Vivienne Westwood 'Cheeky Alice' Fragrance


Today's post is about my new favourite perfume. Now I put my hands up and admit that each time I try and buy a new fragrance, it's 'The One' and I wont be swapping it at all, oh no - until the next one comes along that is! However I think I may have just found the perfect contender of all time - Vivienne Westwood's Cheeky Alice. A couple of weeks ago a really exciting email popped into my inbox asking if I wanted to review a Vivienne Westwood perfume. Being a perfume and beauty lover, I wasn't going to turn the opportunity down and I'm really grateful. I was given the choice of 'Mon Boudoir' or 'Cheeky Alice' and as you can see, I went for the latter. Cheeky Alice arrived packaged beautifully in a Harvey Nichols white bag, with the perfume buried deep inside. You'll have to excuse me for not getting a photo of the Harvey Nichols packaging, in my excitement I had ripped it open like a child on Christmas Day! As you can see, Cheeky Alice comes presented beautifully. I love the high end outer packing with its coral and gold colouring. The glass bottle is described as looking like 'the flask of a magic potion' (Think Alice in Wonderland, perhaps?) and has a sweet red attachable bracelet wrapped around the lid. You can either remove the bracelet and wear on your wrists, or do as I have done and simply leave it on the bottle itself as I feel it brings more attention to the bottle.
 Packaging aside, it's time to get to the nitty gritty. Nobody wants to read a fragrance review with no details on the actual scent do they?! It's no secret that I find it difficult to describe how a perfume smells so I'm going to do a quick cheat and tell you what the experts have to say. "The bewitching Cheeky Alice exudes femininity and confidence with just a touch of sexiness. This Vivienne Westwood creation is the meeting of airy lily of the valley with fresh peony and a touch of blushing rose make for a crystalline sillage, and a truly irresistible signature. The delicacy of the lily of the valley catches your attention and subtly leads you to a voluptuous and noble fragrance of fresh peony mixed with a touch of rose, eternal symbol of womanhood." I can only add my description in here by saying it's absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the beauty counters at Debenhams, where the staff are dolled up to the nines and you are surrounded by the scents of gorgeous perfume. It instantly takes me to the perfume counter with just one spritz! The only negative I have to say is that it is a slightly light fragrance, I find this perfect for daytime but you may want to switch over to something heavier for a night out. I would personally just stick to this as my go to fragrance as it's so gorgeous, but I do carry it around in my handbag as I feel that after a few hours, it definitely needs reapplying. Overall, I couldn't recommend this perfume more!  
You can view the whole Harvey Nichols Vivienne Westwood range here.
What's your favourite perfume? x
*PR Sample

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  1. The packaging for this is so beautiful! I currently love the Roberto Cavalli Acqua fragrance x


  2. I love the packing!! I have to give it a try! ;)

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  3. The packaging is gorgeous!! It's so hard to describe how perfume smells haha!
    L xo

  4. I've never tried a Vivienne Westwood perfume before, I always stick to Daisy!


  5. i haven't even smelt this but i wanna but it because the packaging is so cute!!

  6. I haven't seen this perfume before, I need to try it next time I pass a perfume counter xx


  7. Oooh! I'm really bad at sticking to just my usually fragrances, especially as I never buy it for myself and people play it safe and buy me Ed Hardy.
    I didn't even know this was out and loved Naughty Alice so may have to pop this on a wishlist... :P


  8. I wear Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood, I love how they come with a little treat too! xx

  9. I love the reference to Alice In Wonderland here. That alone is making me want to try it.