November Round Up

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Taking Milo to the vets. Santa Claus. Fireworks. Christmas Lights. Snow Fairy. Ice Cream Sundae. Night out selfie. Kirstie Allsopp stationery. Me and my boy.
Well, well, well! Can you believe it's December already? I've just got a little post planned for today as I can't think of an awful lot to say! The Christmas tree and decorations are up and my present pile is stocking up! I love how I've managed to wrap all of my presents in Disney Princess wrapping paper (even for the men!) All in all, November has been a pretty good month for me! My highlight of the month was being successful in getting a new job. It still hasn't quite sunk in! I currently work in the mental health field and have now got a job working as a support worker in a psychiatric hospital and I'm so happy. I'm also really pleased that I managed to reach 400 followers on Bloglovin - which was my goal and I've reached it!  I'm thinking of running a giveaway to say thanks, it's just a matter of picking the perfect prize! I've got plenty of blog post ideas running around in my head - now it's just the matter of finding the time to write them all and get them published! I'm trying to cut down on my spending and so far I think I'm doing pretty well - I've managed to resist all the Black Friday deals and offers! Hope you have a lovely December and enjoy your Christmas!
How was November for you? x



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