Area H20 Healthy Hair Challenge

I first found out about the AreaH20 challenge* on Twitter. AreaH20 were looking for bloggers to participate in a challenge, test out their new products for 14 days and report back the results - simple! Before this, I hadn't heard of AreaH20 as a brand before and once I'd read up a little information of their background, I knew it was a challenge that I wanted to get involved in. (Thank you to Immediate PR!) This is also my first ever 'selfie' that I've popped onto my blog and lets just say it scares me. If you're reading it and its still there then I've done very well! The picture is part of the challenge to show the results of the products. Please excuse those annoying gaps between the photos, I don't know to fix that!

If you're wondering what on earth I am babbling on about, allow me to explain. AreaH20 have come with a brilliant concept for their new brand of shampoos and conditioners. Where you live in the UK can have a direct impact on the condition of your hair due to the use of hard water or soft water. Now, I vaguely remember learning about hard and soft water in school years ago and I couldn't have cared less, but considering they're offering to make my hair stronger and shinier, my ears pricked up! The different types of water can affect your hair in different ways, so the shampoos and conditioners have been designed specifically for your areas water type. All I had to do was have a little look on a map of the UK to find out which water type I was using. For reference, mine was a soft water. The duos of shampoo and conditioners are available for hard, medium and soft water meaning that you're getting exactly what's right for you.


"Metal ions, present in all types of water, react with shampoo to form mineral deposits that cling to your hair. AreaH20 shampoo is designed to act as a magnet, attracting mineral ions and allowing you to wash them away far more easily. This means your hair will feel noticeably cleaner, smoother, shinier and less flyway."
Before I even began using the products, I admit I was apprehensive. I'm always slightly frightened (sounds silly doesn't it?!) of using new shampoos as I cant stand using a shampoo that doesn't agree with my hair. My hair is getting quite long now and does take a while to wash and blow dry, so I do get annoyed when I try out a new shampoo and it makes me look like I didn't even bother to wash my hair! Thankfully, this wasn't the case here and that's my honest opinion. The shampoo is a clear formula and I was glad I read up a little information before using it. When you first use the shampoo, it makes your hair feel quite tangled. I'm so glad I read the information before though, as I would have stopped using it straight away! The tangled feeling is all part of the science of the shampoo and is nothing to worry about. In a nutshell, it means you don't get the usual Herbal essences advert moment (You know the one?!) where you hair will feel super foamy and squeaky clean, but it doesn't matter. I did also have my doubts about the conditioner as I am so fussy with what conditioners I use on the ends of my hair as I torture it with so much heat (sorry hair!) So, let's get to the most important bit - did it work for me? A big massive yes from me, I am really impressed. After 14 days of use, I can honestly say that the condition of my hair has improved. I can notice this mainly by the fact that my hair is much cleaner and I'm now able to go the next day without washing my hair which usually never happens! My mum also commented just yesterday that my hair is looking thicker than normal, so there's another bonus! The conditioner works well on my hair leaving the ends soft and smooth. AreaH20 get a big thumbs up from me and I would definitely recommend it to you!

The shampoos and conditioners retail for around £9.95 each or you can buy a duo pack for £17.50. You can purchase with free delivery from Look Fantastic here and AreaH20 is also currently sold in Debenhams, Oxford Street.
*PR Samples.
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  1. I love the sound of this. I grew up in a soft water area and now having moved to London with hard water, the difference is really noticeable x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Ah this is a really great idea. I think I'll have to try this out too!
    Emma's Treasures
    Emma xo

  3. This sounds great, I live in Dorset and we have very hard water, so I may have to order some and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the great review!! :)

    Georgie xx

    The Blonde Galaxy

  4. I too am a little apprehensive when using new shampoos and things in case they don't work but they both sound really lovely! My hair is so dry and awful at the moment, I really need something to sort it out like this.

    Kathryn x

  5. Oh wow, these sound amazing I'd love to try them out I live in a really hard water area in london and can tell the difference completely when I'm by the sea and the water is soft! Strange really but an amazing concept!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  6. The name alone makes me want to purchase this, its so good to see a company recognising different water areas!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers