February Round Up

There it goes again, another month has whizzed past us and we'll now be stepping into March tomorrow! I thought I would write a little summary post of how I got on in February as I also have my spending ban to tell you all about too.

As I'm sure you're aware, Valentines Day has been around and I just love my Grumpy Cat calendar - he says it how it is, I wish we could all be a bit more like him sometimes! I didn't get up to anything special on Valentines Day as we were going for a family meal the next evening so I counted that instead! As long as I get a card that's me happy and I also got some roses too, so that kept me quiet! I discovered a new restaurant called Vesuvius which is an Italian and the food was beautiful. I wish I had taken photos of the food as the portions were so huge! The waiter brought over free bread for starters and I tried a salted bread which was delicious, I could have eaten them until I burst! I had a lasagne for my main course which was pretty pricey but it was such a big portion there was no way I could have finished it all! A big thing (for me anyway!) that you may have seen me mention on my blog is that I joined a gym. I am really pleased that I managed to find the confidence to go and do it alone and now I don't have any qualms about it at all - I'm on a mission!
February saw the start of my spending ban. Now, before I go any further I have a confession to make. I received a text from my friend asking if I wanted to see Lady Gaga in October and stay in a hotel overnight, I agreed and to which I had to splash out £140. Ouch - you better be good Gaga! I'm trying not to see that as a massive fail as I only bought one beauty product and I didn't pay for it as I had enough Boots points. Yes that's right, I haven't paid for a single beauty product this month - woohoo! Obviously I have had to pay out for the more boring things such as petrol, insurance and food etc, so it hasn't been a spend free month. I'm pleased that I haven't bought any beauty products though and I'm planning on keeping it this way for a long time! (Yeah right!)
How was February for you? x
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Models Own Scented 'Apple Pie' Nail Polish Review

When it comes to nail polishes, Models Own are a pretty firm favourite of mine. There's always a wide range of neon to pastel shades, what with their nail art pens and then came the scented polishes. Their scented polishes are no longer pretty new but I picked up the gorgeous pastel shade 'Apple Pie' a while back when it was on offer in Boots. I also picked up a Velvet Goth and neon shade, but that's a different story together.
'Apple Pie' is a stunning spring pastel green shade which I so desperately wanted to love but sadly, I just couldn't.  I like to think I'm not one for a negative review, but sometimes things have to be said. I am in no way bashing Models Own as I usually love their products but this polish was a big let down to me. Every Sunday, I usually pick out a new polish for the week and get cracking. So after picking up 'Apple Pie' from my collection I thought I'd be having a stunning pastel shade that could last me through the week, with an added little scent of Apple Pie too, sounds good right? The formula itself is way too thick and gloopy for me to work with. One coat wasn't enough coverage and two coats ended up 'bubbling' the polish resulting in thick and gloopy fingernails - not the look I was going for. Out of my ten nails, only two of them looked good. I decided to give it a chance as I get so frustrated taking off nail polish and trying again, but the next morning it was still looking bad and was chipping already. Not one to waste a product, I tried over again only to be repeated with the same experience. The polish itself costs £5.00, so it's reasonably priced but hardly cheap when I think of the quality I was faced with. My last gripe with 'Apple Pie' is that is supposed to be  a scented polish - note the word 'supposed'. I know it's not advised to sniff nail polish often due to the chemicals, but I couldn't smell a single thing! Overall, please accept my apologies for such a disappointing review, but as I said this is the only Models Own polish that has let me down so far.
Have you tried Apple Pie? x
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Florida Wishlist

In three months time, I will have been and gone to Florida - yikes! I can't quite believe how quickly it's coming round and I'm really getting excited now. All I have left to do is choose my attraction tickets, get my spending money together and I'm good to go! As I've been thinking about my holiday lately, I thought a little Florida Wishlist would be a good idea, also for me to keep in check what I am hoping for. After writing this post, I now realise I need lots of spending money!! If you've ever been to Florida, please get in touch as I'd love some advice!

Food, glorious food, hot sausage and mustard! (Yuck!) I'm such a foodie and I could eat until the cows come home. I'm one of those people who will eat a meal and wonder what the next meal will be and what snacks I can have too. Like a woman possessed its pretty safe to say I shall be enjoying tasty food while I'm away on my holiday! I'll try not to eat too much fat as I always get a bad chest if I have too much in one day but I wont be counting calories that's for sure! I'm hoping to pick up treats such as Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms. How yummy do the cookies and crème pop tarts look, I need an extra suitcase to bring them back!
All Things Disney.
As I'm going to Disneyland, it's almost pretty certain that I will be returning home with a load of Disney goodies to my name! I can't wait to pick up little keepsakes, mugs, postcards and the famous Minnie Mouse ears. I promise the first thing I will do is pick up a pair of Minnie Mouse ears to wear the whole way through! There is also a souvenir store inside my hotel, so I'll be making a quick stop to pick up anything that catches my eye.

Scrapbook Material.
I have a big scrapbook ready to be filled with my Florida adventures. I'm planning on photographing my days, writing a quick diary and notes while I am out there and collecting any tickets and receipts. Along with all my photos I take, these can then all be mixed in between the scrapbooks pages. I'm planning on doing a scrapbook per day - such as what I got up to on day two and the photos to show. If this is something you would like to see, let me know!
I am obsessed with magazines. Lately, I have managed to cut it down as I was struggling to find the time to be reading them and finding that I wasn't even concentrating on what I was reading properly. Now and then, I order in Cosmopolitan USA as I love to keep up with it and also love having a nose at what beauty goodies they have before us! I'm hoping to pick up Allure magazine which I'm yet to try amongst lots of others too.
Beauty Goodies.
As I mentioned about Cosmopolitan USA, I often see adverts of new beauty products that aren't yet available in the UK. I love seeing this as it's like a sneak preview and gives me a heads up on what I can pick up in Florida. I've also been watching a lot of beauty tutorials in which Covergirl makeup has seemed to be a firm favourite. I really want to try out some of their mascaras, so I will definitely be treating myself.

Are you going on holiday this year? x
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How To Stop Wasting Money on Beauty Products

Quite a statement title isn't it? Surely I cant stop you from wasting your well earned cash on yet another lipstick - maybe I'll turn all Derren Brown on you and work some magic to save some extra pennies. This month as you may know I have been on a spending ban. We're currently 23 days into the spending ban and I have only bought one mascara. Ok, I shouldn't have bought a mascara, but it was only £2.99 in Boots and I didn't even have to open my purse as I luckily had some Boots points saved up. During this time, it has helped me realise that just because I see something I like, doesn't necessarily mean I am going to like it. I thought I would put together a little post on tips I have found handy when it comes to stop splashing out my cash every time a new beauty product comes out. It's just a few tips and I'd be a hypocrite if I told you what to do with your money! After all, you earn your money so spend as you wish!
Shop Your Stash.
This is the biggest tip for me. As I mentioned above I bought another mascara. Yet, if I had just 'shopped my stash' then I'd have realised quite how pointless that was. Currently I have four unopened mascaras all screaming to be discovered at the bottom of my makeup bag. Have a look through your makeup bag. Look through any spare makeup bags you may have (Or is that just me?) and through drawers and storage too. Chances are you will be surprised at just how many goodies you have, whether that be your enormous stash of lipsticks or nail polishes. Have a sift through, swatch a few and realise how lucky you are to have all these beauty products!
A mistake I always make is buying something on an impulse. Ooh look a brand new foundation, let's buy it. So I get it home and it's the wrong shade, the wrong coverage and there goes the money that I've wasted! Since I have learnt buying like this isn't always the way to go, I try to research more into what I want to buy and have a good think about it. Read lots of reviews, think about why you want it, what you expect from it and then if you still want it, then treat yourself. I read a really good tip from a popular blogger (I can't remember who it was!) who advises that if you still want the product in two weeks time, then go for it.

Bag a Freebie.
There's nothing I love more than grabbing a great freebie. You can save money when it comes to beauty products, by entering competitions, blog giveaways and also keeping an eye out for free samples and makeup goodies. I check out sites such as Magic Freebies and Free Stuff UK as they are updated throughout the week with all sorts of goodies.
High End Woes.
Another problem I have fallen for in the past. The packaging is so luxurious, it's out of my price range, it would look so beautiful sat in makeup bag - so why the heck not buy it then? I learnt this from buying my first ever YSL mascara, which didn't blow me away the way I expected due to the hefty price tag. Just because a product has a ridiculous price tag doesn't always promise that it will be perfect for you. I do appreciate how lovely it is to treat yourself to high end products and revel in their gorgeousness, but look out for possible dupes too.
Do you have any tips to share? x
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Beauty Dilemmas & Makeup Mishaps

I've been a little frustrated this week as my motivation to blog has decided to grow a pair of legs and do a runner from me! It's so annoying when I have the time to write but instead my mind is just a blank canvas. So, apologies for lesser posts this week, I'm hoping to get back to normal as soon as I can! I first spotted the below image online and it inspired me to write a little post about those pesky beauty dilemmas. I'm talking about those times when your makeup doesn't go right, heck it doesn't even go left, so I have devised a list of all the annoying things I come across when it comes to getting myself ready. Don't worry, I don't walk around with messy makeup, I'll fix it first! This is just a bit of a jokey post - hopefully you will relate to some too!
TIL winged eyeliner is equally hard to draw on the computer as it is on your face
Right handed nails: As a right handed girl, whenever it's time for me to paint my nails, I can usually bet that my left hand nails will be lovely and neat until I move onto my right hand where I end up covered in nail varnish and most of it isn't actually on my nails. This is the main one on the image that I relate to the most.
Limited time in the mornings: This may not be such a beauty one, but we all know that dreaded moment when the alarm clock sounds at ridiculous o clock. Yes, I know I have to get up but do you have to be so annoying? *Presses Snooze* Twenty minutes later, there's barely any time to perfect my makeup or hair before I have to be out of the door, so it will be a pretty shabby job!
Eyeliner Smudges: This has been driving me nuts this week. I always use liquid eyeliner on my top lids and have recently started using a new Rimmel liner which has a very thin tip. I am slowly getting the hang of it but just as I think I have, whoop its all smudged to under my eyebrows.
Mascara Life: The same applies for mascara, you know when the brush is too big, you may poke yourself in the eye (ouch) or one I did just today was end up with mascara marks on and under my eyes - how did I manage that?! If you have blonde hair and love your mascara then I can sympathise with you, as when I had lighter hair I was forever getting black mascara on strands of my hair just after I'd washed it.
What makeup mishaps drive you mad? x
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Joining The Gym & Fitness Goals

The words 'I've joined a gym' are words that I would never have guessed would have been coming out of my mouth. If you'd told me even just a month ago that I'd be a fully fledged gym-goer then I'd have laughed in your face. (Not really, that would be a bit rude). I know a lot of people may hit the gym like mad after Christmas, but during that time I decided to start exercising at home instead. Since January, I have been working on Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and also her Yoga Meltdown at home. However I didn't find myself having much motivation to continue with these and I soon got bored. I decided to look into joining a gym as I want to improve my fitness levels and tone up certain areas. I refuse to focus on my weight and I don't weigh myself, I'm going on fitness levels only.

If you're reading this and thinking 'What a lovely story (!) but I can't think of anything worse than going to the gym' - then that was me too! I was so nervous about going and the hardest part for me was actually making a phone call to enquire about joining up. Once the hardest part was out of the way, I was then given a little tour of the gym and shown the different equipment and rooms. I am lucky that I feel comfortable enough to do this now as I know I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this previously - let alone do it on my own! If you are fancying joining a gym or an exercise class then I would recommend taking a friend or family member as you can spur each other on and offer your support. I have only been a member for just a week now, but I do feel it has made me feel more motivated to get fit and actually enjoy exercise. Tomorrow morning at 6.30am, I'm going to my first ever spinning class, so if you're interested to hear how that goes then let me know! I'm also looking into doing Yoga and Pilates classes. My current motivation for getting fit is to improve my health and diet (I'm now covered in mouth ulcers and two lovely spots on my face) and to look good in that bikini for when I go to Florida! I've begun to make small changes to my diet such as brown bread over white and I'm making a conscious effort to eat more fruit and veg and also picked up some vitamins too.
Apologies if this post has bored you half to death, I just wanted to do something a little different x
Do you go to the gym? Would you? x

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'Why are you quiet?'

This post is a little shout out for all us quiet girls out there. I know I definitely am one, a lot of people who may not know me that well would describe me as 'quiet' but I think there's a clue in that sentence - they don't know me that well. If I am with those who I am very close to and know well, only then can I really be myself and that isn't quiet. 
 I know lots of people hate spending time alone and like to keep busy, but if I get the chance to have some hours on my own, doing what I want to do (usually blogging!) then that's what makes me happy. Being 'quiet' to me could well be about confidence but I haven't quite worked it out just yet. I know my confidence has improved a lot over the years, but personally I think being quiet or loud is all part of your personality. I know that I will never be a loud person, I'm an introvert and I am happy that way. I don't feel that I have to change myself for anyone, but it does make me worry sometimes when people that don't know me well say how quiet I am. Sometimes I'm happy just bobbing along listening in and smiling and sometimes I'll have lots to say and not enough time to say it all. It all depends on what mood I am in but I wish people wouldn't judge others who are quiet. Being quiet doesn't mean you are rude or ignorant, it could be shyness. I continue to improve on my quietness and try to chat to others that I don't know well more, I always smile at everyone and ask them questions to get the ball rolling. I still have a long road ahead of me but all that matters is that I'm confident in myself - which I am.

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Review

Until I started blogging and reading more posts about beauty and skincare, I was never that concerned about my skincare routine. In fact, I didn't even have a skincare routine at all. Each night I'd use a quick face wipe to get rid of my makeup and if I was feeling extra generous I would have a quick cleanse too. Over the past year, my skincare collection has drastically improved and I practically have washes and exfoliators coming out of my ears - don't worry I've now clamped down and haven't bought anymore. Today's post is all about my favourite moisturiser which I cannot recommend enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am a marketers dream. I see an advert for a high end product and think 'Ooh that's next on my list' and give it a week or so and you can guarantee I'll have picked it up by then! Luckily, I've got out of this habit as its not practical, but I'm definitely glad I splashed out on this moisturiser.
Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturiser has actually been around for longer than I had originally thought, they simply updated the formula. It's now known as moisturising lotion (or gel) plus, meaning it's now packed with even more benefits. I decided to choose the gel formula rather than the lotion as I thought it may be easier to use on my skin. I don't suffer with dry skin an awful lot but I have tested this moisturiser in both sunny climates (on holiday) and this dark and gloomy weather we're currently struggling through. I have now been using this moisturiser for a good six months and I'm ready to share a few thoughts. The moisturising gel is described as a drink for your skin and with a silky smooth texture. I apply this all over my face in the evenings after removing my makeup and it feels absolutely divine on your skin; it's a bit like having a mini facial in your own home! It absorbs after just a few seconds and doesn't leave my skin feeling with any residue. My skin's condition has improved since using and I no longer suffer with random dry patches on my face. I currently have the 125ml bottle with a pump which sets me back £29.50. I love how simple yet sophisticated the packaging is and it looks perfectly on my bedside table. The additional pump makes it super easy for me to dispense whenever I'm ready.
As with any product, it's not always plain sailing. The first negative I have to point out is the price, it's definitely not on the cheap side. Being a Clinique product, I wasn't expecting it to be dirt cheap although I would love it if it was slightly more affordable.
The only other negative I can mention is that I do feel that I have to use quite a lot of the product to completely cover my face - either that or may face is too round! Despite the hefty price tag it certainly is worth it especially if you catch it on a 10% or 15% discount day! You can see the moisturising gel here and you can see the other varieties here. I've also currently found an extremely cheap moisturising lotion in a 50ml rub for the bargain price of just £6.99 (Should be £17.00!) but sadly it's now showing OOS. Keep an eye out here and cross your fingers!
What's your favourite moisturiser? x

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Minnie Mouse Nail Art


If you're anything like me, then I think you may just enjoy this post. (Blow my own trumpet, why don't I?) I'm a huge fan of all things Disney and Minnie Mouse in particular is my favourite. In preparation for my Disney holiday coming up in just under three months (eek!) it's the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit and showcase my gorgeous Minnie Mouse nail art kit. You may remember this kit when it first appeared in my 'Boxing Day Sales' bargains when I picked it up in Boots for just £5.00. Now, before I start anything I should probably point out that I think this was aimed at younger children, but when you're a Disney fan it's perfectly acceptable by my standards!
The set is called 'Minnie's Must Haves' and it includes three nail polishes, a nail file, a white nail art pen, toe separators and Minnie stickers. Everything is packaged so beautifully as you can see even the nail polishes are wrapped in cute black and white  Minnie polka dot  bows. The three shades are 'Bow-tiful' - a deep plum shade, 'Sweetheart' - a glossy red and 'Style Icon' - a dark turquoise shade. I apologise for my lack of being able to explain the shades, good job there's an image provided! What I love most about this set, is that you don't have to keep it simple. Rather than it being just three nail polishes, you are able to play around with the nail art pen and stickers to create new looks. As you can see in the third image, I have shown three different varieties - I really need to scrub up on my nail art skills! The Minnie stickers are a choice of red bows and black Minnie shapes which are easy to glide onto the nail after you have applied your chosen shade. I'm really glad I picked this up as a bargain and I'm now looking forward to getting some more Minnie on my nails! If you have a black and a white nail art pen, red polish handy then you can also create the typical Minnie style nails of black tips, red nails and white polka dots. Sadly, I've searched the internet but if you do a 'Minnie Mouse nails' search on ebay then you can find similar transfer stickers.
Do you love Disney? x
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How I Find Inspiration For Blog Posts

As much as I love spending time writing blog posts, there comes that annoying thing which I just can't overcome - the dreaded 'bloggers block. Lately I have been trying to write more posts more often but once I have hit the bloggers block stage, it seems I won't be writing anything at all. I think I find it most frustrating when I want to write, have the time to sit and write but no words or ideas are coming out. The longer I blog (it hasn't been that long at all but it seems as if it has!), the more tips and tricks I pick up along the way. I thought I would write this post in case you may be finding yourself stuck on what to write. I just thought I would share a few tips on what I do when I have no motivation on ideas or to write a post.

Image Source.
Read Magazines.
I often read magazines and I have found that this is a good source for finding inspiration. It may just be flicking through the beauty pages which can give me ideas to write a wish list or review, or perhaps reading a real life article may prompt me to think about writing a personal post. reading magazines certainly doesn't always give me instant bursts of inspiration but it's enjoyable.
Go Somewhere Different.
I've added this as an inspiration to me as I find it helpful. When I say go somewhere different, I just mean if you're stuck in your bedroom looking at the same four walls then you may not be feeling too inspired. When I had to wait 40 minutes for a train recently, I sat in Costas with a hot chocolate and my notebook and started drafting up some blog posts which then came in handy for when I did have my laptop on me! So, even if it's just finding a corner in a cosy café or people watching in the park, you never know when new ideas may hit you.
We Heart It.
Another thing I have found really useful for finding ideas and thoughts is We Heart It. I've spoken a few times about this as it is my favourite app, it's pretty much like Instagram but you don't need to post your own photos or follow anybody. I could literally spend hours scrolling through the stunning images and more often than not, I find myself feeling more motivated than I was before. There's such an array of different photograph from beauty to fitness to home décor, it always makes me want to improve myself which can then result in me working on my blog.
Read Other Blogs.
There's nothing I love more than reading my favourite blogs. Each blog is unique and I love spending time late at night catching up on the days blog posts and news. I often find inspiration just from reading and following other blogs, even if it's just a certain tag they have done. I certainly don't mean copy anyone's post as this would likely upset the blogger but when I find a blog that inspires me, I feel more motivated to work on my blog and make it grow.
Have a break.
This is the most important one for me. When it gets to the point when I am putting too much pressure on myself regarding blog posts, I know it's time for me to step back. Also when I am simply stuck on ideas or don't want to write, I know its time to stop worrying about my blog and remember that it is a hobby for me and is not the be all and end all. Even if it's just a few days or even a week, I know I will be back and raring to go.
How do you find inspiration? Do you ever get Bloggers Block? x
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The Mascara Awards


Best for length: Eye Of Horus 'Goddess' Mascara.*
The first time I tried out this mascara, I wasn't overly impressed. I hadn't felt it did an awful lot to my lashes, so I cast it aside for a little while and only recently did I begin trying it out again. I'm so glad I did as the formula had thickened up slightly and I love the length it gives to my eyelashes. This is a good contender for a dupe of Benefit's 'They're Real', but if you ask me I'd go as far to say that it's even better. I find it so hard to 'find' any of my eyelashes sometimes and I cant stand mascaras that aren't just going to leave my eyelashes looking stumpy and short. The 'Goddess' mascara in black gives me an almost false lash effect look and doesn't leave any clumps on those days when I go overboard when applying it. It The only problem I do have is that I wouldn't use this mascara alone as it doesn't give me enough volume, so I do need to add another mascara on top.
Best for volume: Rimmel Scandal'Eyes.
This is my all time favourite volumising mascara. I use this mascara in the darkest shade of 'Extreme Black' as always! It's really affordable and has become an everyday mascara for me which I know I will repurchase time and time again. So, why do I love it so much? In my mascara routine, I will usually use this on top of a more lengthening product as it gives a lot of volume and 'oomph' to my lashes. The brush is pretty big but picks up lots of the product and I love the thickening dark black effect it gives. When this is teamed with black eyeliner I feel it's at its best. Despite the brush being pretty hefty, it's easy to apply to the bottom lashes and makes them look a lot more prominent. It does have a tendency to clump if too much is used in one go, so I do try to keep it to a minimum. It's a pretty thick formula regardless so you don't need an awful lot.
Best for both: Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara.
That was a mouthful wasn't it? I first tried this little beauty when I received a free sample from a website offering free samples of this mascara around a year ago and we were then reunited when I received another teeny tiny free sample with my Boots purchase. As you can guess, it's pretty pricey so I was really pleased with a freebie! The mascara is amazing at giving both length and volume. This is the only mascara I can actually say is perfect to use alone, there's no need to add any extra volume on top. It builds up good length, separates the lashes and volumises both my upper and lower lashes.
Best for bottom lashes: Maybelline 'Great Lash'.
My mum gave me this mascara in a little gift set for Christmas and I have recently been trying it out. This mascara is a beauty classic which is very popular over in America. The brush is pretty slim and I haven't quite found that this works amazingly on my upper lashes just yet. This is my top go to mascara for applying to my bottom lashes as bigger brushes can make it hard to pick up those teeny tiny bottom lashes which are hiding away. As the brush is smaller, it's perfect for catching the smallest of lower lashes and gives good volume too.
What's your favourite mascara? x

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HD Eye & Brow Palette Review

If you're reading this review, chances are you enjoy beauty products so you may understand the importance of our brows and how they frame our faces. Up until around a year ago, I was never fussed on filling in my eyebrows until I started using Benefit's Brow Zings which I love. My Brow Zings has sadly come to the end of its life and retailing at £23.50, I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative. Enter HD Eye & Brow Kit. I had heard and read great reviews of both the products and treatments, so I was keen to try it out for myself. it must have been my lucky day when I decided to check it out further as HD Brows official website were offering 10% off all products and free delivery so it seemed the perfect time to give it a try.

L to R: Nude, Warm Brown, Dark Brown & Carbon.

The Eye and Brow kit is available in three different shades. 'Bombshell' is best for fair hair and skin. 'Foxy' is best for medium and hair and skin whilst 'Vamp' being the darkest shades are best for dark hair and skin. Being a brunette, it appeared that 'Foxy' would be the best suited shade for my hair and skin tone for myself. The kits packaging is kept simple yet sophisticated with its black outer colouring and their traditional HD Brows logo embedded on the cover. Inside the kit you will find a built in compact mirror, four different shades and a double sided versatile brush. The four anti-smudge powders are each matte finishes and double up as eye shadows as well brow colours. The four shades include 'Nude', 'Warm Brown', 'Dark Brown' and 'Carbon'. 'Nude' can be used as a highlighter under your brows or to create a neutral eye shade. I have personally found that 'Dark Brown' suits my brows the best, whereas on days where I want a lighter shade I will use 'Warm Brown' as an alternative. 'Carbon' is a shade too dark for my brows so I do tend to neglect this shade. The beauty of this palette is you can also double up with the shades and create the perfect smoky eye. The quality of the powders are excellent and I really long lasting. A usual makeup day I am more concerned about the longevity of my foundation and luckily enough the HD Eye & Brow Kit means I don't have to worry about my brows at all. It stays perfectly in place throughout the day and I can highly recommend this palette. The kit has become an everyday favourite in my makeup routine and it's now a step that I don't miss out on. If I could make one adjustment, I'd love to be able to buy the shades alone as I get the most use out of 'Warm Brown' it would make sense for me to be able to buy this particular shade alone. It does seem pretty pricey, with the palette retailing at £19.95, but with four shades which are completely versatile, you definitely get your moneys worth. You can find the palette here.

Have you tried HD Brows? x

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Childhood Memories

I was browsing through ebay recently and came across Jacqueline Wilson books, when a light popped on inside my little brain and I thought I would write a 'Childhood Memories' post. There are so many things that bring back good memories for me, so I thought we could take a trip down memory lane and see if we have any memories in common! First up is The Sims. Not the Sims 2 or 3,but it all began with the original Sims years ago. I always used to spend time with my sister playing the game on my nanas computer and we would spend hours on it. Remember how all the Sims used to live in one village? I used to love doing the money cheat and moving to the massive mansion in the corner! The background music always used to be blasting, the Sims practically all looked the same, it was SO hard to get a Sim to accept a marriage proposal and it was so hard trying to make friends too just to get a promotion! Looking back, it's crazy to see how much the game has evolved as the Sims 4 will be out this year! If you were a huge Sims geek like I was (and still am) have a look at this fan page I have found here and the music is guaranteed to make you want to start playing!
Next up is Jacqueline Wilson books. My claim to fame is I once met her years ago at a book signing and she signed my 'Midnight' book. Still to this day, I am in awe of her writing and how she manages to reach out to everyday life situations such as divorce, adoption and mental illness and at the same time keeps every book as enjoyable and mesmerising. I think I have owned practically every single book she has written and have read each one time and time again, they just don't get old to me. Nick Sharatt's illustrations in each book always appeared and were a classic addition to her books. I also loved it when her books turned into TV shows, Tracy Beaker became a huge success and is still going to this day. I think my all time favourite book would be 'Sleepovers'. I remember reading this book around six times (I'm not joking).
Other major memories for me are the TV shows I used to love on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. (Having the Disney channel was an occasional treat!) My whole childhood I grew up watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Two of a Kind, followed by endless films, my favourite being Passport to Paris. I also used to love That's So Raven (such a good role model) and Sabrina The Teenage Witch I could have spent hours watching those shows. I also can't not mention Arthur, I was his biggest fan. I even used to print out pictures of him and his pals and colour them in!
What are your favourite childhood memories?

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February Spending Ban: Can I do it?

Image - We Heart It
Who am I and what have you done with the real me?! The words 'spending ban' and I do not go hand in hand, I'm forever spending money on more beauty products that I don't need, buying things in the sale purely because they are in the sale and what not. I think now has come to the point where it's time to slow it all down and use what I've got. Throughout January, I made a list of what I bought, when and how much it cost. I look back at it now and actually think I did better than previous months, but now is the time to calm it down and save the money instead. It gets to a point where I have ordered things, completely forgotten I'd bought it and put it to the side for now anyway! As I am going to Disney  in May, it's time to keep more money to be able to enjoy myself when I am there and also to add to my savings.
I like to think I'm being sneaky and oh so clever seeing as there are only 28 days in February obviously meaning it's less than a usual month! I will have some rules and that's to spend money on things that I do need. I need petrol in my car and food in my tummy, but that is hopefully as far as its going to go this month. I don't need any new clothes, makeup or skincare regardless or whether its a bargain as I know I have plenty. The only makeup I will allow myself to buy is a new eyeliner or foundation if it runs out as I have enough of everything else. Yesterday was a real test for me as I went shopping with a friend and didn't spend a single penny! Ok, we had a meal in Pizza Hut (it was so delicious) but I had to feed myself didn't I?! I'm hoping I can actually stick to this plan or I'm going to look a right plonker. If you have previously done a spending ban, please let me know if you have any tips as I'd love to hear them.
Wish me luck! Would you like to see updates of how I'm getting on? x
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Cath Kidston Styles At Asda


 I thought I'd write a little Cath Kidston-eqsue post today. I could spend hours browsing through Cath Kidston's website as everything is so gorgeous yet so expensive! I could quite happily fill my bedroom full of Cath Kidston but imagine the amount of money I would have spent! I first spotted the blue floral slippers whilst browsing George at Asda's website and they instantly reminded me of CK's famous Antique Rose floral pattern. So I did some futher research (ahem) and put together all the pretty floral and bird patterns I could find at the cheapest prices! I'd like to mention this isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the bargains!
Potting Shed Birds Duvet Set (£10) - I'm obsessed with buying duvet sets, I could buy so many! I've refrained from treating myself to this one as I don't technically need one (since when did that stop me)! The bird pattern seems just as similar to CK's Garden Birds for a fraction of the price!
Floral Print Mules (£5) - I wouldn't personally wear these mules/slippers myself as I find them quite uncomfortable and always end off kicking them off anyway! These floral mules resemble the more expensive 'Antique Rose' range from CK and are a bargain at just £5.00! I may be slightly early but I think these would make a perfect Mothers Day gift too.
Floral Mugs (£4) - I love to look at CK's homeware range such as the dinner plates and mugs, but with just one mug setting you back £6.00, I think I would definitely go for this option! These floral mugs are gorgeously colourful with two different designs and each mug only costing £1 each!
Floral Print Table Lamp (£10) - This simple cream floral table lamp would be the perfect accessory to any room! Writing little posts like this always make me look forward to having my own home - there's going to plenty of Asda florals around!

Would you buy any of these dupes or do you prefer the real deal? x

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