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I thought I'd write a slightly different post today! (Well, hopefully!) When I have been joining in with the bloggers chats online recently, I have noticed the topic of sponsored posts and PR samples come up time and time again. I think there was a #bbloggers chat dedicated to the topic of PR Samples & Sponsored posts, so I thought I would write a little about my thoughts. In case you don't know what a sponsored post is then it means the blogger writing the post has either got paid to do so or received products as an exchange for the time it has taken them to write the post. They will usually include specific links.
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So, what do you think when you see a sponsored post? I for one, couldn't care less. I think it is a great way of earning a little extra cash as a reward for the hard work you continuously put into your blog. I have seen it being described as 'selling out' and 'selling your blog' but I can't agree with this, I don't see what the harm is in having a sponsored post now and then. Don't get me wrong, if every single post was sponsored then that's a different story, but even it's one a week or one a month then who am I to judge that blogger? The only suggestion I can give when it comes to sponsored posts is to keep it relevant. If I was to start writing about building tools, fishing gear and lizards then I give you permission to tell me to zip it. I also completely agree with the frustration to sponsored posts that aren't disclaimed but you can tell straight away due to the random links here and there! I thought that the best way to finish off this post was to collect some thoughts and feelings from fellow bloggers on sponsored posts.

Katrina: I think if you choose to do sponsored posts then that is completely up to you, don't feel put off doing them because of what others may say. But at the same time know that you can turn them down if they aren't relevant and/or you don't want to write about them. Most sponsored posts can flow naturally with your blog and fit in to content that you would have written normally. Don't feel bad for profiting from your hard work! xx
Allie: I don't think sponsored posts are a bad thing, blogging has become a job and if you can make money out of something you love, why not? I just think sponsored posts should be relevant to your readers and your blog. I wouldn't accept a sponsored post on, for example, farming machinery because it's totally random and irrelevant to my blog but I would accept one on a new make-up line from an up and coming brand because that's what my readers are looking for from my blog. 
Michelle: I think sponsored posts are fine as long as they're relevant. If you can make some money from your blog then why not!?

Hayley: For me I don’t mind sponsored posts; as long as they are clearly disclosed as such. Everybody has to put food on the table & how people wish to do that is not really any of my business, if it’s all above board. I don’t even mind when the posts aren’t relevant to the blog; although I won’t read it, it isn’t really my place to judge someone’s decisions for their own blog. All those pretty lipsticks aren’t going to be bought with brass buttons are they.
Hannah: Sponsored posts don't bother me, all that matters is that they are 100% honest in what they write! Chances are if you lie someone will find out and its harder to trust a review is honest in the future! :) x

Beth: I personally don't see a problem with sponsored posts as long as you clearly indicate at the bottom of the post that it's a sponsored post. If you've worked hard on your blog and built a site that readers flock to regularly, you'll soon get contacted by brands and PR companies. Your readers love your blog for you. They visit your blog to read your thoughts and opinions on certain things, so if you change your content for a sponsored post, they are more likely going to guess you're only writing about it because you're getting paid for it. People read my blog because they know they're going to read beauty related posts (and maybe the odd fashion/ life post), but if I started writing about how amazing a new cleaning product was, it would be totally obvious. Always remember to remain 100% honest and clearly indicate that it's a sponsored post, and as long as you do that, then I really don't see the problem with sponsored posts.

Alyssa: If you can benefit from your blog, go for it! Just stay true to yourself!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post & I hope you enjoyed! Big thanks to the ladies who helped me out :) x

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  1. Great post! In a recent #mybchat I found out non-disclosed sponsored posts are actually breaking the law! I see no problem with relevant sponsored posts, but they do need to say that they are sponsored xx

    Charley // BeautyRobot

  2. I don't have a problem with sponsored posts so long as they are honest. It's always obvious when it's forced like, oh it's amazing I would sell my soul for this and there's nothing wrong with it whatsoever! Xx

  3. Great post! I don't have a problem with sponsored posts either as long as they are fully disclosed and they are honest opinions. xx


  4. I don't mind sponsored anything as long as people have transparent disclosures. xx

  5. I completely agree with all the comments above and in your post :) as long as it's relevant, I don't see the problem! There are a few posts I see around with links crammed in quite artificially but it tends to be in the minority thank goodness! xx

  6. Great post hun! I agree, I don't see a problem in people doing sponsored posts as long as they are relevant! I haven't done any yet, but if the opportunity came up to review a relevant product that I would use anyway, they I don't see any harm. As long as you indicate that its sponsored. Lovely blog xxx


  7. I cant see a problem with any sponsored posts, As long as the person is honest that is all that matters.