YSL Shocking Mascara Review

Now, it's not everyday that I am willing to splash out on such an expensive mascara. However, after lusting after it for a good few weeks, I finally treated myself when Feel Unique had a 15% off sale. As I'm sure you are aware YSL are a high end brand and I'm now lusting after Touche Eclat! (Note to self: Must save money). When it comes to mascara, I'm a bit of an addict. There's nothing I love more than getting a brand spanking new tube with all its amazing claims to finally give me lashes worth batting.
You can't miss the tubes luxurious gold packaging which is what drew me in originally. I also love the little gold box the mascara is packaged in, I feel it gives that extra little edge to the product, making me feel even more excited to rip it open and get stuck in! I love having it in my makeup bag as its so eye catching! However, this is where I need to learn that packaging and a high price tag does not always equal a good product - why does it take me so long to realise this?! The mascara promised me many claims which sucked me in and made me part with my bank card. The formula of the mascara is made of soft wax which thickens the lashes and hard wax to maximise curves. It promises to give high-precision movement and instant volume. Here's where I come running in with my review and come crashing to the ground with my negatives of this mascara. Now, I promise its not all bad as I have also read rave reviews. For me though, this mascara was a huge disappointment. I'm all for thick mascaras as I like to get as much volume on my lashes as I possibly can, but this takes the biscuit a little bit. The formula is too wet for me to actually work with and instantly clumps and thickens my lashes without giving any length at all. The only time I actually work well with this mascara is when using on my bottom lashes as it does pick up the little inner lashes easily, but as the brush picks up so much formula, it is hard to apply without smudging. I'm afraid to say that for me, If I'd known I'd be writing a bit of a rubbish review then I know for sure I wouldn't be splashing out almost £20 on this mascara. I feel that you are paying for the packaging and the brand rather than paying for the actual quality of the mascara.
YSL Shocking Mascara retails at £23.50 and is available in an array of different colours such as Deep Black (which I used), Black with bronze/green/blue/grey - I love that there are so many varieties available as you're guaranteed to find a colour that suits you best! I personally cant recommend that you rush out and purchase this mascara instantly, but lets not forget that just because I'm not blown away by it that doesn't mean that you won't love it!
Have you tried an YSL mascara? x

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  1. This mascara has been on my wish list for ages now but it looks like I'll have to think twice about getting it, it's such a shame you didn't get on with it xx

  2. What a shame that it didn't work as the packaging is beautiful! Sometimes it is the cheaper things that work better than the higher end things!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  3. Hmm I liked the look of this but now I am not too sure x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. I really want to try this mascara. My older sister has it and her lashes always look amazing! x


  5. It's such a shame you didn't like it, that's the only reason I don't like splashing out on expensive make-up I'd be so upset if it didn't work out for me. Great to see a really honest review :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  6. Aw such a shame it didn't live up to expectations!! It just proves that sometimes spending more doesn't always mean a better product


  7. Shame you didn't get on with it. This is my absolute favourite mascara! I found it got better after a few uses and it had tried up a bit!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. yes, love this mascara
    you have a really cute blog


  9. I'm always tempted to try this but I love my highstreet mascaras too much!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  10. Fab post, really helpful review, shame you didn't get on with it though :)x

    The Belle Narrative