Vivienne Westwood 'Cheeky Alice' Fragrance


Today's post is about my new favourite perfume. Now I put my hands up and admit that each time I try and buy a new fragrance, it's 'The One' and I wont be swapping it at all, oh no - until the next one comes along that is! However I think I may have just found the perfect contender of all time - Vivienne Westwood's Cheeky Alice. A couple of weeks ago a really exciting email popped into my inbox asking if I wanted to review a Vivienne Westwood perfume. Being a perfume and beauty lover, I wasn't going to turn the opportunity down and I'm really grateful. I was given the choice of 'Mon Boudoir' or 'Cheeky Alice' and as you can see, I went for the latter. Cheeky Alice arrived packaged beautifully in a Harvey Nichols white bag, with the perfume buried deep inside. You'll have to excuse me for not getting a photo of the Harvey Nichols packaging, in my excitement I had ripped it open like a child on Christmas Day! As you can see, Cheeky Alice comes presented beautifully. I love the high end outer packing with its coral and gold colouring. The glass bottle is described as looking like 'the flask of a magic potion' (Think Alice in Wonderland, perhaps?) and has a sweet red attachable bracelet wrapped around the lid. You can either remove the bracelet and wear on your wrists, or do as I have done and simply leave it on the bottle itself as I feel it brings more attention to the bottle.
 Packaging aside, it's time to get to the nitty gritty. Nobody wants to read a fragrance review with no details on the actual scent do they?! It's no secret that I find it difficult to describe how a perfume smells so I'm going to do a quick cheat and tell you what the experts have to say. "The bewitching Cheeky Alice exudes femininity and confidence with just a touch of sexiness. This Vivienne Westwood creation is the meeting of airy lily of the valley with fresh peony and a touch of blushing rose make for a crystalline sillage, and a truly irresistible signature. The delicacy of the lily of the valley catches your attention and subtly leads you to a voluptuous and noble fragrance of fresh peony mixed with a touch of rose, eternal symbol of womanhood." I can only add my description in here by saying it's absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the beauty counters at Debenhams, where the staff are dolled up to the nines and you are surrounded by the scents of gorgeous perfume. It instantly takes me to the perfume counter with just one spritz! The only negative I have to say is that it is a slightly light fragrance, I find this perfect for daytime but you may want to switch over to something heavier for a night out. I would personally just stick to this as my go to fragrance as it's so gorgeous, but I do carry it around in my handbag as I feel that after a few hours, it definitely needs reapplying. Overall, I couldn't recommend this perfume more!  
You can view the whole Harvey Nichols Vivienne Westwood range here.
What's your favourite perfume? x
*PR Sample

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Non Beauty Favourites: January

So it's almost February already and I actually can't believe how fast it has gone. I know all of us will be saying how fast the month has passed, but January seems to have whizzed by really quickly! I thought that rather than writing a beauty favourites (I think I will do that for February instead) I thought I'd keep today's post to a non beauty favourites including books, films, TV shows and what not! As always, I have been enjoying blogging as much as usual, but I try to make that little bit extra effort lately. Whether or not it comes across, who knows, but I feel I am doing my best and I'm looking forward to my blogs first birthday next month! Spot the Disney fairy cakes in the right hand corner, they were delicious if I saw so myself! I fancied some easy baking, so on Saturday evening I cooked up yummy fairy cakes and decided to keep them plain. I then found Disney cocktail sticks  from Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine, so they looked even better!

Film: Tangled. My sister persuaded me a while ago to watch Tangled as she loved it, but I gave it a little snub until recently. I recorded it on Christmas Day and have just got round to watching it. If you haven't seen Tangled before it's a modern day version of Rapunzel.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing that hair is? Yes I know it's not
real, but it's beautiful! I really want to see Frozen next!
Book: Adele Parks - The State We're In. I haven't been able to get stuck into a book for a good few months now and as a usually avid reader it was frustrating as I just couldn't concentrate properly no matter how hard I tried. So, when I spotted this book in Tesco for just £3.00, I picked it up straight away. I did wonder whether it would be put to the back of my shelf and never read again, but I'd heard great reviews about this book so I risked my £3 and bought it anyway. So far I am around 100 pages in and I'm just reading a little bit each night. It's currently changing characters between each chapter which can get confusing sometimes, but I am looking forward to seeing how it pans out.
TV: Celebrity Big Brother. I'm a reality TV addict and proud. I've been literally glued to my TV screen since CBB has started earlier this month and I'm so gutted it's the final tomorrow! It's been so entertaining this series, I think it's been jam packed and much better than last years. The dark horse for me has got to be Dappy and I'll be happy if either him or Jim wins!
App: We Heart It. I didn't realise quite how amazing We Heart it was until I downloaded the free app onto my ipad. I could spend hours scrolling through stunning pictures of all different varieties. It's like having a free photography book full of beautiful things and it always leaves me feeling that little bit more inspired. If you're looking for a new app to enjoy, I definitely recommend this!
What have you been loving in January?

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The Perfect Sunday Routine

It's funny how as you go about your day to day life, little ideas for blog posts will pop into your head isn't it? Last Sunday was the night before I started my new job, so I was getting myself into a right panic over every minor detail, getting myself so worked up I then got stomach cramps. I sound like a right drama queen don't I? I promise I'm not! Anyway as I was getting all my things together I thought it would be a nice little post to write about the perfect Sunday. I know that Sundays can mean a lot of different things to people, some go to Church, some go to work and some see it as the final day of relaxation before
Monday comes round again! I'm used to working weekends but lately I have had some time off so it's been nice to spend the day with my family when they aren't in work.
Every other Sunday, my mum always makes an amazing roast dinner. I love this as we all get to sit together to catch up and then there's a load of desserts to choose from! (Not the best if you're trying to be healthy!) I will usually spend some time making the most of writing blog posts. I don't tend to usually write more than two posts at once and if I'm not feeling it, I wont write any at all. I love taking the time to catch up on all the latest posts and putting time aside to comment on other blogs. When it comes to the evening, I find it easiest to get everything ready for the morning ahead. If you're anything like me, it's so difficult to leave your warm cosy bed in the mornings, so it makes it so much easier when you haven't got to rush around like a headless chicken at 7am. On Sunday evening I'll usually get my lunch ready for the next day (anyone else make a health lunch and then buy something unhealthy anyway?!) , pop a face mask on and paint my nails ( I used Nails Inc 'Bristol' last Sunday and it's still going strong a week later. If I'm super organised then I'll pick out my clothes for the next day too. My favourite way to end the evening is to join in with the #bbloggers chat at 8pm and then snuggle into my bed and watch tv! I'm currently obsessed with Celebrity Big Brother, what am I supposed to watch when it ends?!
What's your perfect Sunday? x

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Sponsored Posts - Blogggers Thoughts

I thought I'd write a slightly different post today! (Well, hopefully!) When I have been joining in with the bloggers chats online recently, I have noticed the topic of sponsored posts and PR samples come up time and time again. I think there was a #bbloggers chat dedicated to the topic of PR Samples & Sponsored posts, so I thought I would write a little about my thoughts. In case you don't know what a sponsored post is then it means the blogger writing the post has either got paid to do so or received products as an exchange for the time it has taken them to write the post. They will usually include specific links.
Image Source: We Heart It.

So, what do you think when you see a sponsored post? I for one, couldn't care less. I think it is a great way of earning a little extra cash as a reward for the hard work you continuously put into your blog. I have seen it being described as 'selling out' and 'selling your blog' but I can't agree with this, I don't see what the harm is in having a sponsored post now and then. Don't get me wrong, if every single post was sponsored then that's a different story, but even it's one a week or one a month then who am I to judge that blogger? The only suggestion I can give when it comes to sponsored posts is to keep it relevant. If I was to start writing about building tools, fishing gear and lizards then I give you permission to tell me to zip it. I also completely agree with the frustration to sponsored posts that aren't disclaimed but you can tell straight away due to the random links here and there! I thought that the best way to finish off this post was to collect some thoughts and feelings from fellow bloggers on sponsored posts.

Katrina: I think if you choose to do sponsored posts then that is completely up to you, don't feel put off doing them because of what others may say. But at the same time know that you can turn them down if they aren't relevant and/or you don't want to write about them. Most sponsored posts can flow naturally with your blog and fit in to content that you would have written normally. Don't feel bad for profiting from your hard work! xx
Allie: I don't think sponsored posts are a bad thing, blogging has become a job and if you can make money out of something you love, why not? I just think sponsored posts should be relevant to your readers and your blog. I wouldn't accept a sponsored post on, for example, farming machinery because it's totally random and irrelevant to my blog but I would accept one on a new make-up line from an up and coming brand because that's what my readers are looking for from my blog. 
Michelle: I think sponsored posts are fine as long as they're relevant. If you can make some money from your blog then why not!?

Hayley: For me I don’t mind sponsored posts; as long as they are clearly disclosed as such. Everybody has to put food on the table & how people wish to do that is not really any of my business, if it’s all above board. I don’t even mind when the posts aren’t relevant to the blog; although I won’t read it, it isn’t really my place to judge someone’s decisions for their own blog. All those pretty lipsticks aren’t going to be bought with brass buttons are they.
Hannah: Sponsored posts don't bother me, all that matters is that they are 100% honest in what they write! Chances are if you lie someone will find out and its harder to trust a review is honest in the future! :) x

Beth: I personally don't see a problem with sponsored posts as long as you clearly indicate at the bottom of the post that it's a sponsored post. If you've worked hard on your blog and built a site that readers flock to regularly, you'll soon get contacted by brands and PR companies. Your readers love your blog for you. They visit your blog to read your thoughts and opinions on certain things, so if you change your content for a sponsored post, they are more likely going to guess you're only writing about it because you're getting paid for it. People read my blog because they know they're going to read beauty related posts (and maybe the odd fashion/ life post), but if I started writing about how amazing a new cleaning product was, it would be totally obvious. Always remember to remain 100% honest and clearly indicate that it's a sponsored post, and as long as you do that, then I really don't see the problem with sponsored posts.

Alyssa: If you can benefit from your blog, go for it! Just stay true to yourself!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post & I hope you enjoyed! Big thanks to the ladies who helped me out :) x

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Blogging: Getting Organised


Plan your posts.
This is the most important one for me. I would recommend picking up a pretty weekly planner and a notebook where you can jot down any ideas that may pop in your head. Often, when I think of an idea for a post and I haven't written it down, I can't for the life of me remember what it was! I use my weekly planner to organise which posts I need to publish, draft and to take photos of on which days. Obviously, this will need to alternate in with your day to day life, for example if you haven't got the time to set aside on certain days, leave those blank for now and then come back to it. I find that this has really helped me outline which posts I have already drafted and see clearly what needs to be done.
I have recently learnt that if you are using Blogger, you can actually schedule a post which will mean you can publish at a time when you aren't near a computer. So for those long days at work/college/uni, you can still be getting exposure for your blog and your readers will be happy too. To do this you need to click on/write up your latest post and on the right hand side on your screen you need to click 'Schedule'. You can then set a particular date and time, save that and then press publish. It won't publish the post immediately, but for the date and time you have scheduled it.
Inspiration Days.
Do you ever have those days where you could just pop out post after post after post? They do occur on an occasional basis for me and it's like a light has gone off inside my head and I scramble to write all the ideas down at once. If these occur for you too and you are lucky enough to have the time to do so, then I would definitely make the most of the day. By this I simply mean spend the day doing what you do best - blogging! Get your posts written up and drafted and this is perfect for those days when you just don't feel up to blogging - you can pull one of these posts out of your hat and nobody will know any different!
Take your photos in bulk.
I have found that this works best for me. I'm not the best photographer and I am continuing to hopefully be improving my photos. When inspiration has struck and I know there's lots of  products that I wish to review, I try to take all my images at once. This can be really handy especially if the lighting is good on this day as you can then have bright and beautiful images ready when it's actually dark and gloomy outside!
Lastly, I find it really helpful to make lists. What is about lists that make them so much fun when you're feeling organised?! Obviously you can make your lists anywhere, on your computer, your phone, tablet or a good old fashion notebook. I personally write all lists in my notebook but if I am out and about then I usually just write a few pointers in the 'Notes' app of my iPad. So, what exactly am I writing lists of? I usually write my lists of upcoming post ideas and I also find it handy to have a separate list of when you receive PR samples/sponsored posts. This keeps me separated from my everyday post lists and reminds me of what needs to be reviewed and published by when.
These are just a few little tips that I find helpful to me and I am by no means an expert! Sometimes we just need to remember that we blog for FUN, because it's our hobby and we love it! So if you find yourself feeling stressed out about your blog, take a step back, have a little break and remind yourself of why you love it! Nobody expects you to be publishing long posts each day, so don't pressurise yourself. 

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New Beginnings.


I wanted to write a little lifestyle based post today to mix things up a little. We're now almost nearly three weeks through January, so I'm guessing it's slightly late for me to talk about New Years Resolutions and the whole  'new year, new me' business. Tomorrow is a new beginning for me as I am starting my new job. I have had some time off in between this which has been lovely and relaxing but its now back to the real world and I cant help but feel slightly apprehensive. I know I am doing the right thing and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in but the usual doubts are nagging at the back of my mind. The doubts are nothing to do with the job itself as I am over the moon to have been successful, but more to do with my self confidence. I just get anxious over silly things such as how my hair looks and I'm hoping that I don't clam up and go quiet, I need to go in and be confident and happy!
Over the past week I have been trying to keep up my fitness regime. When I say 'keep up' I actually mean to start! I refuse to weigh myself as it only gives me a conscience about the number so I'm purely basing it on how I look and feel in my clothes. I am four days into the 30 Day Shred and I've started on Level Two as I had done around a week of Level One before and found it quite repetitive. I'm finding the best way to get the exercise done is to have music blasting from my laptop rather than just listening to the instructions! (I know it's important to listen so I have done it previously with no background noise). I'm feeling determined to keep this up as I feel it would be a great achievement for me to have actually stuck through the whole 30 days. It's a tough workout but I'm actually finding myself enjoying it (What?!) and I've discovered muscles in places I never knew existed!
Last but not least, I'm just keeping positive. We all have our bad days and a new favourite quote of mine is 'It's just a bad day, not a bad life' and this is so apt. When I hear and see awful things on the news and media, it puts life into perspective and to appreciate what I have, not focusing on what I haven't got. I'm hoping to continue improving my blog posts, I'm currently feeling a little 'meh' about my blog, but I'm sure it is just a phase. I still have the inspiration and passion for writing posts, I just get conscious over whether anyone is actually enjoying them! I'd love to know if you have days like this too. I'm looking forward to my Florida holiday in May and I've been watching videos on you tube to get me in the mood! If there are any Florida holidaymakers reading, please get in touch as I'd love to ask a few questions!

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Valentines: Top Five Dream Hotel Getaways

I know, I'm going to be that annoying person who is going to bang on about Valentines Day! I have to be 100% honest with you and admit that I don't usually make a big fuss of the day but I cant argue with how lovely it would be to be whisked away for a lovely romantic weekend! I've put together a little post about my dream getaways for the perfect valentines weekend. I did consider going all lovey dovey on you and talking Paris and all that jazz but don't worry, I've kept it simple and just to the UK!

This is a four star country house and boutique hotel in Yorkshire (Shown as the main image). The scenery looks truly gorgeous and it has seventeen acres of beautiful land and scenery. To me this hotel seems like the perfect romantic weekend away and I would be extremely happy with a deluxe double room! I love my food (too much for my own good!) and this hotel is perfect if you're a foodie like me. Afternoon tea is available and there's also two restaurants to choose from.
Stop right there, how would you like to be whisked away for a Valentines weekend perfect for chocolate lovers?! Ok, I cant promise that you will, but we can dream can't we? The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has the perfect Valentines package. You can have a chocolate fountain in your room and also attend a chocolate making workshop!
As a welsh girl, I decided to keep this one close to home ! The country house has a glamping package available - I'd love to do this as it looks as if it takes glamping to the next level! It looks stunning with its canvas walls and there is a hot tub just for you!
I love animals and heading to the zoo so I thought I would add in a zoo and hotel experience! It may not seem very romantic for the valentines theme but its certainly different to your usual spa hotel isn't it?! You can stay overnight in the hotel, have breakfast the next morning and then spend the day with the animals - I'd be happy with that!
I chose this particular hotel as I don't get to go to London very often and I would love to go and get some shopping down! The suites look extremely luxurious and I cant think of a better way to relax after spending the day bargain hunting!

*Sponsored Post
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My Tips For Selling on eBay

Recently I have been selling a few bits and bobs on eBay. I haven't sold for a good few months as I find I have to be 'in the mood' as it can take a while to pack everything up and head to the post office. After Christmas though, I have been trying to get a little extra cash by selling unwanted items on eBay. I have managed to earn £50 just from selling three items which I can then go on to spend more things, yay! (Not the point, I know). I wrote a blog post about how to find eBay bargains which you can read here, so I thought I would follow up with my selling tips. I'm not claiming to be an expert but if you are new to selling on eBay then I just hope my tips can help you.
Selling An Item - Images & Clear Description
To sell an item on eBay is really easy. To start, you will need to log in or create an account and click 'Sell an Item'. Before you sell an item, for example lets say you're selling a designer perfume then it's a good idea to search for the same product in eBay and see how much buyers are bidding and how much the sellers are charging for. This will give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to start your bidding at. Obviously it is your own choice, but I guess it makes sense to be offering a better price than the next seller to attract more buyers. When you sell an item, it's important you have a good image of the product. Whether it's an image you take from the internet or take the picture yourself, that personally doesn't matter to me but just ensure that the image meets up to the actual product. For example if the perfume box is battered and you're showing an image of a perfectly pristine box, then you may receive a negative feedback. When writing your description which is read by potential bidders, keep it simple but informative. Include what it is, the amount (eg 100ml), the brand, size and condition. Make the title clear to read and be aware of codewords which you can then use to attract buyers. BNIB = Brand new in box. BNWT - Brand new with tags. Used etc. Include in the title: The product name, brand and size - Marc Jacobs Daisy BNIB 100ml. This makes it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for - you!
Relist for free & Free insertion charges.
eBay now offer a new selection of being able to relist for free if your item doesn't sell. To get this you simply need to tick the 'Relist for free' box before publishing your sale and eBay will then automatically relist your item if it doesn't sell. Not only do you not have to go through the hassle of relisting the item all over again, you don't have to pay insertion fees. Insertion fees are the price you pay to eBay when selling anything with bids starting over 99p and you are automatically charged for this. Always look out for 'Free Insertion' time slots as these will help save the pennies as you have to pay the fee regardless of whether the item sells or not!
Postage Charges
Be aware of not overcharging buyers to make extra money. I have seen people starting bids at 99p to attract buyers but then charging postage of £6.00 for a t-shirt! This personally would put me off as it would not cost that much to post but buyers will be more accepting of reasonable postage charges. If you are unsure of how much it is going to cost you to post, eBay have a postage estimator you can use. You simply need to tell them what it is you'll be shipping, how heavy it is, where it is going e.g. in the country or abroad and it can then calculate an average fee. If you only want to post in the UK, it may be a good idea to add this onto the descriptive part of your listing. A good way of attracting buyers is to offer free postage. Of course you still have to pay the postage fee but I personally do get sucked in by free postage fees so there must be others who do too! When you sell you also have to set an estimated time of when you will be posting. If you know you can only post on a Monday due to working hours, make sure you put this in the descriptive text too.
 Ending Time
When you sell an item, you have the choice of how long you are going to list the item for. This gives you the option of being able to maximise your chance of selling. If you are ending an item at 3am on a Monday morning, chances are that not a lot of people will be bidding right up until the last second (Unless they're night birds of course!) but a more reasonable time will attract more bidders. It has been said that the best time to end an auction is on a Sunday evening. I can only imagine this is due to people being at home and at a point of the week where they are relaxing and browsing the internet. Obviously this is not a fact but it can be something to bear in mind. Be aware that the time you start the sale, this will be the same time the auction ends.
Positive Feedback & Potential Problems.
It is really important that as a seller you have positive feedback. If you are new to eBay and have no feedback then that cannot be helped. The more you sell, the happier buyers are, the more positive feedback you will receive. Having positive feedback will ensure people are happy to buy from you and will increase your chance of sales. I'll end the post with a little warning that selling on eBay doesn't always go to plan. Buyers will bid and then refuse to pay (Why?!) and can leave you negative feedback purely so they can have their money back. All I can suggest is to be aware of this and most buyers just want their items and will be happy with it!
I hope you found my tips helpful x
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YSL Shocking Mascara Review

Now, it's not everyday that I am willing to splash out on such an expensive mascara. However, after lusting after it for a good few weeks, I finally treated myself when Feel Unique had a 15% off sale. As I'm sure you are aware YSL are a high end brand and I'm now lusting after Touche Eclat! (Note to self: Must save money). When it comes to mascara, I'm a bit of an addict. There's nothing I love more than getting a brand spanking new tube with all its amazing claims to finally give me lashes worth batting.
You can't miss the tubes luxurious gold packaging which is what drew me in originally. I also love the little gold box the mascara is packaged in, I feel it gives that extra little edge to the product, making me feel even more excited to rip it open and get stuck in! I love having it in my makeup bag as its so eye catching! However, this is where I need to learn that packaging and a high price tag does not always equal a good product - why does it take me so long to realise this?! The mascara promised me many claims which sucked me in and made me part with my bank card. The formula of the mascara is made of soft wax which thickens the lashes and hard wax to maximise curves. It promises to give high-precision movement and instant volume. Here's where I come running in with my review and come crashing to the ground with my negatives of this mascara. Now, I promise its not all bad as I have also read rave reviews. For me though, this mascara was a huge disappointment. I'm all for thick mascaras as I like to get as much volume on my lashes as I possibly can, but this takes the biscuit a little bit. The formula is too wet for me to actually work with and instantly clumps and thickens my lashes without giving any length at all. The only time I actually work well with this mascara is when using on my bottom lashes as it does pick up the little inner lashes easily, but as the brush picks up so much formula, it is hard to apply without smudging. I'm afraid to say that for me, If I'd known I'd be writing a bit of a rubbish review then I know for sure I wouldn't be splashing out almost £20 on this mascara. I feel that you are paying for the packaging and the brand rather than paying for the actual quality of the mascara.
YSL Shocking Mascara retails at £23.50 and is available in an array of different colours such as Deep Black (which I used), Black with bronze/green/blue/grey - I love that there are so many varieties available as you're guaranteed to find a colour that suits you best! I personally cant recommend that you rush out and purchase this mascara instantly, but lets not forget that just because I'm not blown away by it that doesn't mean that you won't love it!
Have you tried an YSL mascara? x

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Latest Beauty Buys


Sweet Fluffy Cupcake | Granny's Apple Pie

For today's post I wanted to show you a few little beauty bits and bobs that I have picked up over the past few days/weeks. One of my new years resolutions to myself was to cut down on spending and despite this little haul I actually think I am doing quite well. I used vouchers I had for Christmas and also used my Boots points which meant I got the mascara for free!  First up I treated myself to Philosophy treats in the Boots sale. I was pretty lucky as there were a few of these left over from the Christmas sales on the weekend so I decided to pick up two different products. I'm a huge sucker for packaging and I've always admired Philosophy's gorgeous packaging but I have never admired the price tag! I chose 'Sweet Fluffy Cupcake' and 'Granny's Apple Pie'. Both were reduced from £14.00 each to £7.00 each so two for the price of a full priced one! I cant wait to try these out as they smell beautiful however I have since read some worrying reviews that they dry out your skin and are not to be used excessively as it could cause a urinary tract! So I will be approaching these with caution! I've ordered a brand new Micellar Water from Garnier for just £3.49 but sadly there's a delay in my order so I cant feature it just yet! I'm really looking forward to trying it out and see how it compares to L'Oreal's.
I also got some makeup treats for my eyes. I ordered W7's 'In The Buff' palette - a supposed Naked 3 dupe! This palette was a bargain at just £4.00 from a seller on Amazon and includes 12 natural nude shades. I'm hoping to do a full review on this palette so keep an eye out if you fancy it! Also from the same seller, I ordered a W7 Light Diffusing Concealer (It looks exactly like Touche Éclat) for just £2.77 but the first time I used it the tube snapped open and is now unusable! In Boots I also found a bargain eyeshadow for just £1 in the clearance aisle (Oh how I love the clearance aisle!). Rimmel's Glam Eyes shadows usually sell for £4.49 for a lone shade so I picked up 'Spicy Bronze' which apparently compliments blue eyes. Next up for my eyes, I've got my paws on the Miss Manga mascara. I really tried not to buy a new mascara but seeing as it was only £5.99 on offer, I bought it with my Boots points - that doesn't count as spending does it?! As I mentioned in my latest beauty wish list, I'm running low on my Brow Zings so I decided to try out HD Brows. I've got a Brow Kit in 'Foxy' for £17.76 (10% off usual price!) and I cant wait to try this out and write a review. Last but not least I picked up a Barry M Nail Paint in shade 'Raspberry' which I'm currently wearing on my nails as I type!
What have you been buying lately?
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Beauty Wishlist

Beautysets - Beauty Wishlist
It's been a little while since I last wrote a beauty wish list so I thought this post was slightly overdue! I have collected the latest products that have caught my eye recently and I cant wait to get my hands on them!

Naked 3 Palette - £37.00
This one is purely a lust as I can't justify spending this amount on a set of eye shadows. I have seen and read so many bloggers reviews and each time I read one, the more I want it. The shades look stunning and I'm also drawn in by the gold high end packaging. I won't be treating myself just yet but if a one day bargain sale ever pops up, I may well splash out!
My beloved Brow Zings kit is coming to the end of its life. However, splashing out £23.50 on another one isn't seeming too appealing to me right now, so I'm fancying treating myself to a HD Brows palette instead. I have heard great reviews of HD Brows and they currently have a 10% off sale on their website (free delivery too!). I've done my research and it seems I'll be shade 'Foxy' which is best suited to brunette hair and medium skin tones. 
Do I need another mascara? Of course not! Will I buy this anyway? Of course! My justification if I do treat myself to this is I can use my Boots points and it will just be like getting it for free! Miss Manga is L'Oreal's latest addition to their mascara family. It's currently on offer reduced from £8.99 to £5.99 so yet another excuse to pop it in my basket. Miss Manga is influenced by Japanese culture and is available in three shade - Black, Violet and Turquoise. I've loved L'Oreal's advertising campaign for this with the cute little panda and there's tutorials available on their website to make the most of the mascara.

Here is proof of how my brain works - I see beauty product, I want beauty product, I buy beauty product. I spotted this on Instagram and knew straight away I was going to be treating myself to this. Technically seeing as I have already treated myself it shouldn't be on a wish list but I wanted to share this with you in case you hadn't come across it yet! Garnier have released a brand new Micellar Water and its a massive tub at 400ml for just £3.49. It's currently in Superdrug stores for £4.99 but I bought it on the above link for just £3.49 - what a bargain!
I've come across this on Boots website when I was having a nose at the new finds and a bit like the Naked palette, it's definitely more of a lust due to the pretty hefty price tag! Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum aims to keep your hair visibly longer, thicker and fuller looking. The reviews on Boots websites are impressive but for now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it may end up in the clearance aisle!
What's on your beauty wishlist? x



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My Beauty Compare

Today's post is just a little one to introduce you to a brand new website, My Beauty Compare - I'll call it MBC for short! MBC is described as 'Your best friend for beauty' and is all about finding the right beauty products for you. God only knows how many times I have bought products which were the wrong colour, didn't agree with my skin and much more and I'm left feeling disappointed that I wasted my well earned money. MBC find the right beauty products for you as everything is personalised. To do this, you simply have to sign up (Most importantly, it's free!). I filled in my personal details and then went on to answer questions about my appearance and beauty preferences. The questions you need to answer will only set you back by around one to two minutes and each question is multiple choice. The typical questions to answer are about your skin tone, hair and eye colour, amount of sleep you get, diet and any concerns such as dark circles. After I had completed all the questions, I then had to confirm my account through an email and then I was good to go.
After entering your details and preferences, the products are then automatically set to suit you. For example as I said my skin tone is fairly light, I am only able to see fairly light products that will suit my skin tone - I like it already! At first I did wonder what sort of brands would be on board and available, but there was no need for me to worry about that as there are over 1500 brands to choose from including high end brands such as Clinique, Benefit and Too Faced to drug store brands such as Miners, Max Factor and Seventeen. Another great aspect of MBC is that readers can join up and chat about all things beauty in the forum. Once you have signed up you can join in with the chat and there's categories ranging from skin care to fragrances and the Beauty Lounge. If a product is recommended to you and you haven't heard of it before or want to find out more information you can head over to the reviews tab where you will find lots of different beauty products where members have submitted their reviews and thoughts. Now I must not forget to tell you one more thing about price comparison. If I'm going to buy a beauty product then of course I'm going to want the cheapest one available. MBC does just that with their 'Price Compare' which you can find underneath the product image. This then will show you the different stores you can buy from and the best price online.
Will you be checking out My Beauty Compare? x

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Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review.


Baby Skin Pore Eraser
First there was Baby Lips and now welcome Baby Skin to the beauty blogging world. I must admit I was never drawn in by Maybelline's Baby Lips products but they certainly took the blogging world by storm! I have read a few posts about Baby Skin for the past couple of weeks and have been slightly excited to get my paws on it as it's such a bargain and is said to be a dupe of Benefit's pricey POREfessional. So, what is Baby Skin and why was I excited to pick it up? Baby Skin is an 'Instant Pore Eraser' which is a lightweight primer to give you 'smooth and poreless looking skin'. Until I started reading beauty blogs, I never used a primer before applying foundation and now I definitely notice a difference on the days where I don't use a primer. I have tried Benefit's POREfessional and Too Faced's Primed and Poreless which are both pricey at just under £25.00 (yikes) so this is why I was hoping Baby Skin would come and rescue me from expensive primers.
"Translucent gel primer blurs the appearance of enlarged pores, lines and other imperfections to create a matte and flawless canvas for makeup to glide. Mattifying formula keeps skin feeling and looking fresh with a baby soft feel, improving the staying power of your foundation while creating the look of a more refined and smoother skin texture".
Baby Skin is a clear gel formula which can be applied alone or under makeup. As I mentioned I use it under makeup, so I simply apply this over my face and leave it for a few minutes to set. When applying the primer, it feels so silky soft and fresh. I have to admit here though that even though the primer is aimed to reduce pores, once the primer was applied I didn't actually notice a difference in my skin. I need to highlight this though as the main selling point of the product is that it is pore-reducing. This wasn't a problem for me though as I just hoped it would make a difference to my foundation and thankfully it did. It increases the amount of time that I need before retouching my makeup and this is the most important aspect to me. The packaging is cute and eye catching and you certainly wont miss it on the beauty stands!
 Baby Skin retails at just £7.99 for a 22ml tube and is available here. Me being me and addicted to buying beauty products, I couldn't resist buying two as Boots had a 'Buy one get one half price' offer so before I'd even tried it I picked up two! I'm glad I did though as I absolutely love it. This beats Benefit and Too Faced by miles and I'd definitely recommend this as a must have in your makeup bag.
Will you be looking out for Baby Skin? x
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Full Coverage Makeup: My Routine


 When it comes to my makeup, it's important that I have a full coverage look. This is down to my own insecurities, I have naturally pale skin and I personally prefer the full coverage look. Obviously this look isn't for everyone, some people are blessed with naturally radiant skin and if that's you then happy days! I thought that I would write this post as I'm a pretty nosey person, so if you are too then you can have a peek into which favourite products I use day after day. I have finally settled into a routine as I have found products which are working well with my skin and I thought I would share it with you. When it comes to applying my makeup, I don't bother fussing around with specific brushes. I know a lot of bloggers love using Real Techniques and the likes but after trying it out for myself, I personally prefer to apply my foundation with my fingers. As for powder and bronzer, I simply use a non expensive powder brush.

The first step I always start with is by applying a primer all over my face. Recently I have been using Too Faced's 'Primed and Poreless but I have a new favourite after only just testing it out. I managed to find Maybelline's brand new 'Baby Skin' primer in Boots. It's a clear gel formula which makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and my foundation then glides on really easily. I know that primer is not for everyone and the only gripe I have with using it is the time you have to leave it to set. I'm not sure of the exact time it takes for a primer to set correctly but I usually give it up to five minutes and do something else whilst I'm waiting. This step isn't for everyone especially if you've only got a short time to get your makeup complete. The most important product I use to achieve the full coverage look is foundation. I've recently found a new favourite which is Secenteen 'Stay Time'. (You can see a full review here). The foundation is a really thick formula which is perfect for a matte finish and  covering any pores and imperfections. This has become an essential in my makeup bag and I would recommend it if you too prefer the fuller coverage look. Another two foundations I would recommend are Clinique's Anti Aging Repair Wear and No7's Beautifully Matte. I love both these foundations but after finding the cheaper alternative of Seventeen, then there is currently no going back for me.
After applying both primer and foundation I then apply a powder on top. I have to admit that some days I do forget and skip this step but on days that I do I can see the difference. I'm currently loving Seventeen's (can you see a pattern here?!) Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. I have found lately when using my Stay Time foundation it can make my skin look very slightly shiny in places, so this is where Miracle Matte saves the day. The powder gives a satin matte finish and also gives a full coverage so you could perhaps use this over a lighter coverage foundation. I finish off my look by applying Benefit's Hoola bronzer. Until recently I haven't been a bronzer kind of girl but I'm loving Hoola. I'm yet to get the hang of contouring so I only use this lightly on my cheekbones. As I mentioned I am pale skinned, I was concerned this may be too dark for my skin tone, but after blending it in, I'm really impressed with the look it gives my cheekbones. Seriously, I think I have chubby little cheeks so I was so pleased to see I actually have cheekbones hidden under there somewhere! I'm going to try W7's dupe next as it's only £2.50!
So there we have it, my full coverage makeup routine. I hope that if you're looking for the perfect full coverage look that I may have been able to help you even just a little bit! PS - Please excuse the annoying leftover sticker on the powder, I can't get it off!

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A Very Disney 21st Birthday.


So yesterday marked the day that I turned 21. I never seem to quite understand why being 21 is classed as being marked a 'big' birthday but I wasn't going to argue! My day started with my mum doing her usual tricks of decorating the living room while I'm safely fast asleep, only this one was slightly different to normal - the room was covered with baby photos and gorgeous balloons. Before I start anything, I best point out that the theme for the day was Disney to celebrate and help me get even more excited for my holiday to Orlando! You may look at the pictures and think it looks like a children's party but it was all just for fun! My mum gave me a gorgeous Sleeping Beauty Ornament to go with my Minnie Mouse I already own and money I can save away (or spend, ahem). My sister made 12 gorgeous fairy cakes for me which I didn't know about until she turned up with them - thank you! (I know she'll be reading!). I also received a Minnie Mouse blanket to keep me warm and cosy in the cosy nights and a personalised photo book from my sister! My mum treated my sister and myself to lunch out and we had a lovely time together. In true diva style, I had two outfit changes for the day as I popped to the shops and bank in the morning. Seeing as it was my birthday, that meant it was perfectly acceptable to treat myself in Boots, so I bought Maybelline's new Baby Skin primer which I have been waiting for and bought a set of Seventeen Lip Crayons which were left in the sale. My mum also found the Seventeen Brow Kits for just 25p - wow! In the evening, all my family and boyfriend came over for a 'get together' and I really enjoyed. Do you like my Disney Princess carriage cake?! I know it's a poor photo but it's so pretty!
PS - Yes that's me in the picture. I wonder if I'll panic and delete it! Ha!
PPS - The winner of my Benefit giveaway is Laura - Congrats! x

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Welcome To 2014.


Okay, I'm sure you've seen New Years posts a plenty, but seeing this is my first Christmas/New Year as a blogger, I couldn't leave it out! How was New Years Eve for you? Did you spend the night dancing until the early hours or did you spend it like I did in the warm comforts of your own home?  So, welcome to 2014. It's Chapter one and day one of 365.  I love the quote  'Do what you love and fill the 365 pages of a brand new book'. It inspires me to keep writing in a little diary, even if its just a few bullet points a day. I always remember starting a new diary on January 1st every year without fail when I was younger, I'd write in for a week weeks avidly and then it would be long forgotten. I've never been one for New Years to be honest. I look at Resolutions and wonder why do we have to wait until the 1st day of a new year to start something new and exciting? So without babbling on too much, I just want to have a quick little look at what resolutions I set myself for 2013 and whether I met them.
Look after my skin - This one I stuck to all throughout the year! Blogging has taught me a lot, I've learnt a lot about skincare and which products suit my skin best and I enjoy looking after my skin and keeping it in good condition! I used a makeup wipe for the first time in ages yesterday and I still can't quite believe how much better for my skin it is to use micellar water instead!
Start writing a book - Okay, this didn't happen. Instead I started writing something different - this little blog! I started writing in February and I haven't looked back ever since. Of course, I have talked about the days where I feel down about my blog but I feel it has helped my confidence grow and it's the perfect hobby.
Always work hard - Oh yes, I did this one! I've worked throughout the year, always giving my best and I actually feel a little proud of myself (I know, I'm sorry).
Enter competitions - I didn't do this as much as I'd have hoped as blogging took over my priorities! I did enter a few here and there but it's been a very quiet year on the competition front for me.
Save money - I've done this throughout the year and I'm happy with it. I went on a bit of a shopping binge and ended up wasting money on things I didn't need, want or even use, so I'm disappointed with myself at that. I vow not to do it anymore.
Smile - At the risk of sounding cheesy, I most certainly did!
I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings. I'm always a little apprehensive and worry slightly in case things begin to go wrong but I won't focus on that. I've got lots to look forward to. I'll be starting my new job soon, I'm off to Florida in May and being a bridesmaid in July. I haven't set myself any resolutions this year as there is only one thing that I want to focus on and that is my blog. I am not setting myself any unrealistic goals as sometimes life gets in the way and bloggers block sets in, so I'm keeping it simple. I'm just planning to keep on blogging, improve my photography and to just enjoy myself.
Happy New Year x
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