pastel embellished flowers to the bow but I do think they are a really good bargain for the price you're paying! As the prices are so cheap, I thought they'd make a perfect Christmas gift if you're on a budget! They certainly don't look cheap or tatty and I'd be super happy to receive one as a present!
Beautysets - Ted Baker dupe

Cerise Pink Flower Cosmetic Case - £4.00
Black Flower Toiletry Bag - £5.00
Do you think they're a pretty good dupe or do you prefer the 'real thing'? x


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  1. Those are cute! I've been eyeing the ted baker mini ipad case with the bow! The colors of the dupes are definitely similar!

    sundays grace blog

  2. I love the look of the ted baker ones but the dupes are just as nice and cheaper! May have to pick this one up xx


  3. Ooh the Asda ones look lovely. I've wanted a Ted Baker bag for ages but those Asda ones look so pretty.


  4. Oooh you found some great dupes! I've always wanted one of the Ted Baker bags, but I haven't been able to part with so much money for one! These are perfect xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  5. Ooh thanks for sharing this ! I love the ted baker designs but they're so expensive .. These are a right bargain! X