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Today's post is just a little one to introduce you to a brand new website, My Beauty Compare - I'll call it MBC for short! MBC is described as 'Your best friend for beauty' and is all about finding the right beauty products for you. God only knows how many times I have bought products which were the wrong colour, didn't agree with my skin and much more and I'm left feeling disappointed that I wasted my well earned money. MBC find the right beauty products for you as everything is personalised. To do this, you simply have to sign up (Most importantly, it's free!). I filled in my personal details and then went on to answer questions about my appearance and beauty preferences. The questions you need to answer will only set you back by around one to two minutes and each question is multiple choice. The typical questions to answer are about your skin tone, hair and eye colour, amount of sleep you get, diet and any concerns such as dark circles. After I had completed all the questions, I then had to confirm my account through an email and then I was good to go.
After entering your details and preferences, the products are then automatically set to suit you. For example as I said my skin tone is fairly light, I am only able to see fairly light products that will suit my skin tone - I like it already! At first I did wonder what sort of brands would be on board and available, but there was no need for me to worry about that as there are over 1500 brands to choose from including high end brands such as Clinique, Benefit and Too Faced to drug store brands such as Miners, Max Factor and Seventeen. Another great aspect of MBC is that readers can join up and chat about all things beauty in the forum. Once you have signed up you can join in with the chat and there's categories ranging from skin care to fragrances and the Beauty Lounge. If a product is recommended to you and you haven't heard of it before or want to find out more information you can head over to the reviews tab where you will find lots of different beauty products where members have submitted their reviews and thoughts. Now I must not forget to tell you one more thing about price comparison. If I'm going to buy a beauty product then of course I'm going to want the cheapest one available. MBC does just that with their 'Price Compare' which you can find underneath the product image. This then will show you the different stores you can buy from and the best price online.
Will you be checking out My Beauty Compare? x

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  1. Wow! I'm heading to MBC now! Thanks so much for this post!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous

  2. This sounds great! And they even have Europe in there selection, which is awesome, because Belgium is left out very often :p Hopefully this will be helpful for Belgium too! I'm checking it out right now! ^^