It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!


There's just two more sleeps left until Santa is squeezing himself down the chimney and leaving pretty little presents for us! Even though it's so close, I still don't feel as Christmassy as I normally would by now! So, to get myself into the festive spirit I thought I'd write a Christmas post about my yearly traditions! How gorgeous is the above photo of Mickey and Minnie at Christmas? I'm so excited for my holiday in Florida in May, I've just paid it off and now need to really start saving my money! I am hoping to get some pictures taken on Christmas Day and put together a post of my day! I'm also looking forward to having a good old nose at everyone else's Christmas and what goodies they received. I'm also thinking of writing a post of what I gave for Christmas as I cant wait to see everyone have their gifts that I bought them. With just two sleeps until the big day, luckily I'm all sorted! I've got all my presents wrapped and ready to go and now I just wait! I love that my family all have time off work for Christmas and we can enjoy the time together. I'm currently enjoying watching Zoella's Vlogmas videos to get myself into the mood.
A Christmas Eve tradition in my house is that we always have a little buffet - well I say little, there's usually enough to feed the 10,000! Usually there's a film on in the background like the Chronicles Of Narnia or the soaps. Another Christmas Eve tradition is that we each open a small present before going to bed. I still live at home, my sister has just moved out so it's my first Christmas in 20 years waking up without her - that will seem quite strange! I always have a stocking on Christmas morning from my mum, usually filled with little treats such as chocolate and a nail varnish and a yearly tradition is a magazine in the stocking. This year I know I'm getting Cosmopolitan as I asked for a subscription as a gift. Christmas breakfast is usually a Bucks Fizz and bacon rolls whilst opening presents. My cat will also be getting himself lost in the wrapping paper and carrier bags for some strange reason! Don't worry he'll be getting a present too! All the family have Christmas lunch together each year and it's always delicious. I usually spend the evening watching the Christmas specials and soaps on TV in my pyjamas and eating lots of treats and having a little look through my presents! On Boxing Day, I visit my Dad and we share presents all over again! After all the celebrations are over, I've then got my 21st birthday to look forward to, just a week after Christmas! Enough of my rambling, have a great Christmas! If you have any Christmassy posts, feel free to leave me the link so I can have a nose!
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  1. That photo is so cute! I can't wait for Christmas - I'm so excited :)
    Elise -

  2. That is a cute Mickey and Minnie picture... I don't feel all that Christmassy either x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Gorgeous post! We have the exact same tradition on Christmas Eve with the buffet- so much lovely food, ahah! Merry Christmas Lovely!xx

    Celine from Vintage Teapot