Full Coverage Makeup: My Routine


 When it comes to my makeup, it's important that I have a full coverage look. This is down to my own insecurities, I have naturally pale skin and I personally prefer the full coverage look. Obviously this look isn't for everyone, some people are blessed with naturally radiant skin and if that's you then happy days! I thought that I would write this post as I'm a pretty nosey person, so if you are too then you can have a peek into which favourite products I use day after day. I have finally settled into a routine as I have found products which are working well with my skin and I thought I would share it with you. When it comes to applying my makeup, I don't bother fussing around with specific brushes. I know a lot of bloggers love using Real Techniques and the likes but after trying it out for myself, I personally prefer to apply my foundation with my fingers. As for powder and bronzer, I simply use a non expensive powder brush.

The first step I always start with is by applying a primer all over my face. Recently I have been using Too Faced's 'Primed and Poreless but I have a new favourite after only just testing it out. I managed to find Maybelline's brand new 'Baby Skin' primer in Boots. It's a clear gel formula which makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and my foundation then glides on really easily. I know that primer is not for everyone and the only gripe I have with using it is the time you have to leave it to set. I'm not sure of the exact time it takes for a primer to set correctly but I usually give it up to five minutes and do something else whilst I'm waiting. This step isn't for everyone especially if you've only got a short time to get your makeup complete. The most important product I use to achieve the full coverage look is foundation. I've recently found a new favourite which is Secenteen 'Stay Time'. (You can see a full review here). The foundation is a really thick formula which is perfect for a matte finish and  covering any pores and imperfections. This has become an essential in my makeup bag and I would recommend it if you too prefer the fuller coverage look. Another two foundations I would recommend are Clinique's Anti Aging Repair Wear and No7's Beautifully Matte. I love both these foundations but after finding the cheaper alternative of Seventeen, then there is currently no going back for me.
After applying both primer and foundation I then apply a powder on top. I have to admit that some days I do forget and skip this step but on days that I do I can see the difference. I'm currently loving Seventeen's (can you see a pattern here?!) Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. I have found lately when using my Stay Time foundation it can make my skin look very slightly shiny in places, so this is where Miracle Matte saves the day. The powder gives a satin matte finish and also gives a full coverage so you could perhaps use this over a lighter coverage foundation. I finish off my look by applying Benefit's Hoola bronzer. Until recently I haven't been a bronzer kind of girl but I'm loving Hoola. I'm yet to get the hang of contouring so I only use this lightly on my cheekbones. As I mentioned I am pale skinned, I was concerned this may be too dark for my skin tone, but after blending it in, I'm really impressed with the look it gives my cheekbones. Seriously, I think I have chubby little cheeks so I was so pleased to see I actually have cheekbones hidden under there somewhere! I'm going to try W7's dupe next as it's only £2.50!
So there we have it, my full coverage makeup routine. I hope that if you're looking for the perfect full coverage look that I may have been able to help you even just a little bit! PS - Please excuse the annoying leftover sticker on the powder, I can't get it off!

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  1. Stay Time is my favourite foundation at the moment too, I used it mixed in with Seventeen's Wow highlighter to give a nice dewy finish :) I haven't tried that powder yet, but definitely think it needs to be next on my list!

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  2. Great routine, I have dry skin so these products probably wouldn't work for me but I absolutely love hoola bronzer :)

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  3. I love that seventeen foundation and i use hoola everyday too.

  4. Ahh Babyskin has just been released but is sold out everywhere, I need it in my life!

    Great post (:
    Love Ellis xxx
    ELRBX / english beauty, personal & lifestyle blog! xo

  5. I really need to try out some of the new seventeen products, especially the concealers which I've heard really great things about.
    Plus Baby Skin is a must buy - I just wish I could get my hands on it.
    Glad I came across your blog - I'm now following. :)


  6. Lovely routine! I've been meaning to get my hands on the Baby Skin for about a week now, I actually need to get it, haha! xx Ali

  7. That's my bronzer! Which I need to repurchase, I bought the Nars one but I don't love it like the benefit one. I'm not sure how I feel about primer will have to give this one a go! Great post rly enjoyed x

  8. I love to use Hoola as well! I agree with what you said about using it on pale skin!

  9. love the hoola bronzer!!!


  10. I bought the Baby Skin yesterday and loved trying it tonight. Also I adore Hoola too it is such a lovely bronzer and so buildable. I find some far too orange! XX