My Top Pick of Christmas Advent Competitions.

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I love entering competitions, I'm definitely a competition geek! Lately, I have been so busy that I just haven't had the time to fit it in as it is quite time consuming! I wrote a post a while back including tips on how to get lucky when it comes to entering competitions which you may want a quick read of before you get stuck in! You can read the post here. When I do get the spare time and I'm not blogging or reading blogs, I love fitting in a few competitions here and there; there's so many to choose from though! A 'compers' (a term for a fanatic completion lover!) favourite  time of year will always be Christmas. That's because at Christmas, loads more competitions come crawling from the woodworks as it's the advent season. More and more companies seem to have jumped on the Advent competition bandwagon over the past few years, meaning the perfect chance for us to win even more! I particularly love entering at this time of year in the hope of winning extra presents I can give out for Christmas (or keep for myself of course!). Of course, there's no guarantee so I always get my gifts bought ready and anything that I may be lucky enough to win can be gifted on! It's a great way to save money. So without further ado, have a little look at these Advent Competitions. I think the easiest way is to simply link you straight to the competitions, so you don't have to spend ages searching for the actual competition page! As you can imagine, I may be here all day posting all the competitions out there so I've just picked out the best beauty and fashion ones!
(Hover over the baubles)
I hope you enjoyed my slightly different post today! Get yourself entering, it won't take too long and it will be worth it if you win! x
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