Valentines: Top Five Dream Hotel Getaways

I know, I'm going to be that annoying person who is going to bang on about Valentines Day! I have to be 100% honest with you and admit that I don't usually make a big fuss of the day but I cant argue with how lovely it would be to be whisked away for a lovely romantic weekend! I've put together a little post about my dream getaways for the perfect valentines weekend. I did consider going all lovey dovey on you and talking Paris and all that jazz but don't worry, I've kept it simple and just to the UK!

This is a four star country house and boutique hotel in Yorkshire (Shown as the main image). The scenery looks truly gorgeous and it has seventeen acres of beautiful land and scenery. To me this hotel seems like the perfect romantic weekend away and I would be extremely happy with a deluxe double room! I love my food (too much for my own good!) and this hotel is perfect if you're a foodie like me. Afternoon tea is available and there's also two restaurants to choose from.
Stop right there, how would you like to be whisked away for a Valentines weekend perfect for chocolate lovers?! Ok, I cant promise that you will, but we can dream can't we? The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has the perfect Valentines package. You can have a chocolate fountain in your room and also attend a chocolate making workshop!
As a welsh girl, I decided to keep this one close to home ! The country house has a glamping package available - I'd love to do this as it looks as if it takes glamping to the next level! It looks stunning with its canvas walls and there is a hot tub just for you!
I love animals and heading to the zoo so I thought I would add in a zoo and hotel experience! It may not seem very romantic for the valentines theme but its certainly different to your usual spa hotel isn't it?! You can stay overnight in the hotel, have breakfast the next morning and then spend the day with the animals - I'd be happy with that!
I chose this particular hotel as I don't get to go to London very often and I would love to go and get some shopping down! The suites look extremely luxurious and I cant think of a better way to relax after spending the day bargain hunting!

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  1. I wouldn't mind being whisked away somewhere, and it's been so long since I had a holiday I almost don't care where to, as long as it's a weekend away :o) Xx

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  2. This would be amazing! I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day either but definitely wouldn't turn down a few nights away. I drive past the Double Tree in Chester on my way to work every day and it looks lovely even from the outside! xx

  3. We usually don't really celebrate valentine's day that much but it would be wonderful to stay at one of these hotels!