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Can you believe it's just eight days until Christmas?! I'm getting so excited and can't wait to get stuck into my Christmas dinner (Trust me to get excited about the food!) I've practically finished all my shopping now, just got some wrapping to finish and I'm all done. For today's post, I thought I would write about Company magazine. Now, you may well be a regular reader of Company, but I have never even picked it up until last month's issue! I usually stick to the magazines that I know such as Glamour and Cosmopolitan. They always say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and that's what I did with Company magazine. Don't get me wrong I do love buying new clothes but I assumed that Company would just be filled with pages of fashion that I can't afford  which quite frankly would just bore me! I decided to pick up the magazine for the first time with last months issue. What attracted me? It was a beauty special! I soon found that I really enjoyed the magazine and was surprised at the amount of good quality articles that were available and it simply wasn't just loads of pictures of models!
After enjoying the beauty issue, I was ready and waiting to pick up the 'Social Special' issue - all about vlogging, youtube and blogging! It sounded right up my street so I picked it up. The issue also comes with a duo of nail varnishes. You can choose from two duos, I chose the mint green and dark red (I'm afraid I'm pretty I'm rubbish at describing nail colours!) Being the beauty blogger I am, I put my nail wheels to good use to showcase the pretty colours I had for free! I've currently got the mint green shade on my nails and it's a gorgeously bright colour which really stands out. I did have to apply a good few layers to get to the right consistency that I wanted - usually I only ever just apply one layer! As I mentioned, the issue is based on social media and there are plenty of interviews with top vloggers who share their tips and tricks to success. I found this a great read and I find it so interesting to see where the vloggers came from and how long they have been vlogging etc. I enjoyed reading Zoella's interview, I usually only tend to read her blog but lately I have been enjoying her Vlogmas videos and can't help but feel that she has had such amazing success! Other articles include using social media to bag your dream job, improving your online prescence and one readers journey of social media. Love for love on Bebo anyone? x
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  1. I loved this issue and I also got the mint green and red nail varnishes which I'm going to test out tonight :) xo

  2. Love the nail polishes. They are pretty colours, especially the mint green! :)

    Love From Twinkle