How To Save Money On Beauty Products

I have decided that one of my New Years Resolutions is to stop wasting money on beauty products that I end up not liking and not using. By this I don't mean to stop buying pretty little makeup items and nail polishes because that's not going to happen. You have to treat yourself sometimes don't you?  I'm obviously no expert in saving (You need Martins Money Tips for that) but with this in mind, I thought I would put together a post on tips that I find useful when buying beauty products. The gorgeous image below is taken from We Heart It - I promise my New Years Resolutions is to improve my blog photos!

My biggest tip is to use discount codes when it comes to buying anything online, not just beauty products. It may seem common sense to some of us and some of us may never bother looking for discount codes at all but I think its the easiest way to save extra money. If there's a certain product you're after and it's slightly out of your price range, then look out for a discount code. Use websites such as My Voucher Codes and VoucherCloud who keep you updated with the latest discounts. You'll usually be able to find a discount of 10-20% off. I'd also recommend signing up to your favourite stores newsletters. They'll send you regular emails with their latest offers such as free delivery. Don't forget to always check other websites first to see if the product you're after is already selling cheaper elsewhere.

 There a good few hidden gems out there which some may not realise when shopping for their makeup. Stores on the high street such as Poundland, Home Bargains, Savers and the supermarket Asda. Poundland is my first stop, there have been great beauty buys in there lately such as OPI, Rimmel, Calvin Klein and Stila just to name a good few! Always be careful that the products seem good to use (I have seen a few gloopy nail varnishes which I steered clear of) and you're good to go. I always get my tan from Home Bargains for just £2.99 - I'm so glad I converted from St Tropez to St Moriz! When it comes to online shopping, look out for discounted websites such as Fragrance Direct. They sell a load of goodies such as Essie polishes for just £1.99 and there's loads of popular brands such as Maybelline, Rimmel, Burts Bees and Too Faced. I do sometimes look out for beauty bargains on ebay but I know some people are wary of these being counterfeit. Due to this, I only tend to buy from smaller sellers who are just selling a few bits and bobs rather than a seller who has hundreds and hundreds of lipsticks for sale.

This is my main new years resolution - to think about what I am buying and why I'm buying it. Do I need yet another mascara? No of course not, but am I going to buy it anyway? There's a highly likely chance that I am! If there's a certain product you have seen advertised and think it looks great, before jumping straight in there and buying it have a quick research online. There will be plenty of reviews available to read to help you reach a final decision. It may stop you from being left disappointed from buying something in a shade that doesn't suit you for example.
Another great way to save on beauty products is to try them out for free first. I always use my trusty site Magic Freebies. Updated six days a week, it's packed full of free samples that you can get your hands on. You will also find free samples in your favourite magazines and of course I cant forget the popular freebies that magazines occasionally treat ourself to. Throughout this year, I have managed to get free products from top brands such as Eyeko, Nails Inc, Benefit, Orly all from magazines. Here's hoping 2014 will bring lots more freebies! You can also keep up to date with websites such as Latest Free Stuff. I also enter competitions when I get the chance as this is a great opportunity to try out new products. If you're strapped for time, look out for 'bigger' competitions such as Fabulous magazine occasionally give out 3,000 mascaras so your chances of winning are much higher.

Let's face it - there's a high chance we are going to treat our selves to some beauty goodies regardless of whether we need it or not. So the best way is to earn some money back when you're treating yourself. I'm sure you'll have heard of Boots Advantage Cards (collecting 4 points per £1 you spend), which is great for having money back in return for buying your favourite products. I love finding I have points to spend - it's something for nothing and who doesn't love that?! Superdrug also have a beauty card available, as well as Debenhams who offer free delivery as a perk of becoming a member. Another handy earner I have recently joined up to is Quidco. It's free to earn and you basically earn cashback when you're shopping online. It is easy to use, you just have to go to Quidco, check which sites you are using and whether they offer cash back and then access the site through there. They then track your order and you will receive a small amount of cashback. It seems a pretty lengthy process as it takes months for the payment to come through. Also I find it hard to remember to actually track the purchase through Quidco first which means I miss it altogether.

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  1. I love this post. Really helpful. Luckily I'm not an impulse beauty buyer yet... as I've only just got into my beauty, but I think I could really become one!!

    Daisy x

    1. Thank you! Haha I wasn't until I started reading blogs!! x

  2. what a gorgeous blog im so glad you sent me your link! Im following you now on gfc, twitter, instagram and bloglovin :D hope you will follow me back hun!

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // My latest post ( What I got for Christmas (inc OOTD, FOTD, NOTD & Pressies!) // Vote for me in the #UKBA14

  3. Such a good post! Very useful! My blog is actually about the cheaper side of beauty! Check it out if yours interested:) x

    Naomi x

  4. Great post and super helpful! I completely agree regarding the note about forgetting to look for discount codes, i'm the worlds worst for it; definitely going to have to try and hunt a few down and try and save a few pennies!